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Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Latest thought: changes in atmospheric pressure change tensegrity in cell and surrounding tissues affecting transmission and wavelengths of light as well as DC current and conversion. All of the Archimedes principle stuff. Thus low pressure decreases electrons/electron flow/proton tunneling/etc. and often lowers Dopamine and or destabilizes NT cycling. Additional affects when amount of sunlight changes with cloud cover, etc.. Perhaps obvious to many earlier, but clearer to me today.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yep.......just wait to see where this headed. Electromagnetic spectrum is all about charge movement. The IR spectrum can induce color change in light and that is why we use it
  4. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Should link this @Jack Kruse Facebook thread here as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/872967099382852/permalink/991699020842992/

    Quotes from Jack:

    What happens when the atmosphere is loaded with positive charge and meets the positive charge and force of the sun? Radiative IR spectrum reflected from the Earth as it dries, changes the frequency of the incoming light frequencies from the sun. The sun is a cathode and the Earth is an anode when the relationships in the atmosphere are coupled. What happens when they are not coupled?.......physics 101. Y'all better be paying attention. My PSA for the day. I just dropped a loaf of bread crumbs here............

    We live on a planet which is an anode.......and all power is derived from solar radiation power. This implies the atmosphere charge has to step down the solar power......so it also must be very negative and re- radiated to a different wavelength which becomes the new cathode in the atomic collision. That cathode ray then seek the anodes. Life must be connected to the anode to be its own anode.

    If not they, do not handle solar radiations in the same way. In space, plasma is bidirectional so the sun can monitor the charge on all its anodes. When the anodes become very positive in relation to their charge distributions. the sun can change the situation by blasting the anode with a burst of high energy radiations in the cosmic and gamma range. This is known as a CME.

    When it occurs in a positively charge environment, what is the effect? Ubiquitination rates in all anodes living on the surface of the anodes would be rapidly fast forwarded because of how light and gravity interact.

    A CME does not change mass, so gravity of the anode (Earth) is unchanged, but it still has the effect on light as it passes through the atmosphere like a hugely powered aurora to send thunderbolts to the surface everywhere like a defibrillator would do to a heart patient. Nothing on the surface would be unaffected. The only protected place would be in the deep polar seas because the water is cold, more dense, filled with more O2, and filled with a large amount of electrons. This is where the CME zone of penetration will stop because water is a natural Faraday cage for any form of EMF.

    They key to the level of the termination event is how highly powered the incoming EMF is on the spectrum. 252 million yrs ago that event reached deep into the sea and likely happened in a few days to weeks. 65 million years ago it was a surface level event that developed quickly over a few years. The atmosphere is now very reactive to incoming solar radiations to cause some very counterintuitive physical issues with respect to nitrogen fixation and oxygen use.

    Today, we have the same thing going on over 120 years over a longer time scales because the nnEMF we are dealing with is not higher up on the spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Our problem is the level or density of chronic creation of IR or higher nnEMF waves today that cannot escape the ionosphere. This captures the positive charges. The sun is a cathode ray that constantly bathes the earth with solar radiation and the positive charge in the atmosphere can not escape the ionosphere because of the like charges........

    The only way to discharge this mismatch is by large lightening strikes that alter the balance between Nitrogen and oxygen. CO2 is the middle man. All physics. CO2 and nnEMF are always linked. Just wait ..........the Ubi series has some bombs coming


    All the global warming freaks think it is about fossil fuels.......not even close.

    But it is about the interaction of those two and how it changes how light interacts with the atmsophere and affects the anode on the ground.........charges can reverse in that situation.

    Because anodes can be forced to cathodes in certain cases.........and since life depends upon being on an ANODE to live.........well.........its not hard to figure out.


    On my Dr. JK FB page look at the video of the Chile volcano exploding.............understand how magnetism, volcanism, and tectonic plates movement are all affected by the normal flows of energy........they are designed to go sun to Earth.......what happens when they reverse?


    Remember that the solar wind is bidirectional............but flows of energy are rarely bidirectional within the ionosphere because of the balance or N2, O3 and CO2....................time for you to get schooled on why N2 is 78% of the atmosphere, O2 21% and CO@ 0.38%.

