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Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Physics equations have taught humans that the following relationship is universal with respect to the power of light.


    As wavelength goes down, as energy goes up as does its power and momentum

    5G wavelengths are about 0.5 meters to 5 cm. Visible light is 400-700 x 10^-9 meters

    So visible light is 74,000 to 1.25 million times more energetic than 5G.

    So the linear thinker will think because 5G wavelengths are far below the power of the visible spectrum there is no way they can cause us harm. The linear thinker falsely believes a narrative that power is linearly related to biologic damage. The linear thinker has forgotten nature selected out our mitochondrial genome to work PRECISELY with the solar spectrum of light that falls to terrestrial Earth and from that spectrum highly specific and sensitive free radicals and ELF-UV biophotons are created to become the stimulus to run the epigenetic program that turns on and off the signaling in the biochemical pathways and in the nuclear genome.

    The power density of the light wave is not the key feature. The spectrum that creates the stimulus from our mitochondria is the KEY FEATURE.

    Because of this key feature, it is accurate to say definitively that: all life on earth evolved using natural sunlight, not 5G.

    That's why 5G is dangerous. Living systems are not designed nor optimized to use it at any level from an evolutionary or biologic level.

    The skeptic will ask why this is the CASE?

    Here is why: Simple answer in a pictogram for the simple linear thinker. What we were built with.....spin states of electrons, protons, and photons create both free radicals and the associated ELF-UV amount and frequencies. These are QUANTIZED by the incident EMF as shown below. Solar EMF has quantized touch for our cells.


    What does the linear thinker does not understand about this relationship?
    What 5G does at the mitochondrial level with respect to spin states of electrons, protons, and photons, free radicals and bio-photons?


    Electrons and protons have specific spin states and today physics tells us that light appears to have an unlimited spin state because it appears in an experiment to have unlimited orbital angular momentum (OAM)

    Any questions my linear skeptics???? What is most obvious about nature is also often most concealed by human beliefs. Much of what we think we know has depths never ventured to because we mistake the surface for the bottom. Such is the case, especially, with modern medicine and science. All biology is based around these NON-LINEAR ASPECTS OF LIGHT.

    This helps explain why the LINEAR thinker is very confused about how life works......you, the non-linear Black Swan in training should not be.

    Lesson over.
  2. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Absolutely blows the dogma between linear thinking martial artists compared to Budo practitioners..chalk and damn cheese.
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  3. Elle Honoria

    Elle Honoria New Member

    I recall hearing in one of your podcasts that light wasn't linear...I've been pondering this ever since while attempting to grok how light would present in this reality.
  4. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Thanks for starting a thread on this subject. Recently, I have been asking myself these questions, in an effort to understand the physics/mechanisms more fully: -

    (note: I do not have a background in physics)

    - #1 How does VGCC get activated via RF ?
    - #2 Why is 5G far worse than blue light for the destruction of the covalent bond of melanopsin/retinol

    For #1, I have collected the following bits of information:-

    - the quanta of energy in the photon is proportional to its wavelength
    - UV light has enough energy to knock electrons out of orbit, and can create a charge gradient/current
    - an electron mostly absorbs a single quanta of energy, meaning that the amplitude of the EM wave does change the ability to knock an electron out of orbit, so red light cannot shine "brighter" to have the same effect as UV

    Therefore, my understanding is that pulsed RF do not trigger the VGCC via direct quanta of energy (like UV), but:-

    - pulsed RF can induce an inverse hall spin effect, which can create an electrical charge via a magnetic wave
    - with ion channels in a synapse, the threshold in the membrane voltage of -0.04 volts induces the ion channel to open (Jim Al-Khalili/Johnjoe McFadden - Life on the Edge/ Pg. 328)

    So, I reason that the pulsed RF (via inverse hall spin) generates a charge differential to the VGCC that triggers its opening/activation, allowing calcium to be released

    For #2, some assumptions and thinking:-

    - blue light can be more effectively blocked by clothing/material, whereas I assume that 6-90GHz has a higher penetration through fabric
    - the density of the emitters, and the amplitude of the 5G pulsed waves will create more local amplitudes of the EM waves, and therefore more magnetic effect (same principle as with inverse hall spin)
    - jump conduction in the higher spectrum can also induce electrical charge at/beneath topological semiconductor surfaces

    So, its a bit of a weak assumption here for #2, that an electrical charge across the melanopsin/retinol bond causes an electron pairing to break, disassociate the atomic structure, and release retinol from its bond.

    Anyway, I will keep digging for more info, and thanks again for all this great education/content.
  5. Here are a few of my experiences of the Non Linear Aspects of Light

    A year ago before I knew what I was doing (low dopamine) I heard Jack say blue light was bad. I bought some bulbs from a website that had NO BLUE in them. I put them in my exam rooms. Within four days of working under those lights I FORGT STUFF. I couldn't remember if I had documented things and couldn't remember if I had looked in a patient's eye. Within two days of removing the bulbs my memory returned.

