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Valerie's Radical Mitochondriac Adventure

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ValerieBee, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Haha! We're too much alike Emma. What's worse is that I tried it right after I read Jack saying that you do not want to use alcohol and CT together. Let's get a look at my Prove Jack Wrong Score:


    So I've I've almost got him!
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  2. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Bring it on. I'll print it out and tape it on the stove instead of making dinner.
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  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Lard or oil
    [stir fry for 2 min]
    Red curry paste (check Asian markets) add according to your taste and spice tolerance
    [stir fry for 1 min]
    1/4 or a little less crushed Dried shrimp (cheaper at Asian markets) <--- total umami bomb secret ingredient
    optional (2 t sugar)
    splash of water for desired paste consistency
    [mix and let sit at medium-low heat for flavors to blend and shrimp dust to absorb the fluids]

    Make sure to crush dried shrimp into pebble/ dust size. Food processors or power blenders work great here.

    My boy is not really a shrimp fan unless it's my "buffalo shrimp" but this always disappears. There's never any leftovers.
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  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Reference image below. Note the upper right inset image shows a package of dried shrimp before and after (powdered). So this is basically shrimp coated shrimp. Next time I'm throwing a little lime juice in too.

  5. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Fuck. Wish I'd read that before. :)


    My seemingly great ideas: 0
    My body's negative reaction: 4092
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  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

    You guys are hilarious! You can't turn into Jack overnite ...... if ever!

    Amazing Emma ....maybe never - you don't haven the equipment! Keep trying tho!
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  7. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    I've been making some fantastic paleo meals. But I have a confession to make: I have been guilty of posting food pics on instagram over the years. However, I realized I couldn't bring myself to post instagram pics of these fantastic paleo meals...because meat. I'd started identifying with a non-meat crowd, and I was ashamed. Recognizing that was quite a wake up call. Am I making choices based on what I educate myself on, and intuit, is right for me, or am I worried about what others think of me?

    So I've been thinking about meat a lot. "Moving toward vegetarianism" is how I categorized myself for about a year and a half. It was both an ethical and a health-related choice. I've never been a dieter, I knew instinctively that was BS. I did, however, believe in a food lifestyle. Even though I recognized Paleo (hey, that's basically my childhood diet!) I was becoming convinced vegetarianism in some form was for me. I was getting deep into yoga philosophy and practice, and the concept of ahimsa--nonviolence--is very compelling to me. I still have serious and valid concerns about animal welfare in the meat industry which is both compassionate and health-related. Also, in my second pregnancy, red meat triggered morning sickness--the only 3 times i had it were when I had eaten red meat within 24 hours (in my first pregnancy I didn't notice a connection but I also was simply eating meat as a staple of my diet, and i did have morning sickness through trimester 1). So I took that as a sign my body was telling me to do what I thought was ethically right.

    However, when I really examined my viewpoints I realized why I never just became vegetarian--it's not what my instincts are telling me to do, even if it what life seems to be presenting me as a path toward health and spiritual happiness. I kept making excuses and having exceptions. I'm bright and strong willed enough that if that is truly what my heart was telling me to do, I would have just done it. I was never convinced that cutting bone broth and organ meats were a good idea--it just felt right to me to incorporate that into diet, and if I'm eating entrails and bones what the hell am I thinking about vegetarianism for? In retrospect, it is definitely the ethical considerations, which was "confirmed" for me by the science done in a context without nnEMF, and because there really are health concerns wrt toxins in meat that is industrially processed. Then it became the excitement of feeling like I'd found a special club to belong to. In retrospect, it's easy to become judgemental about being vegetarianism without realizing it. You can feel good about your ethics and even graciously agree to disagree with all the meat eaters in your life, thinking you are open minded because you're not actively proselytizing the lifestyle. But in my heart I knew that I didn't think, for example, that the Native American practices surrounding meat eating were "bad" or unethical. I didn't think that a person who Re-wilds him or herself was being unethical. Also, a woman that I deeply respect and am continuously in awe of--Dr. Kelly Brogan-advocates paleo. She is a psychiatrist who focuses on women's health and getting unplugged from allopathic medicine. If she is not on this site, she should be, and I'll drop her a line about it. She got a lot of negative feedback on her book, A Mind of Your Own, about healing depression by minimizing medical interventions and focusing on things like paleo. Wrote a great blog about dropping the dogma, including in spirituality. She is active in spiritual circles as well, and for many yogi, meat is unacceptable violence. Before I found my way here, I found her work, and it is very similar.

