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Valerie's Radical Mitochondriac Adventure

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ValerieBee, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Thank you @JanSz ! I was reading the recent posts and listenting to the latest member webinar, digesting the vassopresin info. The pieces are coming together slowly in my head. I am at the stage where I feel it all connects, but it's like feeling around in the dark... i know I'm getting closer to my lightbulb moment where it all clicks and instead of struggling to hold my threads together, I'll suddenly see the beautiful quilt :) I appreciate the graphics. Printing to study offline.
  2. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Labs finally accessible. I now have a patchwork of information, but I'll do with it what I can, and next round I'll hopefully be better equipped to order the most useful labs at the right time.

    Here are the obvious wins--Vit D up from 20.6 in February to 29 in June! No supplements; only proper sunlight, earthing, blueblockers and other nnEMF mitigation. BOOM! I've had my Vit D tested sporadically over the last 5 years. In 2013 it was 21.8 ng/mL. In 2015 it was 21.1. I'm sure it's a safe bet it didn't spike up at any point, so this shift is a huge win, IMO. Onward to triple digits.

    Also, my cellular dehydration is down from 13 to 9 B/C ratio. Slowly but surely getting better. RO Water, less nnEMF, better circadian habits.

    Everything is in "normal" range, will be combing through the site and re-reading blogs to get a handle on what my #s really mean. I'll post here now, analysis later. For labs that were also done in Feb, posting in (). I'll be starting a spreadsheet to track my #s.

    Day 13 of menstrual cycle. Collected June 6, 2018

    Glucose 78 (Feb 83)
    BUN 9 (Feb 13)
    Creatinine 0.77 (.076) mg/dL
    B/C Ratio 12 (17 in Feb)
    Potassium 3.8 (4.2 in Feb) (was not cramping in Feb, was cramping at time of this test)
    CO2 23 mmol/L (24 in Feb)

    Serum Testosterone 24 ng/dL
    Testosterone Free, Direct 1.9 pg/mL
    17-OH Progesterone LCMS 64 ng/dL
    SHBG 93.6 nmol/L

    TSH 2.150 uIU/mL (1.31 in Feb 2018)
    T4, Free (Direct) 0.97 ng/dL
    Reverse T3 12 ng/dL
    T3 was not done :(

    Vit B12 820 pg/mL

    Still working on getting as much sun as possible. Planning homeschool lessons outside, apparently I might be "wildschooling" or "unschooling".. I've never cared much about labels, but I hear I'm a hippie. Still on the hunt for a work-from-home job to sustain this lifestyle and MOVE ASAP. Read @Jack Kruse 's FB post about the rocks under I-95...I always knew there was something wonky about that highway! Too much road rage and stupid driving.

    My Spider Sense is tingling about 2 things going on on the homefront (1) crazy mushroom growth on the property. I know something nnEMF has changed, and I believe the ELF level has risen, but I do not know the source. (2) Dude and Child#2 have crazy ear wax for the last few months. Actually Dude has an ear infection that has not gone away despite 2 doc visits, abx & various drops.

    I cannot find a specific link yet to nnEMF, but I suspect this is an inflammation issue. I am sleuthing.

    In other news, was able to do some nude sunbathing this week! Feels heavenly to have the sun where the sun usually doesn't shine ;)

    I'll leave you with a pic my son brought home in his bookbag... This is what he says about coloring in the lines. Apple didn't fall too far. This one is going right on the fridge, and then in the album I'm keeping to give to him when he's all grown up.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    So, your cramping correlates with low potassium level.
    I wish I knew how to correct low potassium naturally,
    other than eating it or possibly getting some desmopressin.

    Let me know if you figure it out.

    But I am glad that at least now you know what to do when cramps come.
    Just do not overdo either.
    Either sodium salt (NaCL)
    or potassium salt (KCl)
    I did both.
    Both resulted in my feet swollen for couple days.

  4. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Regarding labs, wasn't just T3 not done, neither was Estradiol.. :( SO the good news is I found a practitioner to help with obtaining labs...bad news is they haven't been done right yet!

