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Tripvan's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Tripvan, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Tripvan

    Tripvan New Member

    Hello everyone!

    So... taking some stuff from my greetings thread I'm going to expand and elucidate a bit about my life.

    Age: 31 Sex: M Joined JackKruse.com: Mar 2020

    Location: Brisbane, Australia

    Dx: nil

    Surgeries: When I was a kid - ENT surg, tonsils removed, grommets put in, something done to my nose I'm not sure
    2013 - Wisdom teeth extraction

    Current Rx: NRT lozenges

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Leptin Rx, CT (on and off), nnEMF avoidance

    Health WINS: EMF sensitivity reduction, starting to reduce bodyfat

    Health Goals: Better gut health, energy, joie de vivre, spending more time outdoors, creating a professional life that aligns with my goals

    My Optimal Journal: here!

    Just quickly, a TLDR summary: I'm a violinist - travelled, worked, and studied in my industry for many years, a love for performing operas, recently made the connection that doing that occupation entails a lot of nnEMF including late night blue light exposure. Currently finding that even in administration I'm being exposed to a lot of nnEMF, although working from home part of my week is allowing me to avoid some of this exposure.

    I'm an Australian, born in Brisbane, and am a classically trained violinist. I studied at university here in QLD, and in Tasmania, and then did my post-graduate studies overseas at Oklahoma University. Growing up in Brisbane was difficult, and I distinctly remember my first forays into altering my diet came from what might have been pre-diabetic dizzy spells where I would feel this rush and I would feel this urge to hold my breath throughout them. They would be momentary (lasting only a few seconds) and would only occur very infrequently, but they troubled me. During my teenage years I was sitting infront of the computer playing video games a LOT and my diet was terrible. Back then we had Wifi and DECT phones throughout the house and on the same desk in the office as the computer. I was good at violin, which was a creative outlet for me at the time, and I owe a lot to my parents for supporting me in that direction. In 2012 I finally decided upon following a keto diet, along the lines of bulletproof, and I lost a lot of my initial weight doing hill sprints and HIIT. I was an on again off again smoker since 18 and finally kicked the habit last year cold turkey, have since taken up NRT because I was interested in seeing if I could use it in a different context. My lowest weight was about 175 (being 5'11" I was pretty skinny) which was during my time in Oklahoma when I started running 5k/5 days a week. Since then my joints have never been able to handle that load - probably due to my weight and other factors.

    For the longest time I wanted to be an orchestral musician because of my love of the people I play with, my love of the sounds of the many instruments, and above all my love of the music. Through that opera was the passion I wanted to turn into a career, as it aligned with my work ethic and directly connected to me in a way similarly to my love of cinema, but through the rehearsal and performance process I would get an inside look at these works in a way often only the composer would get musically, harmonically, and subtextually through the symbolism, often hearing and analysing these works in their entirety 10 or 15 times over during a single season.

    After my postgraduate studies I started to do the audition run, where I would fly around the states looking to win an audition. So to my surprise I was fortunate enough to win an audition for an associate concertmaster position with the main opera orchestra in Santiago, Chile, who happened to be running auditions in Miami. I moved, with the thought that girlfriend at the time would follow (because her father also worked in Stgo), and after a few months at her relative's property I found a place in the city walking distance from the opera house.

    Here's a terrific video of the orchestra (I'm sitting in second seat first violins, sometimes you may see my head pop out on the right side of the screen) with a guest conductor who now works with the LA Phil

    Well the long distance relationship failed pretty quickly, as she didn't see herself moving to Stgo (and I can't blame her!) it was a very dirty city with much polution trapped amongst the cordillera. Often one couldn't see the mountains unless right after a rainstorm. The people that I met there were wonderful, but I realise now since starting to look at the world through Jack's lens is that I was living completely out of synch, and the long hours at night under artificial light was doing havoc with not only my biological clock but also my health. While working with that orchestra I started to develop pain in the joint between my thumb and first finger of my bowing hand and that would not subside until I left and gave myself a proper rest from playing the violin. I did have a fracture to my thumb metacarpal when I was a school kid but that had healed up fine and this was a joint/muscle pain. Eventually I had to move on and so I started the audition circuit - again.

