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Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by tellmisty, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. caroline

    caroline New Member

    welcome Ada ...... what Jenny said ^^^^^^^

    Maybe start a journal in the journal section and give Dr. K. some history ......
  2. Ada Frazier Turner

    Ada Frazier Turner New Member

    Yes, Thank you Jenny!!! I guess I have to catch up on protocol.
  3. Ada Frazier Turner

    Ada Frazier Turner New Member

    And you Caroline!
  4. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    Hello All! I followed tellmisty's outline. Hope it's not TMI!

    Look forward to getting to know the community.

    55 Sex: F Joined JackKruse.com: 8/28/16

    Location: Oakland, CA, USA

    Dx: Longstanding: PTSD (complex and shock), insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, extreme myopia (-12). Depression not an issue with 5-HTP.
    New (2016): autoimmune thyroiditis (have antibodies for Graves and Hashimotos, but recent TSH = 0.44 – 0.68 so closer to expression of Graves), osteopenia, fibroids (small, 9 mm)
    Of most concern: sudden vitreous detachments with floaters, both eyes, just happened Aug. 10
    Also: hair test shows elevated lead, stool test shows dysbiosis

    Surgeries: 1975, facial surgery following car accident; 2003, cosmetic surgery

    Current Rx: Tiny dose of clonazapam, 0.125 – 0.25 mg, for sleep/few nights week (down from 1 mg/night); lots of supplements for sleep; occasional propranolol for anxiety; caprylic acid

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Gut restoration, detoxing (frequent saunas, coffee enemas + Pectasol), started eating meat/fish (have been nearly vegetarian most my life) and exposing myself to sunlight daily without glasses/contacts, sleeping on grounded sheet, changed home lighting to incandescent or halogen, use blue blockers on computer/phone, experimenting with red/near infrared light

    Health WINS: Fewer headaches, reduced autoimmune activity, got off Gabapentin and drastically reduced Clonazapam, better energy

    Health Goals: Take charge and reverse conditions! Especially eye problems.

    My Optimal Journal: Coming soon!
  5. Christina Coe

    Christina Coe New Member

    Age: Fresh 38 Sex: F Joined JackKruse.com: 04/2017

    Location: Roswell, GA, USA

    Dx: None yet!

    Surgeries: 2013- C-Section for my twins

    Current Rx: Don't take any drugs, but do take a few supplements. Fish Oil, Multi, Full spectrum phytocannabinoid (CBD), Niacin, Curcumin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Haven't started any really, but have been trying to make like the shyphinx in the am!

    Health WINS: I have lost a little bit of weight

    Health Goals: Myopia, menstrual cycle, lose weight

    My Optimal Journal: Haven't started one yet

    Other Objectives... Help my daughter, 4 yrs old on the ASD spectrum, but I just think she's delayed. She has chronic constipation and doesn't absorb nutrients properly. Help my husband, over stressed and over worked. Help my sister, she has a myriad of issues all pertaining to light issues. No thyroid, hasimotos, low D3, B12, MTHFR disorder.
  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

  7. Celeste Jean

    Celeste Jean New Member

    How does a person start a new thread with a question? Thanks!
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Just open one and ask!
    Mito1 likes this.
  9. Celeste Jean

    Celeste Jean New Member

    I'm not sure how to do the actual opening of one. I know how to reply, and how to comment, but not how to start a new one for example under the Ask Jack section.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Just go to a forum that fits you question open it and at the top right it wil have a button to start a new thread. Put a heading in it and then type your question. And then wait for the answer.
    Anna Vargo likes this.
  11. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Welcome, Hello! Me too, at age 64 or so -- both eyes went 'black' an hour apart; later, I'm left with LOTS of dark Floaters, sized like dirt particles all the way up to several Weiss ring types. It's like there's always drones buzzing around my head! VERY annoying, especially reading & driving; and cease-less at all times eyelids are up! Tried many herbals, enzymes, drops so far. No 'help' from eye professionals. Read about YAG laser for some larger floaters in CA... Hoping Time, Light, and simple accommodation will make them easier to live with... The scary all-black memory was better the next day but I don't 'see' much change for the better since about 2 months after that. At the same time cataracts were also blinding me and after the lens extractions this year, at least I have functional vision again.
  12. Celeste Jean

    Celeste Jean New Member

    Thanks Dr. Kruse; I finally see it. I was looking primarily on the Ask Jack section, it does not appear there maybe due to that area no longer being used for questions.
  13. candi

    candi New Member

    Hello, my name is Candi.....no really !
    It took me a while to start really getting my head around some of Jack's information, but now I can't get enough of it, am half way through the book and have implemented a whole lot of changes to my life.......and am feeling the benefits big time.
    I do have a few concerns surrounding dietary fats as I've just discovered that I have one of those nasty little ApoE4 genes. It would be great to hear from others in this situation and to see what and or how they are dealing with it.
    Anna Vargo likes this.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Eating fat = longevity for one main reason........it creates a deuterium depleted water in your matrix.

    Focus on that and you'll be fine.
  15. candi

    candi New Member

    Thankyou.....and yes, I really do understand that fat is a good thing.....I thought that it might just be an issue with 'saturated' fats........as my Oh so bright GP has been going on about.........funny really because he didn't even know what ApoE was !!!! In fact just about everyone out there is banging the same drum about saturated fats with ApoE.........funnily though , not the paleo guys.
  16. candi

    candi New Member

    Just to add....I've been eating loads of fish, avocados, organic olive oil etc ......just cut out ALL dairy, eggs and meat....at least untill I get to grips with the saturated fats issue.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Saturated fat is the key to a mitochondriac. You better read my patreon blogs faster.
  18. Frank Nelson

    Frank Nelson New Member

    Age: 50 Sex: M Joined JackKruse.com: December 2017

    Location: Klamath Falls, OR, USA

    Dx: Low testosterone

    Surgeries: None

    Current Rx: Bio identical testosterone pellets

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Morning sunshine and grounding

    Health WINS:

    Health Goals: Improve hormone production, Improve dopamine (experience some light depression), also am an endurance athlete so hoping to be able to continue in a way that is not detrimental to my health.
  19. Ronald Vaught

    Ronald Vaught New Member

    I am beyond stoked to be in this forum! I am a Chiropractic physician by trade and have been reading and listening to Dr. Jack for some time now, buying and reading his suggested books as well! My next step will be to up the ante towards membership! I would ultimately love to bring Dr. Jack's protocols to my patients! Maybe a Jack Kruse certified practitioner sounds nice LOL!
    Janek, Sheddie and Lahelada like this.
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


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