    It's very clear to me that my hormones have been undergoing quite a change in the past year. Found a chart of my measurements that I did approximately 1 year ago, measured again. My bust decreased, my hips increased a few inches. Less hourglass, more pear. My weight has gone down (dipped this past year then went up again, which I'm attributing to winter+serious family stress distracting and depressing me). So this is actual data on what I believed I was observing--yay for keeping notes, yuck for the results. WRT the bust, I was more full with breastmilk 1 year ago as I was nursing and pumping, I am now only nursing on demand. The hips are 4.5" more though!

    So what exactly is going on with the hormones, especially in the past year... well I did spend a ton of time in a hospital in 2017 (so UP nnEMF & down sunlight/earthing... also drank a ton of coffee and upped my alcohol intake), but it has been tapering in 2018. I had a ton of serious stress on the homefront that just would not stop--deaths, cancers, breakups, breakdowns, and the like. I also believe something has changed in my home environment, I'm about 20 mi outside of Philly, so not sure this is 5G rollout quite yet.

    Regardless, I've been reading, re-reading and researching. Just re-read "What Might Casey Anthony and OJ Have in Common?" I fit the description of Adrenal Fatigue completely. Like, every single word. This did not strike me a year ago at first read. Doesn't take long to see how the events and my habits over the last couple of years lead to this. My DHEA hasn't been tested yet, but I think this is pretty clear. I was starting to explore the possibility of PCOS, Estrogen Dominance and the like. . But, By George, I think we got it. I will get labs done AGAIN, hopefully this time we can get the right data. This blog even mentions mineral deficiency...... I bought a home test kit to measure sex hormones & cortisol, so I'll do that as well, timed to be helpful with ordered Labs.

    So something wonky with testosterone & estrogen especially I'd guess that changed my body fat deposition spots (to answer my questions about what triggers the body to store fat in different ways) ...Bigger thighs makes me think my E2 is going up, and I don't think the testosterone link is as direct with the visceral, but I'm pretty sure it plays that role. (printing to read
    Long-Term Testosterone Administration Increases Visceral Fat in Female to Male Transsexuals Jolanda M. H. Elbers Henk Asscheman Jacob C. Seidell Jos A. J. MegensLouis J. G. Gooren, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Volume 82, Issue 7, 1 July 1997, Pages 2044–2047)

    Interestingly, after my Mom passed, I snagged a book from her shelf "Tired of Being Tired," at the time not knowing it was about adrenal fatigue, and I never read it. I *just* put it in a donation bag this week... (A "HEY YOU!" from the Universe, huh?) Guess I'll pull it back out and see if it has any pearls in it.

    One of the Adrenal Optimizing tips is "Laugh several times a day." I don't even think I laugh each day, let alone several..... Feel free to drop your favorite jokes and memes to help a Sister out :rofl:

  5. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    New labs on hormones & cortisol (spit test, ZRT Labs)

    Estradiol 3.2 pg/mL
    Progesterone 54 pg/mL
    Ratio Pg/E2 - 17
    Testosterone 33 pg/mL
    DHEAS 5.1
    Cortisol AM 6.3
    Cortisol PM .9

    Everything is super low. My weight went down last year with EpiPaleo Rx/Leptin reset efforts, then had a super stressful situation in January--dropped a bunch of weight quickly but then it went right back up and now is fixed at 170. JK blogs indicate that's part of "adrenal fatigue"-fat burning is not occuring. Low cortisol is as well. Visceral fat accumulation. I stopped all alcohol for some time and my weight still did not budge. It's not varying as much during my menstrual cycle either.

    Now I'm guessing the mitigation I've been doing wrt nnEMF is simply not able to keep up with the rapidly increasing nnEMF environment I'm in. Working on a permanent move, but until that is possible, the only hack I can do is to drive around and find places with minimal nnEMF close to home, and do as much camping as possible, and see how that affects things.

    Homeschooling, seeking remote/flextime work, reducing screen time, upgrading my Uvex's to some Ra Optics.
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  6. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Also, homeschooling is bloody exhausting! I'm only two days in to our "offical" start of homeschooling. E-X-HAUSTING :)

    Take it easy x

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