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Underweight with severe ME, chronic infections adrenal dysfunction

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by moongirl, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. moongirl

    moongirl New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm new here...I joined the forum as I just recently heard about CT and have been considering doing it to see if will help with my longstanding health issues. I used to do alternating hot & cold showers in the past but nothing really intensive. Anyway this morning Ive sort of gotten started...i had a pretty cold, longish shower, and definitely felt an increase in body temperature afterwards and a lowering of brain inflammation which was good as thats one of my worst symptoms. Later on I felt weaker, my b/p was lower than normal (85/55), and body temp was 35.4 C (usually low anyway), and I also had what felt like some kind of detox reaction - I felt extremely irritable, which for me might have indicated die-off/herx (similar to when Ive taken antibiotics). Ive been ill for a long time (19yrs) with ME/CFS and should mention that through testing Ive found out that I'm harbouring several intracelluar infections including lyme, chlamydia pneumoniae, and I tend to get a lot of inflammation, particularly in my brain and have poor detox. I'm also quite adrenally insufficient (have both low and high cortisol at different times of the day), and adapt very poorly to stress....I'm also a bit underweight and don't have a lot of fat on me...so Im wary of the CT promoting more fat/weight loss.

    Ive not been tested for leptin and dont follow the leptin diet strictly, as my adrenals are too weak and can't reduce my carbs too much. I follow a moderately paleo diet.

    Anyway I'm just curious to know if the CT has helped anyone out there with similar health problems? Are there any potential dangers of blood pressure, cortisol, dropping too much? Ive read conflicting info about cortisol...I'm a bit confused as to whether CT raises it or lowers it, or regulates it?

  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Moongirl, welcome to the forum.

    You may want to slowly ramp up the CT. Another way of doing CT could be an ice pack under your neck as you sleep.

    When is your cortisol high? In the morning or evening? How is your sleep?

    I've found myself that CT in the morning is great, when my cortisol is highest, but also I do very well with CT at night, when my cortisol is quite low. I sleep well either way.
  3. moongirl

    moongirl New Member

    Hi Nonchalant,

    Thanks for your reply and the welcome :) yeah I'll definitely take things slowly.

    Last time I was tested my cortisol was high (over the range) in the morning, but the low during the day and evening. Its interesting that the CT helps u when your cortisol is both high and low. I'll definitely experiment with CT at different times of the day, and will consider trying the icepack too. My sleep is not *too* bad....i dont get into stage 4 very often and dont wake up very refreshed, but I do manage to stay asleep most of the night, most nights.

    cheers :)

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