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Type 1 Diabetics

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by mmuskopf@gmail.com, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if there are any Type 1 Diabetics here on the board. I know we get a lot of T2s and T1.5s but I feel like sometimes us T1s get forgotten about :p

    I'm a 29 y/o male, diagnosed as T1 at age 3, so been dealing with it (in many ways!!!) for a while. Anyone else out there?
  2. @Michael--hi there. I've got type 1 too. I'm 49 and have had it 23 years. Where are you in this process or are you?
  3. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    Holy cats...short question with a long answer....here goes:

    Basically, over the past 2 years I've bounced around a bit diet-wise from low carb to paleo then I started running...a lot. Got up to about 30-35 miles/week (plus weight lifting and some cycling) and the more I ran, the more I strayed from dieting until I eventually was back to just a normal "healthy" grains + lean meat diet. Blood sugars went to crap and eventually my legs just got....tired. I was only slightly leaner than I am now (maybe 10lbs), but realized that what I was doing was obviously not healthy, despite me being able to run 10 consecutive miles at a 7.30 pace (which is pretty good for a big guy like me). So, I figured something was up with me since I was running so much and really wasn't eating all that much, but I still wasn't losing weight, so I started looking for answers.... I really like diets with science behind them and somehow came across this site. I've pretty much gone back to straight up paleo (occasionally I will have some heavy cream or cheese as a garnish on a pre-made salad) and have been doing the big protein breakfast, no lunch, veggie/protein dinner and NO snacks at all. I eat a ~6T coconut oil daily and waaaay too many nuts (working on that :eek: ). I still lift weights maybe 2-3x/wk and do an occasional run (maybe once per week), and maybe 1-2 crossfit type workouts per week. Oh and I'll cycle on the weekends sometimes for an hour or 2. It sounds like a lot, but my workouts are short and I work a desk job, so really not all that much exercise in the big picture. I started with the cold baths and showers about 2 weeks ago and am just now really getting used to it...I only shiver after I get out now...lol.

    But even after all of this, sadly, I'm still at about the same weight as when I started. I'm 6'1" and about 230lbs +/- 3lbs on any given day. I carry a lot of muscle and have a generally large build, so I'm really not that fat but def have some to lose. Prob 16 percent BF I'd estimate. Wish I could figure out how to get to about 10-12 percent BF. Running a lot got me the closest, but like I said, I was falling apart doing that and my lifts in the gym were WEAK...once I stopped running, I gained that 10lbs back in water in less than a week and got my strength back...go figure.

    For diabetes, I used the pump for about 10 yrs but am back on lantus/regular/humalog per Dr. Bernstein's book.

    How about you?
  4. clzem1@yahoo.com

    clzem1@yahoo.com New Member

    Hi all I'm 28 been a T1D for 15yrs now, and Paleo for about a year, Jack Kruse groupie for a little under a month:cool:. I started the Leptin RX and cold training two weeks ago so I still have a ways to go. i jumped ahead a bit and just went straight to the cold tub, not quite ice baths yet, but I would like to begin soon. I'm not really over weight, but have a significant amount of body fat to lose I'm 5'4 around 140, but I think something like 29% body fat yikes. I'm really glad this thread was started because there's a ton of info for the T2D crowd and even other autoimmune issues, but not as much specifically geared to T1. I get the feeling that at least from where I'm coming from things are going to take a little longer (or maybe a lot longer) than the average *sigh*. I am also not exercising yet because I'm not leptin sensitive and before i knew this and was exercising was experiencing all of the symptoms Dr. K described, poor recovery, felt crappy, now weight loss etc. I was wondering if there were any T1's who have successfully come out the other end for the Leptin RX and what there experiences were? I was also on a pump for about 5 yrs, but since have switched back to injections Lantus/NPH/humalog. @Micheal I have heard of and read some excerpts from Dr. Bernstein's book, but out of curiosity why does he not like the pump?

  5. Before I started the leptin reset and ct I was working out like 3-4 days a week doing functional exercise like my TRX and running with my dogs for a few miles. I realized a long time ago that massive amounts of exercise weren't the answer. I didn't know what was but with a metabolic disease when things aren't going right it pretty much is par for the course. I use insulin pens-Levemir for basal and Novolog for bolus. I've eaten well for years but in the last 18 months quit grains and legumes because they give me too much insulin resistance. I've got secondary hypothyroid issues due to adrenal fatigue. Since starting the reset/ct, which was 7 days ago, my blood sugars have been much higher-lots of resistance-and I've felt lousy. It's so great to actually converse with someone who has type 1. I know that you understand. This disease takes every part of your life that would normally involve no thought whatsoever and makes you have to account for it. Let's keep each other posted and encourage each other.
  6. @Cara-Well it looks like you're in the right place. I hear the part about it taking longer. I'm still dunking my face in water. I'm going to follow the doc's protocol so that I can be sure of my results. I'm just going to trust my body. Just be patient. I know that is the hardest thing for me. We can do this!!
  7. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    In CT 6 Dr Kruse said this

    Now he did not specify I or II so am assuming he means all types of diabetics. He has talked about 1.5 types still having some beta cells but not enough to control BS and they can operate just fine without insulin on a totally zero carb ketogenic diet. But as for Type I people, I don't know....even cold adapted.

    I would think an in home deep bathtub connected to an aquarium chiller that will take the temp of water down to 37 F would be worth the investment for a type I if there is a hope of the type I abating.
  8. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    He doesn't like it because its too hard to control blood sugars using the pump on the small doses of insulin you use on the low-carb diet he recommends...and he is right. I tried it, and it does not work well because of absorption issues and air bubbles. When your basal rate is 2/u per hour, an air bubble works its way thru pretty quick, no big deal. When its .5/u per hour, an air bubble can really screw up your basal for quite a while.