    Context matters--is meat "unhealthy" because it is inherently unhealthy itself always? Or is it the terrior of assimilation...maybe. Hmmm.."the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything" my brain whispered. So I question the validity of germ theory...that should apply to food as well.

    Hormones 101 blog mentions "a diet should provide a substrate of animal protein to sustain the hormones." Why? I'm reading through these blogs meticulously and dissecting each moment. So it is time to really feel my understanding on this issue. Animal protein has the right ratio of amino acids. But can't you get that by eating a variety of plants? I never delved very deeply into this question, just accepted the arguments I'd read that it was possible. Why would we be optimized to be flesh-eaters? And why would it be optimal for survival to lack the ability to synthesize all necessary amino acids? So I am revisiting the structures of amino acids, and looking at the essentials and the nonessentials. I eventually take it back to the KT event and seeing a mention of the fern spike in Epi-Paleo Rx Ch 13, it clicked: plants aren't available during the Apocalypse. Doh! Sometimes the most obvious point is the one you overlook. (I should have realized that from my years in the law--stating the obvious is never an exercise in futility, it's a necessity to make sure we're all working with a full deck!)

    Plants are not mobile. We are. Plants, as JK says, are plugged into the earth's magnetic field and always in the sun. We are mobile because after the KT event our evolutionary ancestors had to be. There were no plants standing still for a buffet, we were not reaping the benefit of the quantum yield at the decimated equator. Life was at the poles, and in the sea. We had to get to it to survive. That is the machinery in our DNA that is the basis of optimal, for survival during the most extreme time.

    I accept that Mother Nature created humans to be optimized by eating flesh, especially seafood. Before I thought about things from an evolutionary perspective farther back than the paleo cavemen, I didn't get it. Why would we be optimized to eat meat when plants stand still. Duh. I wasn't framing the question properly. The way a question is asked makes all the difference in the world (yet another lesson from the law).

    I am still working on filling in the grid here, but I feel comfortable with the big picture. I am still not sure why it is optimal to not be able to make those essential amino acids, but I do understand that it wouldn't be this way if it were not optimal. I believe that this article: S6K1 in the Central Nervous System Regulates Energy Expenditure via MC4R/CRH Pathways in Response to Deprivation of an Essential Amino Acid, linked by Jack in a forum discussion is a clue. I'm still pounding the pedals uphill on dusting off my science, but I know if it feels important, bookmark it and circle back. "Leucine deprivation stimulation of energy expenditure" sounds like the recipe for CT to me. The abstract further states the hormone used is "mediated by modulation of Crh expression in a melanocortin-4 receptor–dependent manner." so the process is light-mediated. I don't understand yet if we can't code these amino acids genetically, or if we don't have the enzymes necessary. I get though that from a survival perspective it was more optimal (required less energy expenditure and yielded more electron gain) to make the efforts to hunt and eat flesh than it was in the biochemical energy expenditure.

    My brain is still pondering spiritual ethics. If we think of Spirit or Source or God or Whatever, why would a god make a world this way? (I know, I have perfected the art of overanalyzing.) I am a spiritual person, and I have an evolving belief that we are spirit here in energetic form, and some of that energy condenses into matter. As spirits I believe we choose our parents, and I guess that would go for animal life as well. I tend to believe we choose to come to this place to experience adversity that will cause growth on a spiritual level. So even if something totally sucks for us as humans, from a spiritual perspective it could be quite beneficial. So in that framework, why is killing animals optimal for us? The best I've come up with so far is because Spirit doesn't pass judgment on whether killing is good or bad, right or wrong. We do. This is a tricky one, because how could someone say murder is not bad or wrong? If we look at life thinking entities choose their adventure, then slaughterhouse cows know what they're getting into. Does that mean I condone animal abuse and squalid Upton Sinclaire's Jungle-style conditions? No. But it does mean that perhaps there is a way to be an "ethical meat eater." But really, perhaps thinking of ethics is a spiritual snag. Ethics are, in essence, judgement. Judgment (I like this/I don't like that, this is good/that is bad, I want this/I don't want that) holds us back from accepting things in our life, and spiritual growth is based on surrendering to the flow of life. Navigating this life spiritually is about learning how to discern whether your decision about things is coming from your heart or coming from your programming about what is right and wrong.