    ANY SMALL INCREASE IN IT...........WITH NNEMF MAKES the anode become a cathode. And what should we see as a result? Solar radiations will decrease.......and no one will know why? The sun is paying attention to the surface of the Earth because of the charge in it and the atmosphere is rapidly accumulating positive charges. Everything is a plasma.........and no one seems to see the real deal at play because they don't understand how light interacts in space and in our atmosphere and with our magnetosphere when the matter in those things change.


    Planet is heating up because of the interaction of charges from its surface


    The key affect is nitrogen cycling.......it is being unleashed. Everyone talks about carbon foot print but the story of the ubi seres is that nitrogen coupling CONTROLS your carbon footprint. No one talks nitrogen but the next blog is all about NITROGEN

    Light direction determines energy flows and right now the atmospheric nitrogen cycle and terrestrial cycle are working in reverse.........and since CO2 is the SMALLEST GHG % wise it has massive impacts in an open system in Earth designed to be far from equilibrium

    N =78% O =21% CO2 = .037% Any change in N and CO2 is a huge problem in this equation

    The results however are found in living things that use light and nitrogen to determine carbon use...........hence why neolithic disease is exploding in 120 yrs. When ubiquitin rates increase all things die faster.

    This is why magnolia trees shed their leaves in summer......by design they have faster ubiquitin rates but they do something ingenious around their roots to combat it.

    How light interacts with a medium of atoms is 100% tethered to the environment of those atoms. The matter on Earth surface and ionosphere has dramatically been altered and therefore so has charges.

    Earth is no longer a true anode.

    The earth's core is leaking light. All to cool the ionosphere down........because N2 has been unleashed by man​
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  5. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Then my own contribution to the thread:

    OK, some thoughts before I hit the beach. Probably not 100% coherent, but I think putting these thoughts out will help me think things through and give better answers later.

    First, mass and energy are one and the same, as explained by Wallace Thornhill here -- http://qhwiki.com/video:eu-nov-2014-wal-thornhill . There is nothing that can exist as pure mass or pure energy.

    CMEs refer to heavy positive particle discharge from the Sun. The Earth's atmosphere is naturally positively charged of course, though a CME discharge has greater charge. In that sense, CMEs "deciding" to not target Earth is a simple matter of the positive charge difference between the Earth and the Sun becoming less over time.

    IMO, the issue with Nitrogen is scale-invariant, working the same way in the small scale of the human body, as well as the large scale of the Earth-Sun interaction.

    The key interaction in my mind, is between Nitrogen and Oxygen, with Carbon being a secondary influence.

    You can see this in gas clathrates within ice cores. In the atmosphere, Gerald Pollack has speculated that Nitrogen and Oxygen exist in loosely bound stoichiometric complexes. At present, the N:O ratio is roughly 4 to 1, and this allows for 4 protons to loosely bind 4 nitrogen atoms to 1 oxygen atom in a sort of like-likes-like phenomena (see attached image from 'The 4th Phase of Water')


    You won't always find the 4:1 N:O stoichiometric complex, and other arrangements are possible, like a 3:1 complex, which should be noted, is less able to carry energy due to the reduced number of Nitrogen molecules.

    (Sidenote: the ratio N2 between O2 in the past can be measured in ice cores. O2 has historically been a higher proportion relative to N2 -- http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/93GL03548/full)

    Sulfur-Oxygen stoichiometric complexes would also exist in the atmosphere, and you know that Sulfur in the atmosphere causes massive cooling. Some sulfur was just unleashed in the Chilean Volcano eruption.

    The only way for cooling to happen is by "trapping" of energy, which means that heat energy (light) incident upon an object is absorbed by that complex and not re-radiated. In the case of Sulfur and Oxygen, this likely creates sulphates (ocean acidification anyone ).

    The same should be true of the Nitrogen and Oxygen relationship, though because Sulfur has more possible redox states, it can interact with a larger spectrum of light. This is likely the reason sulfur is favoured in skin during Summer time, while Nitrogen is favoured during winter time.

