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UBIQUINATION 5 is now live: Archimedes meets ubiquitin

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator





    The sea defines us, connects us, separates us. Most of us experience only its edges, our available wilderness on a crowded island - it’s why we call our coastal towns ‘resorts’, despite their air of decay. And although it seems constant, it is never the same. One day the shore will be swept clean, the next covered by weed; the shingle itself rises and falls. Perpetually renewing and destroying, the sea proposes a beginning and an ending, an alternative to our landlocked state, an existence to which we are tethered when we might rather be set free.”
    ― Philip Hoare, The Sea Inside

  2. I will ask this question because I am confused...............I could probably figure it out if I tried really hard and read up on a lot of things but I have a feeling others may be confused also about this so maybe in the spirit of 'public service' I ask it too. Quote from Ub5:

    "Warm water conducts a DC electric current better, which is why during wakefulness, the DC electric current is present in the brain and at night it goes away, when CSF temperature drops a few degrees to stimulate melatonin."

    Dr K. you have stressed over and over again how cold helps 'current' run better, it reduces 'resistance' a cell phone will not run in the sun on the hood of your car but if you put it in the freezer it will etc, CT itself stimulates 'current flow' it increases magnetism and so on. I suspect it is because all the things you are talking about there are 'semi-conductors' cold increases current in semi-conductors but not in water? How about in metals, will an electric current run better is a warm metal than a cold one? I don't know the answer to that, water is not in any sense a 'semi-conducter' then it seems?

    Another 'stupid' question. How about the difference between AC and DC current? The current in phones (semi-conductors) is that AC or DC? I know the power supply is AC is it some 'rectified' in all our gadgets? How about in life are we ALWAYS talking about DC current, does AC have any kind of role? I know these are a lot of 'basic' questions but honestly I am a bit at sea (sea imagery) with this and I suspect I may not be the only one.

    I am 'wading through' (more sea imagery) these last blogs AND the webinar. It is a fascinating idea how important 'flotation' is how floating reduces mass.............I had never even thought of that but it makes sense. Then more 'work' can be done with less effort easier to push or move something with lessor mass. The idea of 'trans-generational epi-genetics' is fascinating it's like in the womb is where the 'environment' is total and is impacting the fetus in a very 'strong' way more strongly than it will ever be again. SO 'strongly' that people thought a lot of things to be 'genetic' but are actually 'epi-genetic' actually the result of the 'environment'. Darwin's 'conditions of existence' we can see up close and personal actually happening, happening especially in the womb. Also a fetus does not 'eat food' not in the accepted sense anyway of that word another way 'food' is not 'primordial'? The first nine months of our existence and the most 'formative' but no food..................some food for thought there.............
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  3. It couldn't be (COULD IT??) that 'electric flow' in water is 'proton currents'? If warm water has more protons and less electrons than cold water..............could it possibly be 'proton currents'. This is something I have been confused about before can 'proton currents' be in any sense called 'electricity'. These are kind of basic things that give me a lot of difficulty sometimes.
  4. Josh

    Josh New Member

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Pat.,......cold in semiconductors like an iphone or DHA.......water is a DC current......that is a current that runs bu Ohm's law.......not QED.

    Great question.

    Shows you how diverse lady evolution is in us..........we use all ways to make and distribute energy.......and it is our job to realize how it happens and connects.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Pat regarding water.....is it easier to push a 500 lb patient on the beaches sand or in the water? This is how water invokes Einstein's relativity in a very counterintuitive way to save massive energy to the cell. The sea within is amazing in its simplicity but power. This is how we can tap the semiconductive and DC current in light or in dark..........
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  8. Sorry I can't seem to help myself here.....................I feel I have put this on too..............

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  9. Yes I am starting to appreciate that......................never thought of it before, though I grew up by the seaside. We NEVER went in the water or ate fish much either. We were 'land lubbers' with all the limitations of imagination that implies. We were all about raising beef and growing onions. My dad told me one time he was NEVER (even in a boat) in a depth of water that he could drown in. I still can't swim. Pisses me off now I am trying to learn. The magic of water in all it's forms......................
  10. Another quote from Ub5:

    "Water makes up 99% of the molecules in your cells. This means water is exerting a force based upon what is in it. What is the effect of non EMF on mitochondria? They swell and increase their size, before they shrivel. This initial change, alters their size and shape and location in a cell. What does this do to water around mitochondria based upon Archimedes’ principle? Water inside the cell is lost. Cells become dehydrated."

