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Urine therapy, the ultimate bio hack

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Solidsilverteeth, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    This is the major theme of my book in my signature is to increase the quality of yourself and the liquid expression of yourself. To make your liquid version of you the highest quality possible. The best tasting, best smelling, best feeling most enjoyable drink you could ever have from any drink you ever consume anywhere.

    This is why you only have one meal a day of mostly fruit and good food because it increases the quality of your elixir of life by increasing beneficial substances by thousands of percent. This is why your one meal a day is more than 50% fruit and raw plants. Simple salads, nuts, sprouts and good food all add to the quality of your Orin.

    Not only what you consume has an effect on the quality of your liquid expression of yourself. When you strive in your life to be the best human being you can possibly be this will help keep your Orin to remain the most enjoyable pleasure you can ever get from a drink.

    When you get yourself so high quality your Orin will be the smoothest most wonderful coconut water you could ever imagine. Slightly sweet and far better than any other coconut water. What is waiting for you is such a good drink it will surpass in enjoyment any drink you could ever experience anywhere on earth. It’s so good and tastes so great as you drink it you could almost describe it as fluffy. If you ordered it at a bar, you would definitely order another. The good news is your body will give you more of it again and again in excess.

    There will be times when you may have stress, or you are worried about something. Or you didn’t get enough exercise or you consumed some bad food or drink, or for whatever reason you can’t even explain that your Orin will for some reason become not so good tasting or smelling. Don’t worry; try to learn why it got like that so you can avoid it in the future. You can soon get it back to high quality Orin again.

    One lesson Jesus taught about being happy is to not be anxious. He said to stop worrying. This is a very important lesson that will add to you keeping your Orin from becoming a poor tasting and smelling drink.

    Another lesson he taught was that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. At its simplest what Jesus taught was that by doing good things for others it will make you happy. By not being nice to others lowers the quality of you. Remember the better you feel about yourself the better quality your Orin will be. Getting your Orin better quality is the best way to feel good about yourself. It’s the ultimate expression of self-love and self-respect.

    To boil it all right down to the fewest possible words. If you remember nothing else then please just remember this.......To keep your Orin as the highest quality drink that you enjoy, eat one meal a day of mostly raw plants and strive to be the best human you could ever be. Avoid bad things.

    If you do this and follow the rest of my omad orin looping protocol then you can pee into a glass in private and then go and drink it in front of people and they would never know what you are drinking. It will smell pleasant, and even if they tasted it they would think its coconut water or some other drink.

    It’s the very best ever distilled water in the universe with added bioavailable super supplements. To get the best quality distilled water it can be put through the distillation process again and again. This is how you get to pharmaceutical grade distilled pure water. Every time it gets more distilled and better quality. Well it’s exactly the same with your kidneys the best distillers in the universe. Every time you loop it you improve the quality.

    This is why I never even let it go anymore. If I pee it all out on the ground and drank other water it’s like I have to start again. That water I just wasted on the ground was so ultra-filtered and ultra-distilled. I don't want to start again getting my own water such high quality, so I never let it go unless for storing and ageing. So I have been looping the same water again and again for years now in my body. It’s the exact same water that just goes round and round. Sometimes I keep the excess in glass bottles left to breath, but this goes back in either through drinking or massaging. Getting better quality every time you loop. Yes I may drink a little other highly distilled pure water here and there if I think I need it but I hardly ever do. I would sooner drink some of my aged orin putting that back in rather than any other pure water.

    I more often need to store my own perfect water for ageing because I am slightly over hydrated. But this will then be used for body rubs or drinking later. Of course I do drink a very large fruit smoothie everyday which contains the second best water in the universe. I also mostly eat fruit and simple salads in my one meal, these all contain the second best water after your orin which it the number one best water in the universe. You also lose water in all three waste disposal channels, your poop, sweat and out breath. So I always keep a supply of aged orin to keep my hydration levels correctly balanced.

    Your orin is liquid you, this is why the medical industry values orin so highly, they can tell everything they want about you from your liquid version of you. It's a snapshot of you. My personal goal is to increase the quality of myself in every way. How can I tell I'm doing well? By the quality of my liquid self.

    Everything I do, everything I feel and most importantly everything I consume mentally and physically will affect how much I improve my liquid me. The end goal is high quality orin, which is the exact same as saying high quality you.

    If your urine is unpleasant and yucky then there is something wrong. Get yourself clean so your liquid you is beautiful again, just as it was when you were a baby.