    Sidenote: Why not Phosphorous? (Phosphorous carries the same number of valence electrons as Nitrogen)

    (a) Nitrogen is more abundant
    (b) Phosphorous is heavier. Nature is obsessed with energetic efficiency, which means using objects with as little energy as possible. Low energy objects are small objects. See the Thornhill link again, which explains what E=mc^2 really means)


    To me, this is a key quote from the Ubiquitination #11 blog -- http://www.jackkruse.com/ubiquitination-11-your-quantized-ecosystem/

    "This is why the Warburg metabolism exists in animals too, who are exposed to chronic fake light ..... it is not a fuel source. This is why NAD+ drops in people with blue light exposure. NAD+ contains nitrogen!!"

    Excessive Blue light => Higher Ubiquitination rates => the body forces low nitrogen recycling by dropping NAD+. Again, this is always in the presence of Oxygen levels, so we're talking about a decrease in the N:O ratio (more Oxygen relative to Nitrogen).

    Similarly, if the Earth's atmosphere gets excessive positive charge (remembre that Becker found a positive charge at sites of injury), then the response needs to be a reduction of that positive charge through reduction in atmospheric Nitrogen levels.

    Nitrogen gas reduces excess positive charge either by:

    (a) dissociating into free Nitrogen atoms that then react with other atoms like Oxygen, or
    (b) gaining a proton to form carbon-14, which is a reaction that proceeds pretty readily in the presence of the strong solar radiation in the high atmosphere



    Why then does the Earth "Leak Light" as a result of this increase in positive charge?

    (NOTE: "leaking light" means losing energy, which by E=mc^2 means a loss in mass)

    Also, why is the Earth heating up despite this?

    Moving charges generate Electromagnetic (EM) waves, aka: light and thus heat (Gerald Pollack 101 ). Anything that forces movement of charges in the atmosphere will liberate heat in all directions, though most promimently in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the moving charges. In the case of the Earth's atmosphere, charges move along the spherical boundary of the Earth, and radiate energy outwards into space and inwards toward the center of the sphere.

    I'm not 100% sure on this next step, but since the Earth's Magnetic Field is energised by X-rays from the Sun (not the same as Protons from CMEs), a radiating atmosphere introduces an EM force vector outwards, that by simple math decreases the incoming EM forces from the Sun.​
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  6. I found the following very interesting in the blogpost very interesting:

    "Lyme is driven the same way viral shedding is in astronauts. The more your life is uncoupled physically from you ecosystem in the top three cycles via negative feedback control the more you will shed the bacteria from its resting place in you and you will never get rid of it because your immune system is losing light and H2 gas to make T-regulator cells to make NK cells to kill it"

    I suspect this is true, I have become hugely skeptical about the 'standard story' about vaccines and viruses in recent years. And now Dr K seems to be saying much the same might apply to 'bacterial illnesses'. I know a guy who was diagnosed with Lyme's. The first thing I found a bit sketchy was this guy calls me from his work and says can I pick him up and take him to a hospital. I ask why? He says he was bitten by some bug and is concerned it might be something like Lyme's (don't know how he even was on this track) and he wants me to take him to a clinic that tests for that.

    I 'joke' with him if he goes to a clinic 'specializing' in Lyme's guess what they will find you HAVE Lyme's. Well I thought I was just joking............results came back yes he HAS!! Lyme's. And I am like really? Anyway followed long courses of drugs, I read some of the stuff he had about it. Reading it was like huh? this sounds like HIV all over again...........in that they don't really know what causes it, what it is, can you 'clear' it what does 'clear' it mean yadda yadda yadda...............like total confusion and no answers except keep coming to our clinics and keep taking our drugs. I am exaggerating but to make the point it was pretty close to that.