    I thought becoming a vegetarian was fringe. Ugh. Apparently I am here on this planet to adopt the most fringe opinions I can have--Now I'm a justifying meat eating in terms of spirituality. I should start a blog named "You're going to hate what I have to say." Lol that makes me think of one of my favorite lines from one of the best movies of all time: "You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole." Hopefully I can avoid being an asshole, but at this point in my life, if something is generally accepted by large populations, that is a flag for it being suspect to me. And I've been less interested in taking the time to be diplomatic and polite, or worry about how my truths will offend others. Those who are strong enough in their opinions and hearts can rise to the challenge, and the people who are not in this vibe will filter away. Isn't that the mitochondriac way?

    But speaking of circling back, I was always drawn to the work of Temple Grandin. Perhaps it is time to revisit her books.

    Time to go make some insta-worthy dinner.
  8. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Just a check in. I am working on understanding my new Cornet 88T. Was using a Tri-Field 100XE, but that is limited wrt smart meter & RF. I'm on a mission to understand this from the ground up...basically because I don't understand things superficially anyway. Either I can explain it to someone or I don't understand it and thus am not sure of what I'm doing.

    In other news, my sister just stopped by. I am more tan than she is. Holy shit. One of the memories I have of her that defines "SISTER" in my brain is a rare family vacation to a beach where she asked me to sit next to her. She was sunbathing in a bikini. I was under an umbrella, in a chair, covered in sunblock/clothes/hat/sunglasses, reading a book. I was so delighted she wanted me near. I sat by her and she said "Thanks, now you can reflect the sun onto me." Ouch. I was always ghost white. She tanned. The tables have turned. I think the thing is she is a night person and the only time she would see the sunrise is if she's still up. I told her the secret. I doubt she'll use it.

    My father was with her. I asked him some questions about RF and if he knew anything about the sounds emitted by different frequencies (because he has worked with instrumentation for almost 40 years). The energy shifted. He was crazy defensive. "If electromagnetism kills you, I'd already be dead." I told him OR MAYBE you'd be living to 300 like biblical times without all the EMFs. Gotta have the fun with people. Bring that rage down a notch. "What are you trying to get at by learning about this stuff?" Oy. Luckily I've been through enough to no longer doubt my questions and my intuition, even if I can't yet field all the questions scientifically. Also, F that. I don't have to convince anyone of what's right for me, and if they don't like it they should move on as long as I'm not hurting anyone or up in their space.

    On the health front, today was one of only a couple days I didn't wake naturally before the sunrise since I have been a sphinx. Last night we had a string of unexpected visitors that pushed dinner back to 8ish, then bedtime for everyone followed not too long after. I do believe there was the correlation that disrupted the pattern that lead me to less optimal sleep and waking.

    I've also noticed if I happen to indulge in processed carbs I'm getting bloated. Like fat ankles that happened during pregnancy kind of bloated. Gross. Yet another n of 1 learned.

    So at this point my optimal journal is more like Dear Diary. But it's something.
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  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Jack has a saying that I love ......" You are welcome to come into my life at any time - you are also welcome to leave at any time....just don't stand in the doorway - you are blocking traffic"
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  10. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Life keeps moving. Still working on optimal. Recently my 19 month old joined me for sunrise. I sat on our stoop, and he sat right next to me and stared in the direction of sunrise. We were only minutes away, and when he saw the sun break he pointed and made his "Ah ah" (look at that) noises. 5 year old is tougher. When he joins me he doesn't want to look at the sun, says it hurts his eyes. Obviously, this means he needs it most of all. But I'll also say we have had some of our most tender moments when he will join me and wants to cuddle. He's normally a tornado.

    5 year old started school, port removed. We've decided it will stay that way. Still learning my Cornet, bringing it where I go to get the feel. Understanding it as a sleuthing tool definitely helped perspective. Eating paleo, getting sun. Taking the family on the journey.

    Also, looks like I'll be a seasonal driver with UPS. I'm excited. No screen time, outside work, physical. I know I've seen threads and posts here about "optimal" jobs, and I'm happy to report I've found one that's not too shabby. The trucks have minimal tech, and I'll be outside in the elements while getting sun on my eyeballs driving. A huge shift for me after being a "professional," and life is good.

