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True Thirst?

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by seanb4, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member


    So in today's world, many people who are cellularly dehydrated don't feel dehydrate, ie don't feel thirsty. This is probably because the environment we live in is messing with our bodies signals and our bodies general health is usually bad, with messed up hormones, etc. This all means it cannot sense the dehydration.
    Or maybe once your body is kicked out of using water for energy and is forced to use ATP, it craves ATP instead, as this is what it can use for energy right now.

    Either way our true thirst signal to refill out nano-tubes is absent. I can think of 2 ways to get this back. The first is grounding and sunlight. Jack said this and there has been some anecdotal evidence of these forums.

    The second is fasting. It is very common when water fasting to experience a dry mouth. On the things I have read about water fasting it says that the dry mouth goes away after a few weeks (or however long it takes) and then true hunger returns (you lose your hunger on the fast). I did not personally experience this but I was doing it wrong. All the other fasting symptoms (detox) go away at this point.

    So I think what is happening there is the fast awakens your true thirst by forcing you into ketosis and forcing you to use water as an energy source again. After a few weeks when you have drunk enough water to refill your nano tubes, the dry mouth stops, detox is finished and hunger returns.

    I have recently dropped my morning meal and am now just eating an evening one. This has cut my calories roughly in half. I have upped my water intake by ~1.5L. Upon doing this I noticed my body started doing the same reactions it did when I last did water fasting (weakness, dizziness, dry mouth, sore throat, flem, bad breath, etc). So my body is treating this 24hr between food thing like it does a proper fast. Anyway I have decreased my food intake (incl. protein) and increased my water so I should be feeling more hydrated however I have been having more dry mouth and the top of my throat is soar and rough every night. This indicates true thirst is coming back somewhat as I'm feeling more dehydrated. Or it could be that I am more dehydrated because my body is using more of that water I'm drinking as energy.

    Anyway my question is, can you force your body into the PPP / using water as it's main source of energy if you give it no other option? Ie, take away the food so it cannot use ATP and replace it with extra water.

    Part 2, does hypothyroid have some benefits with regards to entering the PPP? As in having a lower core body temperature which would improve water chemistry.
  2. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Update: Lasted about a week with the lower calories but couldn't maintain it. Started to eat more at my main meal and fasting symptoms went away. I think this could be because my body was now relying more on ATP instead of water for energy, it could also be because the extra food was causing more inflammation in my body via the stress response I get after eating.
  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    There is a theory out there and it is way out there that the body realises on a subconscious level that the water is no good and reins in the thirst mechanism. I canĀ“t quite believe it as it is anti survival but I put it out there to discuss.
  4. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Maybe, if it gets confused. EMFs could be causing the confusion along with other things...

    I think it could be that once you switch to using ATP for energy, instead of water, your body starts to seek ATP (carbs) because that's what it is currently using for energy and it switches your bodies instincts to look for that instead as it assumes your enviroment has abundant ATP but not much water.
  5. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Mess with water and you mess with life... Take a fish from the sea, put it on land and watch, this is going on inside us 24/7 now, not a pretty sight. Just my take.
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  6. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    ATP is necessary to unfold proteins so that they can be hydrolyzed by water. I am not sure if ATP is necessary once they are in that state however it seems that once any amount of dehydration occurs ATP is once again needed. It seems like a chicken and egg thing - there is no beginning and end but all factors need to be in place for things to work.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  8. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I assume that a certain (small) amount of ATP would be need to maintain the upkeep for proteins hydrolyzed by water. When proteins are recycled wouldn't they need to be re-hydrolyzed? But yeah food would be necessary anyway as building blocks for the body.

    Still would like to here peoples opinions of being able to force your way into the PPP by eating keto, lower calories, but decent water. You would be supplying your body with minimal ATP but abundant water, if it's smart it should have to use the PPP or die...
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Well, every morning you have cortisol running amok, stripping electrons from the proteins in collagen. The proteins would become less hydrophilic. I think their shape would change without the extra charges.

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