    Dr K it would be correct to say (wouldn't it?) that is it not ONLY nnEMF causes this effect? I am thinking of cortisol which 'unzips collagen' result would be a loss of tensegrity in the cell which would 'allow' the mitochondria to 'swell' since they are not held together so well anymore. What concerns me is the chronic cortisol release if this is chronic doesn't that sort of do the same thing as nnEMF?

    This has always underlied my interest in 'psychology' imagine even worse a child who is chronically stressed. This effect I believe can last a lifetime or some of it's effects can. 'Undoing' that is a tricky process and something I have been interested in for many years. I do believe your 'protocols' may have a lot of implications for psychology too certainly more than most 'talk therapy'.................
  11. I am not in any way trying to 'minimize' the importance of nnEMF. If what you are saying is correct (and based on your record if I was a gambling man I would not be prepared to bet against you) that is a true disaster for the human race. It's like 'stress in a can' and something that to a greater or lesser degree affects EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, and ALL THE TIME and mostly without their 'knowing' it. Especially children now they are more vulnerable and have a lifetime of it to 'look forward' to. They will all have 'traumatic childhoods' so to speak in one way or another. That's why the schools pushing an iPad on every child what a disaster..................
  12. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    A little disorganised for my liking ;), but a lot of principles I basically thought, "Meh, that makes sense". This was a very intuitive read for me :)


    Sneaky reference to Big G :rolleyes: (gravitational constant). You know it isn't a constant, and depends on the point of reference -- http://qhwiki.com/video:eu-nov-2014-wal-thornhill

    Now what I want to do is to measure the apparent gravity as seen by a particular cell in a particular location in the body. This of course, is scale independent -- ie: it is valid to compare gravity between mitochondria and golgi apparatus, as well as between red bloods cells and the heart, as well as between the body as a whole and external gravitational sources (including the direct and indirect effects of nn-EMF emitters)

    I'll use the example of blood pressure and oxygen delivery.

    The heart produces a large magnetic and electric field relative to the rest of the peripheral tissues (by virtue of it's mitochondrial density).

    Apparent gravity, and thus apparent weight, is thus greater to a red blood cell (RBC) that is closer to the heart. Assuming that a person is standing upright, this means that:

    (a) a RBC next to the heart has lesser weight than a RBC within the feet
    (b) water next to the heart has lower density than water in the feet.

    The implication is that blood-borne-objects within the feet displaces a greater weight of fluid than the blood-borne-objects near the heart. This essentially means that the bouyant force toward the direction of the heart is greater on a RBC at the feet.

    I don't think that the actual mechanical effect will help much in bringing blood back to the heart easier.

    But what does happen is that the changes in buoyancy allows the RBC to know where in the body it is, and to know when to dump oxygen.

    Out on a limb: maybe the greater fluid displacement can lead to transient increases in zeta potential, since the space between RBCs gets larger -- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3372997/ . Higher Zeta Potential usually means more "slippery" RBCs that can dump oxygen better.​

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  13. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Fascinating blog. Some random tangential thoughts I had in some possible future directions?

    It's interesting to note in summation that when any object is submerged, that gravity and buoyancy are always opposing forces and that the mediator between these two forces is always the relative density between the submerged object and it's surroundings.

    Of course we are focused on water now, and for good reason, since its fundamental to all life. But, it's also interesting to note as an aside that Archimedes Principle actually applies to objects submerged in gases (air) just as much as it does to objects submerged in fluids. But since air is so light, we tend to not notice this as much. But it is precisely why a balloon (you just hinted at this and did not elaborate) filled with helium--or even heated air--rises in air. Warm air and helium are less dense than cold air and therefore easily defy gravity, when they are submerged in the colder air. Therefore, actual gravitational effects are really quite dependent even in air on parameters like temperature and density--not just on the relative mass of two objects as we tend to think. Kind of makes gravity seem less "fundamental" in a sense, doesn't it?

