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Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    Jack, in emf 2 you made a clear: life=energy
    I'm in full 100% agreement. I would add love to substitute words you used. (Love = energy)
    All matter and energy is alive in the universe then by what you posted in emf 2, let me show you why. No more and no less than you or me. Equals in unity.

    This guy : http://www.englandlab.com
    (I'm surprised he's still alive doing studies)
    Is blowing the doors of all physics right now.
    (Energy and information cannot be destroyed but must transform/change)
    So ancient knowledge that the government doesn't happen to throw on the history channel, nat geo, or ancient aliens seems crazy like. I remember when someone seemed crazy to paleo. I'll show you why purple is key. Not for health for life. The balance the purpose the love the 432, I could go on forever. Have you ever seen through your pineal gland? Your first eye, seat of the soul that judges your thoughts and rationalizations. The thing that makes you feel others pains. The thing that let's you dream, dreaming is a real, present, place just like here.

    I'm all for electrons and telomeres, but at some point you either admit love is the equation the point the purpose the the truth or at some point you say mechanistic things makes life magic and entanglement happen. I'm just saying I know life is beyond running on a treadmill for money until you die, telomeres good health cold thermogensis or not. It's up to you. I know you love others but I also know that displaying evolution as it's a one way get electrons and run process without the word love is a sin to me so I wrote this post.

    That guy earlier, shows how glass will rearrange it's atoms over time with different types of energy/radiation thrown at it. The glass he used starts moving atoms and electrons in optimal configurations for the this emf/energy flow. It becomes better at absorbing and flowing and dissipating the energy thrown at it over time. It does this without a brain or central nervous system. Ima throw a big ole truth out there, the purple light you have been receiving from wellness the whole time doing this journey, has been reconfiguring your pineal gland atoms in arrangement to catch more energy flows like the glass. "who looks outside sleeps, the one who looks deep inside awakens"
    We are all the center of our infinity. If you understand infinity I'm talking dead exact center.
    Vortexes from the pineal gland energizing water here we come. Brought to you by a c^2 advocate. I hate trivial discussions. Let's dig deep.

    I can't reach as many people as you. All in love.


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