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Trying to decide, Leptin Reset or HCG +Leptin Rx

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by rottzilla, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. rottzilla

    rottzilla New Member

    Hi, I'm new. To both the forums and Jack Kruse. I've done leptin diets successfully in the past, but this is my first introduction to Jack and CT. (Done Rosedale previously)

    I lost 50 pounds on hcg, and have kept it off for 2 years.

    I recently gained 10 pounds back, but have been maintaining.

    I had 30 to lose, but since gaining 10 now have 40 to lose to reach my goal weight.

    Maybe 45, but I'm being nice to myself. :)

    I am currently trying to get pregnant, and found that I have dangerously low iron levels. Ferritin is at 7.

    I'm 40 so I don't have a lot of time to play around to get pregnant in. However, I'm mostly healthy fertility wise from what my doctors can tell.

    I also lost hair on round 2 of hcg, and it took a long time to grow it back.

    I know I won't be ready to have a baby anytime soon - at least 3 months - because I have to increase my nutrient stores, including my iron, before I'm ready.

    I really want to spend these 3 months preparing my body in the best way possible for my future baby. That includes both raising my nutrient levels AND losing as much weight as possible in that time. Eating nutrient dense foods are obviously on my list, as is juicing to get in as many greens as possible.

    I can't decide if I want to do hcg one more time - I have two vials of 2000 hucog sitting at home.

    I really want to do what's best for my body and future baby first, and that includes losing weight, but only if it's done healthily.

    Does anyone have any thoughts to help me?

    I'll be reading today to see what people are eating on the Leptin Rx AND hcg to gain a better idea, but I know sometimes forums are slow, especially in the summer. So forgive my ignorance, but I wanted to post to get out there prior to reading in the interest of time. :)
  2. Read all the epi paleo posts. No way are you going to build up nutrient stores while on hcg. Thr overfat isnt that much of a prob for the pregnancy. If you are eating clean epi paleo your baby will be a rockstar.
  3. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I agree, concentrate on getting your body optimal with Leptin RX, 100% paleo diet with lots of seafood. Even if you don't lose the weight you think you want to lose, you will be in a much better place to get pregnant. HCG is great for weight loss but does mess up your hormones and system for a short period of time so not necessarily good in your situation. Good luck!
  4. rottzilla

    rottzilla New Member

    Thank you Cavemam! That's my feeling as well, and usually I go with my gut, but hcg is like an addiction. Seeing that fast movement on the scale is enticing and I'm so sick of being overfat, as you put it. :)

    I want to lose quickly because of back issues, and a recent sciatic issue. Any added weight from the baby, I hope to be counterbalanced by losing the fat.
  5. rottzilla

    rottzilla New Member

    MartiD, also, thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate the time you took to read and reply.

  6. Also all the "problems" one has with a fat-pregnancy are usually stemming from all the normal stuff caused by the SAD diet. I was a "high risk" pregnancy, I weighed 260 ish and I was 39! Not a problem in the world with the pregnancy. If you have got the eating dialed in, and are eating to provide baby with the right things - then that's your best bet. It will also help AFTER the baby because you baby will know to mind his/her circadian cycles and you will BOTH get more sleep. He/she will be rocking the BAT and you won't over warm him/her.

    Also, I missed this whole thing - but the daily circadian cycles and light and sun and dark are of UTMOST importance. No doctor will tell you this. You are way better off being fat and full of nutrition and minding the light than some skinny-minny that drank diet sodas and exercised the cortisol high.

    Losing weight IS a total stressor and is reflected in high numbers that will make your baby much much more difficult in the first year. READ HE/SHE WON'T SLEEP AND WILL CRY A LOT.

    Relax, eat good food, and do some muscle stuff to get strong so your back doesn't go out!
  7. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    Ketogenic Epi-Paleo FTW
  8. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    With low iron stores, I'd bet your thyroid is low too which can impair getting pregnant so you might want to get that checked.
  9. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    rottzilla, if you are 40 you literally have no time left. Your top priority should be getting pregnant, shelve everything else. Worry about weight loss after the baby. I also had a very healthy baby while I was obese, so you can do it. Just eat lots of seafood, fish oil, low carb paleo and you will have a big brained paleo perfect baby!
  10. rottzilla, I agree with all the above and getting yourself on the best possible diet and get labs done now. As to body pain and sciatica i noticed mine was alleviated when I took out all grains, drank my proper amount of water and relaxed and enjoyed the process!
  11. rottzilla

    rottzilla New Member

    Wow, you guys are all wonderful, thank you! What great responses. As for being out of time, I'm lucky in that my body (eggs) haven't aged like a 40 year old. So, yes, I'm having difficulty, but my body age is less than my chronological age, if that makes any sense?

    I'll look into the SSS tonic. My doctor has me taking 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate 3x a day at this point. As far as I know, my thyroid has been tested and been fine but it's been a few years.

    I'm having a really hard time losing. I've been trying but failing at this already. UGH. I'm going to post what I've been eating over at the Leptin RX to see if I can get some input and help.

  12. This one real hard for me to "get" cognitive dissonance and all that - but 40 is O L D in human lady terms. Nature wants us to die now. I'm serious. We are made to make babies, raise them - then leave the rest for the next gen. All of this anti-aging stuff is tricking that. It's hard to accept - but it starts to make sense, it's why when you get to a certain age, no matter how perfect and awesome your lifestyle is, your hormones are going to try and kill you. It "starts" even as young as 30 - although most don't start to ID it until mid 40's.

    Longstoryshort, no matter what you do - your hormones are going to work against you. You have to test and rein those bitches in and fight mother nature.
  13. rottzilla

    rottzilla New Member

    Oh, haha. I just meant I've had all the tests and my eggs, FSH, prolactin, progesterone, etc are all within normal ranges, and as my doctor puts it, in the range of a 25 year old. I know other things happen such as the eggs get tougher to penetrate by sperm, etc. And my fallopian tube was blocked and just unblocked when I had my HSG test... but all these years of eating nutrient dense, whole locally grown organic and biodynamic foods have paid off in that my body is very "young" according to the labs ... but the past two years of screwing around with diets and trying to lose the weight by any means possible have provided me with both weight loss and loss of nutrients - such as iron - so that now I'm nutrient depleted. I should have tried other means to lose weight, but the hcg was so attractive. And it did work well for me.
  14. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Can you post those labs? We might be able to help--especially thyroid. If all they ran was tsh, that's useless. :(
  15. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Thyroid can change pretty quickly. I would retest it.

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