    Remember it's a cocktail of the ingredients you put into it. Everything I consume, before I put it in my mouth I think carefully how it will affect my liquid me. Your orin talks to you. It tells you not to do that again, or it tells you that was good for you. This or that may improve the quality of you, and your liquid you tells you that, so take note of it.

    You can ruin an otherwise truly great cocktail by putting something bad in there. It's the same with your liquid you. If you put in mostly raw, plant based fruit, veg, nuts and sprouted seeds the quality goes up.

    If you put in processed foods, trans fats, msg, preservatives, E numbers, colours and agents that you can’t pronounce then you lower the quality of your liquid self.

    When you constantly loop and drink yourself you have a clear picture of how you’re doing throughout the day. You liquid expression of you tells you exactly what you need to know.

    If you consume or do something that's bad for you then your liquid you will soon show you that the quality of your liquid you had gone down so you can avoid that in the future.

    Two key points to remember are the happier you are the better quality your orin will be. The second is that what you consume will be ingredients in your blood plasma. Choose foods that you enjoy that increase the quality of you and your orin. Fruit and plant based are best, but you can find many other foods that produce good quality orin for you and that increase your enjoyment and happiness which in turn increase the quality of your orin even more.

    As I say many times this is perhaps the most important part of the protocol, you will get even more enjoyment out of life, than you did before starting omad orin looping.

    This will increase the quality of your orin the more happy you are the more you will enjoy your liquid version of you and then the better quality it becomes again and you enjoy it even more which makes it even better quality and so on. It’s like the opposite of a vicious circle.

    The Bible says that a joyful heart is the best medicine, and applying this protocol means you get much more joy out of eating and life in general than you did before you started omad orin looping. This increases the quality of your orin.

    So it’s not just about diet, it’s about feelings and thoughts just as much as what you are consuming. If you want to achieve high quality orin there are many factors not just your diet. The holistic approach considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, emotions and environment.

    Environmental aspect is key, mitigation of nnEMFs, both light and other factors. Getting as much sunlight in your eyes and on ALL your skin, as well as cold thermogenesis.

    Your relationship with your spouse is very important for your quality of life and keeping the quality of your orin so high that it is always the very best looking and tasting drink you could ever get.

    Dr Dean Ornish writes in his book Love and survival "I am not aware of any other factor in medicine that has a greater impact on our health and survival than the healing power of love and intimacy. Not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs not surgery- that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence of illness, and premature death from all causes."

    Quality of life makes quality orin. It is after all liquid life. The water of life.

    The happier and better your life is the better quality your health will be. Your orin is a reflection of you or more specifically it is liquid you.

    Omad orin looping will bring more joy and happiness to your life, the longer you do it the more benefits you will see. The secret is from waiting all day, even if cravings are very very strong then say to yourself out loud, I'm going to eat this later and enjoy it a hundred times as much.

    The truth is you can get far more enjoyment out of food than you did before starting this protocol.

    If you fail to show self-control and break then don't give up. Use it as a learning experience. If you look back and feel regret for breaking omad, you probably feel it wasn't as enjoyable as you thought it would be. But if you waited for your eating window then you would have enjoyed it twice as much, and then you feel really good about yourself. Remember a joyful heart is the best medicine.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I'm here for Jack's teaching, and to date urine therapy isn't part of it, and whether OMAD is suitable depends on context. Both for urine and OMAD, this post could be called out on so many levels, but you don't seem interested in anything that challenges your belief system, or your book, about either.

    Worse though, is this now seems to be evolving into a my urine is better than your urine, or my urine shows I'm a better or happier person, or I have more self control for OMAD, can resist hunger better than you can ... So I'll just say that if Jack wrote this post as a blog, ignoring or without at least scientifically countering some of the current science or existing dogma that said differently, I'd be gone. :rolleyes: And it wouldn't be my orin telling me. :D
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  3. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    I certainly am very interested in anything that challenges my belief system. I'm certainly not closed minded.

    I will happily look into any specific reasons why not to practice good urine therapy.

    I've been looking at both sides of the discussion for 22years. Ever since I was a teenager and my grandparents handed down this sacred knowledge that was handed down from their ancestors.

    There has been the world urine therapy conference every 4 years or so since the 1970s, now it's called the water of life symposium. There have always been the best doctors and exerts bringing the best arguments against urine therapy and they have always been debunked. There have been constant reasons why not to practice urine therapy and when looked into have no merit.