    Something else happened to me.....I got some glasses that blocked 90% of blue light from Kodak (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE AT ALL) My skin color changed to more pale when I looked at the lights in the office and when I removed the glasses my skin color became more red and inflamed and all of my staff of four people witnessed this. Also within one week of wearing these all the time I had a personality change. You could call it schizophrenic like. I thought I was hearing voices and also forgetting things. This was after the light bulbs. My personality returned after a few days of removing the glasses. I now WILL NEVER DOUBT the non linear aspects of light. I try to understand them better. I got the Blue Tech lenses and I DO NOT WEAR them outside.

    In addition I had a patient who was wearing a pair of blue blocking glasses (they blocked 85%) I asked him if he was forgetting things. He said YES. I told him to stop wearing the glasses outside and get a regular pair for outdoors.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Do you know why? ^^^^
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ANSWER: Today's 1G-5G factoid: Vitamin C is the primary circulatory antioxidant used in the blood plasma. It is used and depleted during oxidative stress from nnEMF and blue-lit quickly changing the zeta potential of your blood and this leads to the fingerprint of disease we screen for at Kruse Longevity Center. This is more accurate than any 5G meter I have tested. This is why doing peripheral blood smears matters. Since plasma Vitamin C is used up first in the blood plasma, it acts to sparing other endogenous antioxidants. When those antioxidants are lowered we know for sure what is going on in neurons of the brain, brainstem, and adrenal gland because they contain more endogenous stores of Vitamin C than any tissue in humans. This unique function of vitamin C as a first-line “ROS/RNS sink” has supported by many in vitro studies on plasma vitamin C, in which various kinds of ROS/RNS primarily cause a fast depletion of vitamin C in neuroectodermal derived tissues. What are some of the other endogenous antioxidants that gain this protection? Vitamin E and glutathione are oxidized only after exhaustion of vitamin C. When someone takes Vitamin E or glutathione it also depletes them because it uncouples the natural feedback mechanisms built into cells. This is why in TBI/stroke/ sepsis/cardiac injuries we do not use these antioxidants in treatment and neither should you as a supplement. These are things the supplement makers never tell you because they have no idea what a loss of feedback control means. Instead, I consider the use of IV thiamine to offset the hypoxia of matrix inefficiency.

    WHAT IT MEANS: Hormesis occurs when both positive and negative feedback loops are yoked or connected to some coupler. In cells, it can be the level of hormones or antioxidants and the power of light in the cell codified by the redox potential. The redox potential is the electrical potential between cytochrome 1-oxygen in a cell. When you take exogenous glutathione you alter the redox balance and uncouple the endogenous system. Hormesis effects are lost or extinguished. How? Hormesis is a fine edge between positive and negative feedback loop reactions that ARE ONLY linked by the circadian mechanism in man. This is why people who say chronic fasting or chronic ketosis optimize endogenous systems are DEAD wrong. The same thing is true about taking supplements of things normally made in a cell. Glutathione and Vitamin E being examples here. Hormesis is built by Nature to be a temporary state of being/behavior to help cells cope with stressors. Hormesis only works when the positive feedback loop is properly coupled to the negative feedback control tied to light and dark cycles. When the coupling mechanism is not present, hormesis becomes impossible and extinction for both sides of the feedback loop occur and the labs show flatlining of the substance in question. This is why so many people's glutathiones drop to undetectable when they take exogenous glutathione.
    In the brain and adrenal gland, Vitamin C has to be changed to the oxidized version called dehydroascorbate (DHA) to cross the blood-brain and cervical cord barrier to gain entrance to protect the tissues and maintain the levels of cortisol, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. Recall, that cortisol is needed to CONTROL the catabolic pathways of tryptophan. This limits the neurotoxic derivatives and supports the recreation of NAD+ when melanopsin damage has occurred. All of the amines are depleted by oxidative stress especially when thiamine levels are destroyed in the matrix. Taking Vitamin E and glutathione does nothing to protect those stores. Decreased recycling of dehydroascorbate (DHA), the oxidized form of vitamin C) to vitamin C may further contribute to low plasma vitamin C levels post-EMF or organ damage due to the altered redox state of the colony of mitochondria in that organ.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  9. Thanks for the reply Dr. Kruse

    My understanding....Why my skin changed....I created a mismatch with light frequencies coming into eye and on unprotected skin exposed to light. Blue color temp on skin was 5000K but coming into eye was less with glasses that block 90%. Skin responded by dilating and trying to "cool" itself off from high frequency light and appeared red from micro dilated vessels.

    Why I forgot.....I think that Blue light causes us to remember and red light causes us to forget. Balanced in sunlight gives us the ability to use dopamine via UVA light to assimilate the important with un important information to create memories. Possibly from proteins changing from folded to mis-folding?