    I have lost touch with him so don't know what the outcome of all this was. But there is something about all these 'diseases' I find weird and un-convincing. What Dr K proposes there makes a lot of sense to me. This reminds me also of 'allergies'.............when I came to US in 1978 I heard so much about 'allergies' I did not know what the word meant. Over time I have got used to the word but the concept still seems strange to me. Now it seems 'allergies' were in the forefront of now 'bacterial diseases' and 'viral illnesses' etc etc. I don't mean to pooh pooh any of this and I am sure the suffering can be quite real but this feels like a bit of light at the end of a tunnel.............how about mold.............is that another one of those kind of things....................
  7. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    Maybe off the path of the above posts, but would excess uric acid (aka gout) be a sign of significant uncoupled cycles?

    Following on, during winter some plants will die or go into hibernation producing no leaves, fruit, etc., what implications does this has for us during low light cycles? Personally, I find that during summer I can go extended periods without food and sustain activity levels, however during winter I prefer to get in at least 2 meals per day. I have also experimented with these low or no protein days... easy to implement during summer, but lead to the feeling of coldness during winter (even though the body is not cold)... and in either period cant say that I have identified any benefits...
  8. Josh

    Josh Gold



  9. Penny

    Penny New Member

    oh that's good Josh... :) Nicotinimide d-riboside anyone... ?
  10. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Is that why I'm so stupid and unmotivated on a cloudy day? :) Or what I call "extra coffee" days...
  11. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Niagen does not do it...
  12. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Yes - I'm reading Life on the Edge in the fond hopes "clarity" will ensue... not there yet... :)
  13. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

  14. I just listened/watched the conference in Vancouver. I must say made me aware of the sheer amount of amazing knowledge we have gotten over the last 4 years. Like we ARE really privileged we really have received good and very cutting edge information and understanding. Not to put down the other speakers but even say Gerald Pollack though of course he is great his scope is quite limited compared to Dr K. Or the first guy though likable this is all a bit vague and stuff we have heard before but Dr K kind of really nails it down.

    The only thing is sometimes I feel like saying to Dr K you don't need to prove yourself you HAVE proved yourself.................maybe go a little easier on the audience and on yourself. But I know it's easy being a 'critic' it's these very qualities that has caused Dr K to rise to the top of the heap.............if he didn't have that 'drive' he would be just another one........
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  15. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Naturally I thought *this* was interesting... it certainly explains the fabulous results I've gotten with Rhodiola on blue light toxic I've run across:

    The influence of adaptogens on ultraweak biophoton emission: a pilot-experiment.
    Schutgens FW1, Neogi P, van Wijk EP, van Wijk R, Wikman G, Wiegant FA.
    Author information

    In the present study, the effect of plant adaptogens (Rhodiola rosea and ADAPT-232) on human photon emission has been determined. In a randomized double blind placebo-controlled study, 30 subjects were randomly assigned to three groups: one group (n = 10) taking placebo pills, one group (n = 10) taking Rhodiola rosea (SHR-5) pills and one group (n = 10) taking ADAPT-232 supplements (the latter being a fixed combination of the following three adaptogens: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea and Schisandra chinensis). All subjects underwent measurements to determine ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) of the dorsal side of their hands using a photon-counting device, both before and after a week of taking the supplements. In addition, the experienced levels of stress and fatigue (tiredness) were evaluated. After 1 week of supplementation, the Rhodiola group showed a significant decrease (p = 0.027) in photon emission in comparison with the placebo group. Furthermore, after supplementation, a significant decrease (p = 0.049) concerning the experienced level of fatigue in the Rhodiola group was observed compared with the placebo group. No significant changes were observed between the ADAPT-232 and the placebo group.
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  16. Josh

    Josh Gold

  17. Josh

    Josh Gold

  18. Josh

    Josh Gold



    So perhaps it is transporters that really take the hit with nnEMF and loss of mass equivalence/proton tunneling/enzyme function. Not a question of whether the stuff...DHA, Mo, Fe is in the lumen of the gut, but rather whether we can use it and get it where it is needed. Not a food story.....same with plants...
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  19. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Thus when this goes down, ubiquitination is a desperate attempt to maintain things by speeding up protein cycling to recycle resources until resources run out and Warburg metabolism and such takes over leading to death. Kind of like wartime in a country as food and materiel runs out....
  20. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Long ago in the deep dark ocean..




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