    If there is anything new that hasn't yet been researched then I'm constantly looking for it. And in the meantime it's n absolutely facinating field of study. How the liver and kidneys work together, how the bloodstream works in harmony with nature.

    I'm always looking for new information. If you have any new information that has not been brought up before please share it. I would be happy to share it with the urine therapy community to try to get to the truth.

    One thing I hve learn is why this occult knowledge has remained the mystery of mysteries and the secret of secrets. Anybody in the spot light is reluctant to come out and endorse urine therapy because of the ridicule from the uneducated.

    My hope is that Jack Kruse is different as he has never been afraid to go against the main stream and he is not worried about who he will upset, or losing many people as so many high profile people are nd this is the reason why UT remains underground and hidden.

    Sue from the UK you re admitting that you would be gone and this is true of so many people in the health world, this is why the experts like Jack who know the truth about your own metabolic water will not come out and openly endorse it.

    So I understand if Jack keeps quiet about this, like so many in his position. Meanwhile if there is any new information or any other reasons why not to practice good urine therapy let's look into them together.

    I love this subject and deep research, and discussing with other inteligent open minded good people.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  4. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    WOW SST, you're a vegan/vegetarian? Where do you get most of your fruits from in London during the winter?

    But you eat some seafood/oysters?
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  5. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

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  6. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Im no such thing. I eat a little of everything. Mostly seafood and plant based after that. I eat local and in season. There are some of the best orchards in the world here in England. Fruit and nuts.

    I always use urine therapy as a guide. If it improves the quality of your urine this means it improves the quality of you. If it worsens the quality of your urine then this means it's not so good for you and should be minimised, or cut out altogether.

    Good food in moderation, as long as it's local and in season. You can see if you consumed too much if it affects the quality of the liquid expression of yourself.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  7. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    This is such a brilliant post, poetic and very powerful.

    I particularly like the last bit

    "when they learn the value of carrying their own water in their transformation. You need to feel the blood in your mouth to get to the essence of why you must travel roads no one even considers"
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  8. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    That is not what I said. ;)

    "Worse though, is this now seems to be evolving into a my urine is better than your urine, or my urine shows I'm a better or happier person, or I have more self control for OMAD, can resist hunger better than you can ... So I'll just say that if Jack wrote this post as a blog, ignoring or without at least scientifically countering some of the current science or existing dogma that said differently, I'd be gone."

    Metabolic water inside a cell isn't equivalent to urine. I'd like to hear Jack say he makes decisions based on what the urine he just drank was "telling" him.:rolleyes:
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  9. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    SST, do you have any knowledge of any ancient people who drank their own urine?
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  10. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Yes this goes way back.

    There are a few ancient manuscripts that translated talk about the water of life has been given to you every day, drink it and wash your body with it. Some of these are several thousands of years old, ancient Engyptian and then more recent just a few thousand years old, ancient Roman times, and ancient Asian documents.
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  11. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Well I'm certainly interested if you have any reasons why it's not a good idea?
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  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Perhaps I've been posting in a parallel universe. :rolleyes::D
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  13. recoen

    recoen Gold

    My thoughts on a top level/ basic view: when I water fast my urine becomes very clear (less concentrated) and when I dry fast it becomes darker (more concentrated). If my body is producing urine I need, then in my opinion the reverse should be true. Because, if I am well hydrated, then I need a more concentrated solution to provide electrolytes, etc. and more water when I am not.

    Urine therapy may have been a thing in the past, like many other modalities, but given our changing environment, I think one needs to focus on the 20% that gives the 80%. I think docs “they live on the equator and ate $ht on a shingle with antibiotics but did not get sick because of the strong and constant light environment” (paraphrasing) greatly hints at that 20%. Redox first.

    Looking at docs recommendations for increased salts, I would hazard a guess that we drank ocean water in the past- it might have arguably had lower levels of salts then.
  14. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Interestingly the body regualtes your blood taking out and putting in so your urine provides all the correct sodium that you need at the right time.
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  15. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    I thought we have settled your posts about alluminium?

    There seems to be more of this and other toxins in tap/bottled water than in your own metabolic water.

    The thing we should all be concentrating on is cleaning the body of these toxins, and concentrating on cleaning your own metabolic water of such harmful toxins. By cleaning this metabolic water and looping it again and again is far better than letting it go and then putting in other water with more alluminium and other toxins in.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Make that groundhog day in a parallel universe. :D
  17. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    - No the aluminium has not been disproved. You cite a book saying that aluminium is such a trace amount that it is of no interest because it is not in that list. The heading is that the list does not pretend to be complete...Minute amounts? Of course! Letting go of any contaminant all at once would result in recontamination. So ingesting those minute amounts might be a major error...

