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Understanding Black Light

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Jason Prall, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Thanks, @JanSz.

    I want to say the quantlet is 630 and/or 660 but i dont remember. With a led lamp, red or UV, is it the closer the better or does distance not matter?
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would say that distance matter very much.
    Look up someplace in the middle of this thread:
    pictures of tables for EXO Tera lights
    light intensity vs distance

    UVA 315–400nm
    UVB 280–315
    Infrared 700 nm – 1 mm
    RED 620–740nm

    RubyLux ALL RED High Intensity LED Bulb 640 to 660nm
  3. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Does distance not matter for the cfl black lights? Seems like people just put them in any old light socket. I've looked at that RubyLux bulb before. Do you keep this right near you for light at night?
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would use my farmers logic.
    When you use Spetri UV light
    you should use it with a goal of getting vit D somewhat over 100 without any additional vit D supplementation.
    Starting dose of light is 5minutes twice/day
    Adjust time per results.

    Now cfl black lights or any other source of UV light should be used with similar goal of vit D level.
    The other sources produce usually UV light of much lower density.
    That will increase the required time.

    If one is after visual effects, one cfl bulb at any distance will do.
    If one is after certain vit D level, blood testing is need.

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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I keep it as light source at night. The distance matters less.
    I also keep it touching my left thumb joint. It relieved pain in that joint, lets hope it will last.

    seanb4 likes this.
  6. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I don't care about the visual, i use candles for light at night. Im only interested in the benefits of the UV and red
  7. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Distance is what matters for the intensity. Even children know that intuitively. Can be observed with any light, as you get away from the source the intensity declines, it's not different at all just because it's uv light not in the visible band.
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  8. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

  9. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    However, from my reading Jack seems to recommend blacklights for the UVA boost to DC electric current not for Vitamin D production that happens with UVB exposure.

    "The distance from the light is immaterial for the effect.......but to get away from light for nnEMF reasons is get the light as far from you as possible. " Jack Kruse https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/uva-uvb-light.17231/#post-184585
  10. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Thank you, @lilreddgirl that's perfect. Guess all those children were wrong ;)
  11. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    You're welcome, I myself am still unsure on this point however, even given Jack's quote above. Because a lot of people, including some who have had consults, are keeping the blacklights close to the body so maybe intensity does increase efficacy and it is a trade-off between that and nnEMF? I'm pretty sure when it comes to UVB - which I think my Solar Glo 160 does generate - closeness matters a lot for the amount of Vitamin D generation... currently I keep the Solar Glo close and keep my Duracell blacklights farther away (I have them on through the night).
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  12. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I know the UVB matters when it comes to distance. Problem is i cant seem to handle any mercury bulb. Tried a black light at the other end of the room and only a 100 watt lizard light (mercury vapor) at seperate times and a few days later im still feeling it. Weezing, spacy, lightheaded and higher heart rate. I dont remember this happening with regular cfl bulbs, though its been a while since being under one.
  13. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Yeah, my take is that intensity is increased the closer it is but it doesn't matter as much with the black lights entering the eye as being quite far away still gives the desired effect and nnEMFs are a big problem close up (100mG AC magnetic). But yeah intensity definitely depends on how close you are. I think thats what @thomas was getting at...
    lilreddgirl and lohd2015 like this.
  14. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Of course its only logical for something to lose intensity the further you get from it but if you turn a light on and walk 10 ft away to the other end of the room the difference is negligible. Hell, even a tea light candle will still be putting out light. I was asking if very specific distances really mattered that much, or if 2 ft vs 6 ft really doesn't change much
  15. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I'd say small distances do matter with artificial lights although Jack seems to think otherwise, not sure why but he probably knows something I don't. An example would be my solar glo lights I have have for over a month and the parts of my body that are closest, head and torso are more tanned than legs which are slightly further away.
  16. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    @lilreddgirl, I looked at the Solar Glo 160 but was not sure if I need to use it with special receptacles. Can I just use it with normal light sockets? what do you use it with, can you please share? Thank you.
  17. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    The Solar glo 160w requres a lamp holder that can take that amount of watts. Standard light socets cannot. I think they are like £15 to get a holder but you can prob find cheaper. Key is that it will take the watts.
    lohd2015 likes this.
  18. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I wonder if this is something specific to uv since visible light doesnt seem to be reduced unless at a great distance.

    I wonder if using UV led's near ones wrist, bellybutton or back of knees could substitute for a cfl blacklight, considering the mercury issue
  19. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    UV led up the nose might be good, problen with led is they have a specific small range of wavelength...
  20. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Same with the cfl blacklights, just to a lesser degree. IIRC blacklights are 380-390 nm, so pretty specific. Is there a blog somewhere where Jack explains how blacklights are for DC current vs uv as thought to be? Im wondering if UVB is the important one that needs to get through the retina
  21. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Aerose, have you read any of Dias' results from her light biohack? great thread with lots of interesting data re usage etc:)..


    The above really resonates with me! Since our consult in early Oct with my daughter, we started the black light, along with a D Lamp, as per your suggestion.... Hugh difference in mood, sleep hygiene, all aches and pain... a thing of the past... energy through the roof... the list goes on and on... it's just been an amazing ride, words can't even express the euphoria. This is best I've felt at this time of the year in 10 years. For my daughter, the best she has felt in the last 4 years, at this time of the year. Also, took your suggestion and tested D levels for me and my daughter after six weeks of UV light and D lamp... mine is 95 ( wish it was higher, dark skin), my daughter's is a whopping 165 (now I know why she feels so good all the time lately). Last year when she had all those issues we spoke about... her D level was 26 (mmmm....wonder why she was so depressed). No D supplements either. I endorse everything above, UV light has improved every aspect of our life, since our consult with you.... and I only have you to thank for that!

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