    I chipped a tooth a few weeks ago. First time ever. I was shocked. Eating seaweed! Back molar, there are 2 mercury and 1 composite fillings in there...it was super sharp but no pain. Short story is the sharp edge that was mutilating my tongue was due to the filling not the tooth. It was filed down. I'm remineralizing using protocols and info here, back to my WAP ways. My 19 month old also appears to have a tiny cavity front tooth. I was even more shocked about that! BUT he had a very different nutritional profile than his brother. I breast fed his brother until after 3, and was mostly WAP/unintentionally paleo diet. This poor kiddo had to deal with my months of processed carbs due to hospital food and stress, as well as his time away from me when he would go on hunger strike. He got less breast milk and lower quality. I also had almost adopted the vegetarian diet--which was motivated by him and his pregnancy where my body did not want red meat. Learned a lot about the language of my body and my intuition over the last year. Knowledge is a spiral, not a straight line.

    Off to cook taco tuesday. Falling back into routine after this past ridiculous couple of years.
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  11. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    I dropped off the forums for a while, but did not stop the learning process over here. Got labs done, will post that when I can. Life got a little crazy and there was some moving going on, but things are settling for now, as much as they can in my life. My kiddo just passed 1 year cancer free. We enrolled him in K this past year, which truly broke my heart because I personally think the education system is broken AND I did not want him swimming in EMFs for the year. That said, I was not in a position to homeschool him, so I just did the best I could with earthing, minimizing his EMF environment outside of school, getting sun, trying my best to get his diet optimal (which is near impossible with a Spirited 5 year old, especially when you're not with him 24/7). SO I am hoping things fall into line in the coming months that ***hopefully***we can move to a more optimal environment soon, and ***hopefully***I will be gainfully employed in such a way that I will be able to homeschool him. On that note, I started putting energy into a tarot reading business. I wonder if there are any members here who would be interested in a monthly tarot reading, so I can put that $ toward Klub membership? Gotta get creative about getting "skin in the game" when you're a SAHM!

    On a related note, as I'm doing what I can to reduce the EMF and other toxins, and working toward optimal, I'm definitely able to notice more effect. It falls in the category of "am-i-more-sensitive-OR-did-I-never-notice-how-bad-I-felt". Spent 2 consecutive days in Philly this weekend, for 2 events we were able to go to for free--Monster Jam and a kids musical (which unbeknownst to me had a HUGE screen as a backdrop). Me and the kids were insanely drained by Sunday night. The kids both fell asleep on the ride home around 5:30pm, and slept the whole night through. I feel totally drained and exhausted, and actually woke with a cramp Sunday morning in my leg--my body was yelling at me--go outside! So i got up around 4 am and just stood on my wet lawn in my skivvies. And I felt better. Time to go outside again.
  12. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver


    I think I saw you on facebook recently in the light group? I was wondering how you were getting on Great to hear from you x
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  13. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Chugging along wrt optimal learning and lifestyle. I am in the Light and Health group, as well as a few others. Couldn't get on the forum much, but things are looking up over here. Thanks @ScottishEmma!
  14. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Posting labs I got done in Feb. Trying to get these has been a debacle. I don't have a PCP...well I have one, it's the random person on my insurance card. I haven't seen him for 6 years, and the last time was also to get labs (during pregnancy). The doc did not want to order most of the labs I asked for, referred me to an OB for hormonal (which I also do not have because my kiddos were born at home and I've used midwifery care). Doc was quite irritated I asked for HS CRP because "all that tells you is you have inflammation, it doesn't tell you why." It just didn't go well. Since I had to justify every test I was asking for, one of the reasons I mentioned I wanted my hormones tested (suspecting perhaps an estrogen dominance situation) is because as a breastfeeding mom, I have a huge supply--like I donated 1000 oz in the first month of my son's life after feeding him and stockpiling for our home. AND my menstrual cycle comes back right away despite this. I also mentioned having PPD including anger. The resident charted "excessive milk production and anger issues."

    So on the hunt for a doc that will work with me instead of just being angry I don't come into the office frequently enough, and when I do I ask questions.

