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Update Labs: 2months of Leptin Reset / 1 month of CT

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by BenG, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. BenG

    BenG New Member

    I thought some of these would improve quicker...just need to be more patient I guess. ALT(GOT) Liver is abnormal...I think it's probably from detoxing from CT.

    Weight: dropped 18lbs

    FBG 94 –> 90 (84 at home upon rising on glucometer (was in the 70's when I was doing HIIT)

    ALKP 95.1 –> 71

    ALT (GPT) 36 –> 46 U/L (Detoxing?)

    AST (GOT) 21 –> 27 U/L

    TC: 193 –> 201

    LDL: 126 –> 133

    HDL: 33.8 –> 46 (thought this would improve more with paleo eating / going gluten free)

    Trigs: 168 –> 107 (Low-carbing + O3 does that)

    Iron: 178 ng/ml –> 83 UG/DL (eating more red meat..why iron going down?)

    B12: 624 pg/ml –> 622 pg/ml

    Folic Acid 1.5 –> >20 (took supps., eating more veggies)

    VitD 7 ng/ml –> 83.3 (supping 15k-20k IU/day)

    TSH: 7.87 –> 4.23 (Thyroid improving)

    Free-T4: 15.3 pmol/L –>13.40

    Free-T3: (didn’t test earlier) now: 4.87

    E2: 123 pmol/L –> 104 (eating mushrooms as Dr. Kruse said to block T to E2 conversion)

    Testosterone: 219 ng/ml  336 ng/ml (went from clinically low to the low end of the medical "normal". bleh)

    DHEA-S: 2.71 micrmol/L –> 4.60 (almost doubled)

    LH: Now: 2.46 Miu/ML (ref 1.10-9.00)

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