    Why my personality changed..... I think that my n=1 is that I have trouble with dopamine which is why I need stronger UV to fix my history of depression. But the paranoia was akin to schizophrenia/mania (family members have bipolar--Grandmother, mother) due to my inheritance of these mitochondria from maternal side. So when I blocked frequencies of blue ALL DAY it affected cytochrome 1 and the negative feed back loop to dopamine. So the frequencies entering eyes were not blue or UV but mostly in red so my mitochondria couldn't tunnel electrons properly. And I am sure heteroplasty plays a part here for my unique situation.

    Am I off here????
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  10. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

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  11. oh and I forgot hypoxia due to the light frequencies carried by my red blood cells ....... My skin was bluish then too.....
  12. Thank you Dr. Kruse about the Vitamin C information. I would have not looked there. A small stimulus can have a massive effect. The body tries to protect itself from those NN EMF and the collateral damage is quite frankly amazing.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


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  14. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Thanks Jack for your reply. A great overview, and really helped me understand a bit more of this story.

    So, I revise my understanding a little bit more on the questions I posed myself.

    For #1, the EM RF interacts with the charged particles in the VG sensor inside the membrane/cell, and this electrical stimulus activates the opening of the gate to add calcium to the cell.

    For #2, it is the calcium effects once inside the cell, and the increase in NO and super NO that destroy the melanopsin photoreceptor. With 5G, the frequency means that the increase of the pulsed RF causes an increase of activity of the VGCC. Andrew Marino pointed out that it is the activation/deactivation of the pulsed RF that biology pays attention to, and with pulses at higher frequencies, there will be a greater amount of EMF triggered responses inside the cell. So, more calcium in less time; quicker time to cell side effects and photoreceptor destruction.

    Also with 5G, the electrical portion of the wave will be absorbed at surface, but magnetic portion will continue deeper into tissues, and introduce secondary (albeit weaker) EMF RF waves when again interacting with charged particles inside tissue, but ultimately that causes the same activation of the VGCC. I am vaguely aware you have mentioned how 5G re-broadcasts beneath the surface of the topological conductor that is skin/collagen, but not sure whether this is the mechanism. Just a further gap in my education I will note and need to look into...
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  15. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    @Jack Kruse - Related to B12 dilemma - it will not be used up, stays lurking in the serum or what? Thank you!
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What if I told you that 5G, nnEMF, and blue light all cause a relative thiamine deficiency in the matrix.......

    Do you know WHAT THAT IMPLIES?

    The conversion of tryptophan (Trp) → nicotinamide (Nam) is an important pathway for supplying vitamin niacin to make NAD+, serotonin, and melatonin. The key reasons these matters are tied to the following two phenomena: (1) severe calorie restriction led to an increase in the Trp → Nam which can augment NAD+ in aging and in disease generation to extend survival; (2) the conversion of Trp → Nam is also increased by a vitamin B1 deficiency. This begs the question...........does B1 deficiency confer a survival advantage by creating a pseudohypoxic state in mitochondria that are badly damaged? The answers in this new blog and new series might surprise some of you.
    Did you know the production of Nam from Trp is important for maintaining cellular NAD+ concentration? For example, half of the niacin supply is accounted for by Trp intake. Tryptophan is an essential aromatic amino acid. Many environmental effects of light affect various factors on the conversion percentage of Trp → Nam and most people seem oblivious to this fact. It has been well researched and reported that vitamin B1 deficiency increased the conversion percentage of Trp → Nam. Now ask yourself what this implies and what the collateral effects of this might be in a world built around alien lights? https://www.patreon.com/posts/32419906
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  17. ...Am I assuming correctly that the coffee story links with this via depleting thiamine and increasing dehydration?
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Artificial man-made Blue Light "Enhances" Melatonin Suppression….via melanopsin damage………Imagine that?

    I'm sorry but we are still relatively close to the starting line when it comes to the amount of research into blue light and circadian rhythm so we kind of have to read what we have access to and do our best to be DIRECTIONALLY accurate in what we take from them and how they apply to humans.

    This paper, however, is one of the best you'll find anywhere.

    They tested 24 humans. Some of whom I'm told, actually look like mice.

    They determined...

    "Each fluence-response curve demonstrated that increasing corneal irradiances of light-evoked progressively increasing suppression of nocturnal melatonin. A comparison of these fluence-response curves supports the hypothesis that polychromatic fluorescent light is more potent for melatonin regulation when enriched in the short wavelength spectrum."

    Download this 30 page PDF beauty as an early Christmas present here: https://jdc.jefferson.edu/cgi/viewc...Hb1LvqwKj0CUO7KsWZdPlQVlqVyWWt5kF4dvk6xv_RQfo
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