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Vaccines-->What says you?Toxic ,Necessary Evil?

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Valsun12, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Valsun12

    Valsun12 New Member

    With all the controversy of vaccines, I wanted to see what data this community might have on the pros and cons of vaccines. My concern is with all the vaccines in the pipeline that are being developed and rolled into production. All of us-->Kids and Adults are the targets! In addition, with some mandatory laws being promoted , there is a scary war on the poison that may be forced into us!
  2. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Not sure which thread it was posted in, but Dr. Jack talked about a delayed (or spread) vaccination schedule as a smart thing to do.

    Additionally, from my understanding, the higher a child's redox, the less likely to have a vaccine injury.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This should stir up the paradigm because it is published and it is PEER reviewed. Their conclusions also fall right into what I have been saying about the vacine issue for years now. We need to take the meme to the scientific method for the first time to make accurate statements: THE VAX ISSUE FOR ME IS SIMPLE: The issue is not the efficacy of vaccines but the vaccine obligation. Why are they mandatory when they have no undergone RCT or double blind testing like any other drug? Why "confuse" two subjects so differently? The only reason I can come up with is profit of Big Pharma and the CDC. We should pursue purpose over profit as clinicians, not the other way around.

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  4. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    For my little one I am spreading them out....... almost 9 months now and his doctor says he is behind. I say he is ahead. I also load him up with DHA before and after each one from seafood and small amounts of fermented cod liver oil and extra structured water. I keep him hydrated, grounded and in the sun. He also loves his outdoors and swim time.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    smart way to manage redox.
  6. Stardust

    Stardust Silver

    Can the paradigm of thinking in this video be shifted? This video is bad for my stress level Dr.Kruse. I think it's amazing how they believe that everyone who questions the safety does not understand science like they do. The safety that they have not proven or provided. I'm going to go meditate in the sun now.
  7. Valsun12

    Valsun12 New Member

    This video is proof in the pudding on how the vaccine agenda is a dinosaur that needs to be hit by a meteor! If these experts are so GRAND , why are we so SICK as a nation???With such prestige you would think this panel is the result of years of stealth science and optimal health and that we would be catapulted as number one for health and vitality in the world-->but this is the CONUNDRUM, we are broken in health and vaccine reform is in NEED!
  8. shiran

    shiran Curious

    I spread them and still to this day ( ages 8 and 6 ) they are getting one-tow vaccines per year only in summer time
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Something that a mitochondriac considers: Let me give you something to chew on with respect to vaccines: We think we know what all the crap in them does........and we do know a lot. But do we know everything? What is not on the menu when we study them? In my opinion, errors of omission are always the most dangerous half truths. "It became really clear to me that the really critical way that people are deceived by history, is not that lies are told, but that things are omitted. If a lie is told, you can check up on it. If something is omitted, you have no way of knowing it has been omitted." -Howard Zinn.
  10. Frederica

    Frederica New Member

    Amen to that!
  11. CatherineRaye

    CatherineRaye New Member

    We are 100% non-vax, and perfectly happy and comfortable with it. Before I was pregnant with our oldest, a vaccine developer's relative warned me off, so I started researching. He told her never to let anyone she cared about get Gardasil, so she said she didn't even know why she was telling me this because I was too old to get the shot, but repeated his warning to me. That set me off researching.

    Our oldest caught whooping cough at about 7 months old. It was scary, but basically we just kept her comfortable and I nursed her non-stop, which I have always nursed them on demand until they choose to wean, anyhow. She was a lot better after about a week, and the residual cough gone within another two weeks. She had also had H1N1 about 4 months before that, and she has never caught another flu since.

    We use nosodes, and are perfectly comfortable with that, and have had no problems. People in North America and the UK tend to think they are strange, but in France and Switzerland, they are considered totally normal. You get them from the corner pharmacist, who is trained in pharmaceuticals, herbs, essential oils, and homeopathy. Especially in Switzerland, because pharmacists are so highly trained (and holistically), when one is sick, they usually go to the pharmacist, and only go to a medical doctor if the pharmacist isn't able to assist them first.

    My big thing is protecting them from people who are vaxxed and shedding while they are really small.