    • Cholesterol Total 233 mg/dL (range 100-199)
    • Triglycerides 66 mg/dL (range 0-149)
    • HDL 82 mg/dL (range >39)
    • VLDL Calc 13 mg/dL (5-40)
    • LDL Calc 138 mg/dL (0-99)
    FSH 3.1 mIU/mL (note day 25 of menstrual cycle, last day)
    LH 3.4 mIU/ML

    Vit D 20.6 ng/ML

    TSH Rfx on Abnormal to Free T4 1.310 uIU/mL

    C-Reactive Protein, Quant 0.6 mg/L

    Glucose, Serum 83 mg/dL

    BUN 13 mg/dL / Creatinine .76 = 17

    That's all I could get right now. I think I found a Nurse Midwife practice I can go to for more.

    Clearly, dehydration. I have done what I can to reduce my nnEMF here, but I can do more (for example we didn't install a kill switch, didn't get the little boxes that can reduce dirty electricity, had WiFi on a kill switch because my PC doesn't have an ethernet card & i didn't realize i could get a USB converter). Started drinking RO water and on the hunt for a spring. I also see the EMF Rx re: dehydration mentions "A large amount of protein and starchy carbs draws water...causes water dehydration." So dietary changes can help here as well--I did not cut absolutely all carbs, sugars and PUFAs. A forum post on "Sandy's Labs" has a comment from Jack re: B/C ratio high, low D3, plus location in that case = "so dehydrated she cannot complete the isomerization step from sulfated cholesterol to the D3 molecule...as such the D3 stays too low and the LDL cholesterol rises from the lack of conversion." Ding ding ding!

    My Vit D is low. Leptin resistance flag (as is my weight of 170 when I'm only 5'7") again, things to be done there--I did not cut out all sugars and grains completely, only reduced them. I do watch the sunrise and usually sunset, get outside for earthing--I can try to get out more, and coming into summer is the best time to do it.

    My LDL calc is high. I've had a lot of stress, and grew up in an environment that was constant stress and tension. The LDL precursor for cortisol being elevated here ties in wrt fight or flight shunting. The HDL is lower than I expected.

    Will post more later. Started analyzing, fishing through the forum. Probably time to get labs done again soon anyway. Gotta run this morning. I delayed posting this in Feb because I wanted to understand it more and post completely....... guess I'll have to post in chunks
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
  15. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    So right now my "skin in the game" has been more about logistics of life than it has been about a biohack, though I did just become a Silver member. I am loving delving into the webinars & I printed out every patreon blog (if any members would like the PDF let me know-happy to share but I didn't want to post it in the forum since not all forum members have patreon access). I am in the process of making homeschooling, and home-working, a reality. I've got a # of job apps out there for a WAH income, which would give me what I need to be able to plan my day like a mitochondriac and raise my kiddos that way too. I'm using the summer to do as much earthing, sunning and cold water swimming as we can, eating oysters (finding pea crabs!) and seafood and other epi-paleoness, and planning keto this winter. My weight is hovering around 170, but my body is changing. I may have gained muscle mass as I'm doing some weight lifting and squats,
    and cycling more. I anticipate more change as I train for my first century in October (100 mile bike ride) and can easily be outside more & easily eat fresh homegrown greens & local shell and seafood. Going to have to make a lotion to work on the skin because things are moving around and now I've got very delightful loose skin around my tummy. Less diastasis recti, reducing visceral fat. I've started wearing my blueblockers almost 100% of the time I'm in front of a screen (in addition to the sundown times), and my phone is so dim and red it can barely be seen.. which is fine because I never wanted to look at it anyway. Going completely cell phone free is not an option right now, but I've learned some people are using old flip phones on non-major cell carriers, so I can look into that.

    Having some trouble sleeping...I *think* as I'm helping my body things may be "getting worse before they get better". Perhaps. This home has always had a ton of ambient light, despite my installing room darkening shades. We're on a busy corner, and within the past few years the farm across the street turned into a bunch of ball fields--with huge lightposts. Holy Light Pollution Batman! But I am simply working to move as soon as we can. The township installed the fancy new street lights (ugh). I sleep with a mask on, but I always felt like I could tell, even with a mask on, when it was bright in the room at night.....now I feel less crazy learning about melanopsin in skin. I CAN "see" it, just not with my retinas. Actually I never felt crazy, I just knew I was feeling something I couldn't explain (in a society that values rational thought above inner knowledge, despite rampant cognitive dissonance, i'm clearly hysterical). So I have more room darkening shades to put up throughout the house & another panel in the bedroom.