    And what about the density and buoyancy in air of the important signaling gasses like hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxide, and carbon monoxide? It so happens that CO is slightly lighter than air and that H2S and NO are slightly heavier than air. Interesting fact. I don't know if it's important yet. But very interesting, because even though we rarely think about it this way, we are in fact, all actually submerged in air here on the earth's surface. Also, hydrogen gas (like helium) is significantly lighter than air and therefore in the right applications can counter gravitational forces quite significantly. So maybe Yew can someday actually build that antigravity machine he was so excited about...

    Also, all of these gaseous density relationships would also have to change with increasing altitude as the composition of the surrounding atmosphere changed, and would of course be massively different in space or on another planet. I could see this having a potentially big impact on the gaseous portion of intracellular signaling too, an additional effect to the EMF effect? Not sure a space suit would really compensate for all of that. Looks like I'm gonna have to put off that vacation to Mars for now, bummer ;)
  14. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Yeah, the way to think about water is that it charge separates to form ionic constituents which act as carriers for electric charge.

    See Martin Chaplin's site -- http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water/material_anomalies.html#elec


    The electrical conductivity of water increases with temperature up to about 230 °C due mainly to its increased dissociation producing higher concentrations of the highly conducting H+ and OH- ions, which reach maximum concentrations at about 249 °C​

    Chaplin talks in great detail about this ionic charge separation here -- http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water/water_dissociation.html

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you said, "Warm air and helium are less dense than cold air and therefore easily defy gravity, when they are submerged in the colder air. Therefore, actual gravitational effects are really quite dependent even in air on parameters like temperature and density--not just on the relative mass of two objects as we tend to think. Kind of makes gravity seem less "fundamental" in a sense, doesn't it?"

    Now think back to our convo in NOLA about gravity being emergent and not fundamental.........water proves it. The electromagnetic force i not affect
    ed in the same way.......weak and strong force also may not be fundamental.........they emerge and when mass emerges......
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Also, hydrogen gas (like helium) is significantly lighter than air and therefore in the right applications can counter gravitational forces quite significantly. ........and what does gravity effect: light. What did Popp find out about bacteria? Where do we harbor bacteria? And do bacteria also make H2?

    Interesting huh?
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Neil.......your observation on CO is smart.......now think about CO2.........and where it comes from.........ketosis is not a diet story.......it is a CT story to tap your own fat mass to empty it to cool your surfaces on your own body........where your semiconductors lie.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Tensegrity 5 and magnetic sense........is something not to forget...........
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Tensegrity 5 and 7 have massive links to Ubi 4........and when you add in Ubi 5 spark of life comment............see where that takes you.
  20. Josh

    Josh New Member

    This should be here from FB:

    "Here is a clue for you: Ubiquitin pathways link the filtered light from the sun, directly to the cell cycle and to metabolism. These wavelengths of light are critical for life. Sulfated lipids and proteins further filter light to get to the specific frequencies we use for energy. Ubiquitination is a topic rarely spoken in ancestral health, medicine, functional medicine. Ubiquitnation is all about light, and light links to optogenetics; optogenetics is the stimulus that leads to hormone release from the pituitary. Two hormones, Oxytocin is a hormone from the posterior pituitary.........and on other hormone, ADH, is made there, ADH, controls water flows in the CNS and the rest are made from the anterior gland. The pituitary is surrounded by special vascular system. Given what you should have learned about the interaction of the pineal and Superior Cervical Ganglion and light, consider this: Sunlight is made up of a mixture of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo. Our modern world uses microwave technology which uses blue light exclusively........the dose makes the toxin for cells when this frequency is present and alters hormone release optogenetically..........why is blue light fundamentally bad? It destroys melatonin and DHA in you retina. Light in the retina entrains circadian cycles via the SCN.........and you need DHA in your SCN to run your circadian clocks and to control OPTICS in your brain to release hormones that control mitochondria programs that handle food electrons to generate proton signals in cytochromes and the free radicals, superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, and the hydroxyl free radical.

    THE KEY EPi-PALEO Rx POINT: When your blue light toxic you lose superoxide burst at cytochrome 1 where glucose enters Electron Chain Transport.

