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Update your Signature!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by tellmisty, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. tellmisty

    tellmisty Guest

    So, I often hear from members that they wish it were easier to know who's-dealing-with-what, who's-tried-what-protocols, etc, so I thought it might be useful for us all to update our signatures. :) Here's a template to start from.
    To update your signature: In the upper right corner, click your username > Signature.

    Age: XX Sex: M / F Joined JackKruse.com: [Enter your join date]

    Location: [Enter City, State, Country]

    Dx: [Enter any diagnoses you've received here, even if you've reverse them]

    Surgeries: [List surgeries as: Year - Surgery Description]

    Current Rx: [List any Rx you're taking]

    Current Therapies / Protocols: [List therapies or Protocols you're working, like:
    BHRT | Leptin Rx | Mitochondrial Rx | Magnetico 20 gs | Cold Thermogenesis | Redox Rx]

    Health WINS:[List things that you've been able to improve since joining JackKruse.com.]

    Health Goals: [List things you're wanting to improve]

    My Optimal Journal: [Insert your link]

    See mine below as a sampler!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2014
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  2. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I'd quite like to know at least the country folk are currently domiciled in, makes recommendations more pertinent, there's not a lot of point in linking to say a particular supplement if you're in one continent and the asker is in another where they can't buy it without a great deal of expense?
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  3. tellmisty

    tellmisty Guest

    Oooooo ... Good feedback! I'll add location!
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    And post a pic on your avatar.............if you dont I wont be posting in your thread. You are warned. We need to see a face to communicate. It is a problem with on line meetings.
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  5. kovita

    kovita Gold

    done! JUST came home from a fantastic sunny day in the woods! I can't believe I have spent a february day sleevless. There is nothing like a day in woods! I come from village a i surely belong there.
  6. RashiRathore

    RashiRathore New Member

    Thanks for the posting...
  7. jacob hop

    jacob hop New Member

    Okey so it would be to share my posts with the signature ..
  8. peterson1111

    peterson1111 New Member

    heloo friends........
  9. Matt Teich

    Matt Teich New Member

    Age: 53 Sex: M / F Joined JackKruse.com: [July 6, 2015]

    Location: [South Salem,NY USA]

    Dx: No diagnosis here yet. Treated for high cholesterol and high blood pressure

    Surgeries: colon resection diverticulitis 2007

    Current Rx: pravastatin 80mg, losartin 25mg, amlodipine 5mg

    Current Therapies / Protocols: haven't started yet beginning stages

    Health WINS: NOt applicable YET

    Health Goals: get off meds, sleep better shred fat

    My Optimal Journal: [Insert your
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome Matt and Mass filled me in a bit.........first issue issue to educate yourself about the meds you've been given and what they are really doing to your mitochondria.
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  11. Matt Teich

    Matt Teich New Member

    agreed Jack. I will be reviewing all the info regarding the meds. I am stopping the statin today and hopefully the blood pressure meds in the future. I have read a lot about the statins and their side effects mostly on mercola web site. I'm interested to learn about the effects on mitochondria and reversing the damage. I once stopped my statins before and my physician gave me a hard time she only looks at the total number and ratio. And always points back to my family history. I'm committed to following your protocol and seeing my results. Thanks again.
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  12. RobH

    RobH Gold

    Welcome Matt. There's a lot of info in the lay press now on statins linked to DM, Dementia, etc. I would print out a couple articles and take them with her the next time you visit... My understanding is that they've only been actually studied and shown helpful in folks who have actually had an MI. And I frankly doubt that is true given all the recent revelations about the quality and funding of medical research!

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  13. hello tellmisty, can you tell me how to change my profile name. I seem unable to. It is currently laissezlebontempsrouler.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not sure you can. I would suggest making a new account. Delete this one and begin.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Personally the name rocks. Reminds of NOLA
  16. that was the point - but so far it has gone up like a lead balloon
  17. no matter, i was hoping at a certain point in time to contact you. Not in a million years how i imagined the first contact to be ;-)
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I live in NOLA so I love the name
  19. Ada Frazier Turner

    Ada Frazier Turner New Member

    Hi, I'm Dr. Ada Frazier Turner and am a retired Integrative Holistic Dentist. I heard about Dr. Kruse from a Structural Integration therapist friend of mine in Huntsville, Al. where I resided before retiring in 2014 and moving to Atlanta, GA. My passion is, and has been for some time, health and wellness. I am 66 with no health issues. I did gain a bit of weight once I moved to Atlanta before settling down into some sort of routine. I am presently managing losing that responsibly. I don't have any other health issues to speak of, just love Dr. Kruse's concepts around attaining optimal health and want to learn as much as I can.
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  20. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Hi Ada & welcome. You actually need to post this under different section - go to forums, then either meet & greet or beginners area. Jenny:):)

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