    Over the last week I've been experiencing leg/foot cramping especially when I lay in bed. Also over the last couple of days mild headaches (those I attributed to cutting out coffee this past week). However, I'm thinking dehydration and a magnesium deficit, so I loaded up on RO water this morning and started taking Mag supplement last night. I've experienced this once before.. it started when we took the week long cycling vacation. At night after cycling and being outside all day, and drinking more water, I'd have these leg cramps. I was stumped because I was being more healthy and good to my body, why would I cramp? That was the time in my life I ended up dropping a ton of weight without trying, and was actually feeling good, and was eating a Weston A Price/almost paleo diet. 2014ish. Well, I've got the same cramps, so I'm going to take that as a sign I'm on the right track again.

    I feel more sensitive to the EMFs around me. I'm going to count that as a good thing, as it's like a warning for me to stay away. I feel something like a pressure and buzz IF I put a phone close to my head, so avoiding that. I feel like I can feel the phone even in my purse when it's not on airplane mode (and even then I wonder). Recently had a whim to pull out my Cornett 88 in the morning at the spot where I watch the sunrise and saw there was a huge increase in low frequency power. So I had an interesting time sleuthing that. In short, I found a traffic monitoring camera across the street for the weekend. It didn't have a wi-fi signal, or put out anything astounding on its own, but I do wonder about how that interacted with the power lines in front of the house and the Smart Meter... and there's an old grounded HAM radio antenna on top of the house from before I moved in. I was assured by both my fiance that installed it, and the EMF Consultant that came out to make readings on our home that the thing didn't matter, because it's grounded and not used. But my spider senses are tingling, and are telling me it does. And I'm now at a point where I can feel the vibration of my inner truth and knowledge as opposed to the vibrations of fear/worry, or like/dislike. And I'm confident enough to trust it too.

    OH! I did have a WIN--I found a health practitioner that actually listened to me, took my "well read and well-internetted" thoughts into account, and ordered every lab I asked for, AND the office takes our insurance. She's a Certified Nurse Midwife at a Women's Center. So while this is not a GP (significant only for insurance reasons), I'm quite delighted. Labs should be back soon & will give insight on hormonal/thyroid/B/D and give some info on mood and other things I'm hacking. I have confidence my body will get back to a good place, right now I'm feeling most drawn to biohack my hormones. For example, not one person can tell me why I produced so much breastmilk for my baby I was able to donate 1000 oz in his first month, YET my period came back immediately. (Was the same with his brother). I also have seen a massive decline in libido over the years I've lived in this house (and not surprisingly depression). Guess that's TMI, but I'm sure it's tied to the EMF load around here. I see many clues and ah-ha moments throughout the blogs and webinars, but I'm not at a level yet where I can truly see the whole picture AND explain it to other people. I'm sure there are people on this forum that have an idea. I've had chronically low D, and I'm working on changing that.. so I guess that's another biohack, which mostly involves proper sun exposure for me. We'll see on these new labs how I'm doing.

    Working this mitochondriac lifestyle and caring less about what other people think... This morning at 6 am after sunrise I started mowing the front lawn with our non-electric Fiskars push mower. It's hard to do lawn chores by a busy street with 2 young kids, so walking barefoot in the dew sounded heavenly and practical. I wore a sports bra and hotpants to maximize the sun. The cops drove by a couple of times...I said to my fiance, "You think you stop caring about what people think of you, and then you take it to the next level." Let's see how many times I can level up.

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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    There are places on internet that sell scripts for blood testing.
    The actual testing is done at Labcorp
    Look up some of my posts on this (short) thread.
    Please do not post there (so it stays short)

    For my self I usually watch this:

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis

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  17. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Thank you! I didn't realize there were sites for scripts.
  18. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    RO & Mag already doing the trick. Better sleep last night and cramping feeling almost gone. Labs back but I haven't seen the doc yet, phone call from midwife said all within normal limits but Vit D low. However it is up for me. At 29, from 20 ng/mL in Feb. So things are going in the right direction. No D supp, just using the sun, earthing and reducing nnEMFs as much as i can.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Eventually cramping may lead/indicate incorrect (low) vassopressin ---> (ADH) Anti Diuretic Hormone
    artificial= Desmopressin Acetate

    resulting in low potassium

    @Jack Kruse mentioned vassopresin recently.

    Cramps may also be due to low potassium.

    Try No Salt.
    It is potassium salt.




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