    The Epi-paleo Rx is simple........DHA with ketosis is the key. Why? DHA is never metabolized for energy. Other fats are.

    DHA is used to restore the clock mechanism while other fats are used to generate electric and magnetic fields in mitochondria to get to autophagy using a free radical called superoxide. Superoxide has an unpaired electron that becomes reality by the iron sulfur couples in cytochrome mouths as protons pass through it. Without fatty acids, you can't activate or us the glycerol 3 phosphate shuttle properly to make carbs appear like fats to help the F:N ratio. This is why the PPP can be accessed without direct dietary glucose being needed. When this happens, no FADH2 input occurs to the CoQ couple in mitochondria. Without ketosis from fats, no free radicals can be made, period. When superoxide vanishes from cytochrome 1, there is no signal for mitochondrial biogenesis. Without mitochondrial biogenesis, you work with old, redox shifted mitochondria, hence, you can't recycle themselves using autophagy. In fact, this situation causes you to develop an idea glucose/fructose/carbs are fundamentally bad for biology, and you get Robert Lustig, Jimmy Moore and Gary Taubes beliefs about carbohydrates. You do get something's partially correct about the science in this situation. But being partial correct is akin to being partially pregnant, it confuses the real truth. With a "Taubian belief paradigm", you embrace ketosis, but not DHA ketosis; and this becomes a huge problem for your belief paradigm. This is where the Epi-paleo solution exceeds paleo's solution, because it fundamentally goes after the key problem. Why? It is because you do not realize that DHA is the only lipid that can keep your SCN time piece that controls the clock genes slightly ahead of your run away organ clocks because of the blue light exposure, you allow in your life. DHA is the only lipid in evolutionary history capable of turning light into a DC electric current and vice versa. This current drives the speed of the SCN clock. If a battery has no juice can it run a device faster? Nope. This is why the retina has more DHA than the brain, naturally. This is the HUGE Missing piece in the LCHF. More DHA means more current which allows the rolex in your head to say ahead of the organ clocks in the liver and pancreas. See every somatic human gene has a clock gene in front of it in our nucleic acids. This points out why DHA is not an energy source for humans and why they are not equipped to extend long unsaturated poly unsaturated fats. We need to eat them and we reserve them for the CNS provided they are in the SN-2 position. If you get them from a pill they wont be. Why is this important. SN 2 position makes DHA paramagnetic. O2 is also paramagnetic. What does this mean? Anything that is paramagnetic is drawn to things with magnetic fields. Guess what generates them in you and me? Mitochondria. NS like me do MEG and EEG daily that prove it. Maxwell's laws tells us anything with large electric currents have an associated magnetic field at 90 degrees to the current. direction Guess what ECT is? an large electric current, hence, O2 and DHA are drawn to mitochondria. Guess what else is paramagnetic? SUPEROXIDE. WHY? All free radicals have unpaired electrons......making them naturally paramagnetic.......where are they drawn? Getting the picture yet? Mr. Moore and his folks have a lot wrong............ The physics here, and it is the same ones that keep orbiting atomic clocks above your head now running 38 microseconds faster than the GPS devices on earth........Why? Gravity bends light. What else? Blue light bends more than any other frequency.........your boy Jimmy Moore is addicted to carbs........problem is he does not realize the gear he is using to make money tweeting, ipading, and bloggin is what is keeping him from results. Blue light is akin metabolically to mitochondria is the same as eating sugar........cause he does not understand optics nor physics...........neither do most biologists........but that will change. You must ask better questions......ketosis without DHA is a step in the right direction but it is a small step for mankind........we need a larger one to solve the extinction event we are creating for life.
    Physics dictates biology at all levels.........they just dont realize it. Remember there are no carbohydrate, lipid, or protein transporters in the input for mitochondria......all foods break down to electrons that carry photons (light) on their back from the sun. The output of cytochromes is protons........what science describes protons and electrons actions? physics, specificially quantum physics? What is the only force in the universe that controls charged particles? The electromagnetic force......of which light is a part...........Time to upgrade your game........it has never been about food. It is about the light frequencies we allow and this dictate how electrons and protons are handled from foods.........in mitochondria........that information is what sets ubiquitin rates.......not food."


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