    Also, if you are T1D, you need to own a copy of his book. He was on the Jimmy Moore show a few times, I think. Go search for those podcasts and give them a listen.
  9. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    I'm kind of surprised by that. Typically, you'd use a lot less insulin on a protein/fat diet. What are you eating, how often, and what are your insulin doses (basal and at meals)?
  10. clzem1@yahoo.com

    clzem1@yahoo.com New Member

    You know for awhile I was having the same issue, and though I've managed to get my bs down it's still a work in progress. I noticed a couple of things though, some of this may just be speculation, but my thoughts were. 1. for the time being I can't handle nuts of any kind, though they are fairly high in fat the carb load is enough to throw me off. 2.( and this sorta ties into 3) There are a good number of diabetics who need to bolus with protein consumption I'm something like 1u humalog per 10grams protein, timing is also an issue especially when you're eating high fat meals coupled with protein, and/or have digestive issues, and injecting fast acting insulin you can see spikes on the back end. 3. I think for me not being Leptin sensitive, nor yet a fat burner, it's a stressor on the body at first being ketogenic, body basically thinks it's starving and is pumping out glucose from the liver screwing with bs. Then you get a chronically elevated insulin level which promotes fat storage... That's my theory anyways I would love if Dr. K would write a geeked out blog post specifically for T1s because I'm just making it up as I go. I've gotten fairly strict on the Leptin RX in the meantime supplements and all because I think fixing that will go a long way in overall glucose regulation.
  11. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    I will second this. I would love such a post as well. I've been thinking about asking him, but the poor guy has to be so busy already, lol. Maybe he'll get a glance at this sometime and find it in his heart to throw us T1Ds a bone! ;)

  12. Well for starters I do 5 units of basal 12 hours apart and that remains unchanged. My bolus changes usually at night. I have had for maybe 4-5 years experienced more resistance in the evening. Typically I don't do more than 15 units of bolus per day. I know this isn't typical for people with type 1 but I've never really been the square peg in the square hole in the way this disease manifests in my body. I'm eating completely ketogenic at this point according to Dr K's protocol. This isn't my first season eating like this either. I would imagine that it will take me much longer than most to see results just because. I did the primal diet 18 months ago w/o any of the frills that Jack adds and had excellent results for about 6 weeks and then it all started crumbling. I continued but wasn't able to achieve any of the effortless results that I had been achieving prior. Now that I know what I know it would appear that I truly need the full meal deal approach to get the results I should be getting. So if you understand and follow Jack's process about the plasticity of the brain then this starts making sense. For me I see that I'm going to have to think myself into this before my body is going to be willing to follow; enter in the resistance that I'm experiencing. "What a man thinks so he is." Every thought you think is in each of your cells. Now of course not everyone thinks like I do, hence why I experience what I do. I hope I'm making sense Michael. That's why Jack keeps hammering about what we think. He's so right on the money.
  13. @Cara

    I do know that the protein has to break down into glucose thru gluconeogenesis. So the more protein the more you'll need to inject. That totally makes sense. Also the fact that you brought up re the spikes at the end has validity too. I have to agree we need the doc to geek us out. I would love to hear what he has to say. In fact I volunteer for a bio hack if he hasn't done one already!!
  14. clzem1@yahoo.com

    clzem1@yahoo.com New Member

    It looks like I really need a copy of Dr. Bernstein's diabetes bible, and some tinkering with my basals will hopefully lower my correction boluses, prob would do well to add regular too. Thanks for the info.

    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the artificial pancreas? It's only approved in Europe, but it seems like JDRF is making a push to get it approved more quickly in the US. I wish VLC and CT was standard practice of care here, but unfortunately it's not and unlike the pump this would be a closed loop, but with very tiny basals I don't know if there would be similar issues.
  15. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    I tried medtronic's CGMS and didn't have much luck with it. The margin of error on that thing was so large, it pretty much made the readings useless. My understanding is that in order for the artificial pancreas to work, we need accurate real-time blood glucose monitoring but I'm not sure whether that exists yet. We'll get there eventually, but I'm not getting excited about anything just yet :p
  16. clzem1@yahoo.com

    clzem1@yahoo.com New Member

    @Micheal, since you seem pretty in tune with Dr. Bernstein and his recommendations, do you have any thoughts on low dose naltrexone? This is something I wanted to ask Dr. K too, but it seems like it lowers carb cravings and binges by blocking opiod receptors, and is used in treatment for autoimmune diseases. With the Leptin RX cravings are way more manageable, but since CT(and I'm not even using ice yet) My appetite is huge, and I don't want to upset the apple cart too much, I eat like a monster, but still strictly keto paleo, and not gaining, but not losing either.
  17. mmuskopf@gmail.com

    mmuskopf@gmail.com New Member

    It's not something I personally have tried, so I really can't comment as to whether I think it would be effective for anything, etc. The only med I've tried related to diabetes (other than insulin) is injectable amelyn (symlin) b/c my doctor gave me some samples. The only effect I could tell that the symlin had was that it made me feel slightly nauseated and, therefore, i did not want to eat. So, I guess you could say it "worked", though it wasn't something I wanted to be on long term...plus it is really expensive. There are probably cheaper ways to make me feel sick so that I don't want to eat ;)

    Currently, the only things I take besides insulin are a multi vit, fish oil, vit d, and magnesium.

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