    -You have picked an analysis of some elements, pronounced them as useful for recycling, but you have not specified in what chemical formula they appear in the urine and how we make use of them second time around. Calcium what for example? Calcium oxalate?

    - Is it a design flaw then that we let go this marvellous water? Why do we urinate according to you and how do we structure this water ? In mid squirt?

    You also say that the urine sits in the bladder and gets reabsorbed. So far so good. What is the need for the vagus nerve activated need for evacuation then? Why not reabsorb it 100% straight away?

    - Another example Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is an essential component of the nucleic acid cofactors FAD ( flavin adenine dinucleotide) and FMN (flavinmononucleotide). If that does not happen due to light degradation of the riboflavin to lumiflavin or the nonavailability of shuttles the riboflavin gets the boot as it is highly oxidative in its ingested state .Result lovely yellow urine that only gets fluorescent with the help of UV light!
    Food stored under fluorescent light can have interesting levels of degraded Riboflavin. How are you controlling for that?

    You also say somewhere that our body makes vitamin d when you do not get sun and that this results in lovely strong bones.
    I cite:
    For example, somebody who doesn't get outside in the sun much the kidneys themselves manufacture and produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones. This is just one example of countless good substances that if you have deficiencies then your body does it’s best to regulate"
    And the vitamin D deficiency epidemic? The osteoporosis one?
  18. recoen

    recoen Gold

    If breastfeeding has survived the ages (of course not without its own attacks) then why has urine therapy not?
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  19. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Urine therapy has survived the ages, humans have done it from the beginning and still do today.

    Both breat milk and urine are ultra filtered blood plasma very very similar. The first breat milk produced is called colostrum which is yellow and is virtually identical to the urine the baby has just been drinking for nine months.
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  20. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    All very good points, I don't know where to start. Ummmm how about the vit D, yes it's absolutely true that if you loop your urine then you help the body along with any deficiencies it had including vit D. The body can actually manufacture good things that we need and put them into the urine yes alchemy happens inside the human body.

    Calcium? Yes there is calcium in your ultra filtered blood plasma, it's bio available and good for you. Easier to absorb than calcium in milk. If it's bad for you then the body will filter it out.

    Yes the human body makes the most structured water known to man, urine when first passed is more structured than any other structured water you test it against. Look at Andrew Norton Webbers work on this. Even the best most expensive water structurisers in the world can not active the quality structured water that the human body makes.

    About the alluminium yes it's true there is more alluminium and other toxins in tap water than there is in urine per volume. More alluminium per litre in spring water, bottled water and virtually any other beverage you care to mention. For example, tea, coffee, of course canned drinks and bottled drinks. To me this ends the issue.

    But for further proof that the liver and kidneys clean your ultra filtered blood plasma every loop if you drink tap water and measured the toxins of it, then measured the levels in your first few loops they would be less and less. If you carried on looping you would see your ultra filtered blood plasma, (urine) becomes more ultra filtered the more you loop it.

    I know you have been programmed to think it will become more and more dirty, but the truth is it becomes more and more clean every time you put it through the best filter in the universe which is the human body. This is why the medical name for it is plasma ultrafiltrate, or ultra filtered blood plasma.

    Looping is very similar to putting water through any good water filter. You then poop out the bad the things as well as breath out and sweat out all the bad stuff. The good things coming out of the filter are what the body decides to put 90%+ back into the bloodstream and if there is any exces so to goes to the bladder.

    This is not a waste channel this is an excess good stuff channel, and it's better than any other water or super supplement you could ever drink.

    Next you ask why we pee at all, why not reabsorb it al 100% of the time? The answer is this is the excess good stuff, it's a pressure release. You didn't need it just before you felt your bladder full, but you can use it all again in a short time later.

    I'm not sure I understand your point about the B vitamins. Maybe you could please reframe the questions? Yes all the B vitamins are in urine, they are in orthomolecular doses, far more than you could get from food or from supplementation unless you take large doses of vit B supplements. Once again, these B vitamins along with everything else is far better to be absorbed because it's exactly the same as what's already in your blood. It's instantly recognised and very easy on the body coMpared to other supplements. If it's good for you then body wil like reuse any excess of it, if it's not the body will get rid of it through poo, out breath or sweat.

    I hope I addressed all your points and didn't miss anything, thanks for good thought provoking questions.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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