    We have the occasional little bumps in the road, but overall, they are far healthier than most other children. We also do not have wifi or cell phones or a microwave or a (not-so) "smart" meter. We feed them as healthy as possible, but allow them junk once in a while. With the exception of the first year or so of our oldest life, we have only lived in places without fluoride in the water. We homeschool, so they have unlimited outside time to play. All of these are factors, but I feel that vaccines are a big factor in damaging children's developing immune system. Even ignoring all the toxins in the shots, it isn't natural to expose someone to an illness by injection. That is my big ol' vaccine rant.

    Regardless, I think the most important thing is for mothers and fathers to exercise their rights to make their own choices for their families.
  12. JasonR

    JasonR New Member

  13. JasonR

    JasonR New Member

    when I was in school I got 4 vaccines. now it seems like kids are human pin cushions. I believe most doctors not all but it seems like a fear system. you tell someone there gonna die or get extremely sick they freeze and listen. (Henry Hoxey) was curing cancer in the 50s and went to war with the FDA and he was buried too. his clinic still survived its in Mexico. If they came clean now and said vaccines were making kids and people sick the backlash would be Armageddon. Cant just stop now there would be questions why and what for.. the only solution is to keep going forward. in my humble opinion.
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  14. Lindsay Alfieri

    Lindsay Alfieri New Member

    We do the exact same things as you :)
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It bothers me when I visit a medical school or residency program and see so much talent that is in the pursuit of myth. I think we have a duty to alter that trajectory. The best way to engage the mind is teaching it how to think and not what it should be thinking about. The same is true for the public and all those non-black swans out there. I wonder when they will choose to awaken?

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  16. Lindsay Alfieri

    Lindsay Alfieri New Member

    How about injecting medical students with a dose of dopamine and make that part of the CDC vaccine schedule :)? Unfortunately I found MDs to be some of the most ignorant people regarding health and pathology of disease, which is so sad. They are like parrot robots, repeating CDC bs that doesn't make any sense to anyone with an ounce of dopamine... You are so right in encouraging everyone to take their health into their own hands and being the own advocate, never relying on anyone else to make them "better". In the end, I guess this is part of the evolution of our species... the weak ones get taken out...? Anyway, I thank God I found you and this community of like-minded people! One of the few benefits of technology.
  17. JasonR

    JasonR New Member

    None of my kids were vaccinated and they would have been had it not been for our midwife. She opened our eyes to vaccines and gave me a book to read cant remember what the book was i was only 23 at the time and we decided not too. My mother inlaw is an earbalist which rubbed off on my wife so our medicine cabinet is all earbs and tintures and they work. I get a cold i chew on garlic i get a sore throat i eat honey. I get a cut i use tea trea. There are many simple cures for common sickness thats right at your fingertips. But it all comes down to big dollars. And thats the way it was till the rockafellers started funding the med schools and putting there guys on the boards and pushed out all the apothecaries and started mondern medicine. Dont get me wrong there are great advances in medicine but so much can be cured with whats on your plate and what grows in the ground. You cant patent anything that grows in nature. So if i cant patent carrots then you cant own it and make billions on carrot medicine. I use to drink a ton of red bull i still do once inawhile (guilty i know) but if i run carrots beats and celery through the juicer i get 10 times the energy and i dont feel like crap after words. I find it also funny your to stay away from seafood because there may murcery in it that will go into your stomach and through all your bodys filtering processes, but in the same breath would you like a flue shot with murcery in it shot directly into your blood bypassing all your bodys systems. No thanks. Ok im done ranting all over the board. Glad i found this place.
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  18. Lindsay Alfieri

    Lindsay Alfieri New Member

    I agree 100% and can't talk about this subject without ranting myself so I think we've come to the right place :)!
  19. April082

    April082 New Member

    My 3 boys are not vaccinated and are super healthy! Like, never have needed medical attention for any illness whatsoever. My acquaintances with vaccinated kids are ALWAYS going to the doctor! All these kids are SO sick! And we’re just over here like, “hi!” But of course WE are the ones bringing & spreading the disease. lol
    With the current events in CA with the vaccine mandates we are looking to leave. I will not sacrifice my children at the altar for Pharma, fear riddled parents & the owners of this country. Hmmmmm....now where to move. Kinda bummed to have to leave. My family seems to do very well healthwise in the Santa Barbara environment.
  20. Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson New Member

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