    Well after spending all my money travelling and auditioning in other countries I found myself right back where I started - Brisbane.

    Since coming back I tried to get employment as an instrumental music teacher, although every school I approached considered me too non-conventional without a teaching diploma, so I began work in administration. In admin I found work with local hospitals and eventually found myself a permanent position working in one of the largest in QLD. Throughout all that I found myself becoming more and more electro-sensitive, and realised it was things like the headset I was wearing, the DECT phones all around me, the WIFI running throughout the entire building, and now I realise also the equipment at medical imaging one floor above me. I realise it is not the work that is draining me in that place, but it's the environment, and it seems to play havoc on other people's behaviors too (which obviously doesn't help). After a brief stint in a supervisory position in a more nnEMF toxic department, I realised I was not able to mitigate the effects with weekly beach trips and infrared saunas anymore, and my relationship at the time included going out at night to see eachother (which was way too blue-lit and not letting me get the quality sleep I obviously needed) so I needed a change - and so I found an admin position with a music organisation here that I accepted a haircut to pursue and dropped back my hours at the hospital. That is currently where I'm at, and thanks to COVID it means I am working most of the time from home which is certainly more nnEMF mitigated than our office in the city. It also is an incredibly supportive organisation, allowing us to split our work between at home and in the office once COVID restrictions begin to relax, which I'm incredibly grateful for, but I only have 3 days a week with them and the remaining two I still go into the hospital. Every now and then (before COVID) I was getting work with our state orchestra which helped with feeling that I was still involved in the music world in a practical sense. It would be nice to expand myself musically and creatively again, however I am now more weary than before about the kinds of exposures I would subject myself to, performing at night time especially or keeping myself cooped up indoors teaching.

    I've always been interested in finding information that changes my perspective on the world for the better, and Jack's writings and podcasts were, coming from such a sun-phobic culture, crazy enough to be true, so I embarked on this journey.

    When I'm at the hospital I'm conscious to wear my blue blockers all the time and always get outside in the sun during my breaks, although there is still only a floor separating us from medical imaging equipment. Our facility also has 4 linear accelerators which Jack has mentioned are quite bad.

    5G is coming to a tower near me (no news on the small cells) and as such I am thinking about moving north. Main issue, apart from COVID, is that my Dad lives in Brisbane with Mum and he's getting older and staying near him is increasingly important to help out when his body stops working the same as it used to. If they moved up with me to say, Agnes Waters, he would be about 300 miles from a decent hospital, and he's currently looking at getting a hip replacement. He has been in hospital before for a clotted artery in his leg - once to fix and another to fix up the old job. He's had melanoma before, and breast cancer (in as far as we know complete remission), but I note he spends 99% of his time indoors watching television and never outside with his shirt off. His mind is still sharp but he's super skeptical of the biohacking I get into because I found out one of his brothers came up with a theory and wrote a book about how industrialisation caused hypoxia which was wiping out the bird population - he thought his brother was a wacko. I think his brother was probably onto something, and look forward to finding and reading this book. My Father's breast cancer was one of the reasons I decided against finding more work in South America, because I realised it was more important to be around him at this time in his life than any other, and I wanted to forge better memories with him than the ones I left him last with when I was a young man when we didn't get along so well. Mum's never had serious health condition that required her to go into the hospital, and has been watching my dietary biohacking with interest, and expresses how she wants to lose weight, so now she's cutting daily rice but still has a sweet tooth that carries over to my father.

    I've been wearing my kiniki every time I'm out in the sun, and one of the nice things about working from home is I can take my lunch break (read: sun break) out in the backyard wearing my kiniki and listening to podcasts and music (with my phone on airplane, of course).

    I currently drink exclusively glass-bottled San Pellegrino, Pureau, and Icelandic Glacial, and I've stopped the CT during COVID.

    I've never had any tests done since starting my dietary journey, so I've only gone on how I feel and perform. I now see Jack's position that the bloodwork is everything, so I'm keen to find someone in my area who will be able to run such tests, probably after COVID...

    I've been back at keto since the beginning of the year and last week I began moving my keto diet towards carnivore since it's also winter time here on the sunny side of Oz. I joke with my butcher I'm on a steak-a-day diet (100% grass-fed from a tasmanian farm, for my BAB), and I also source 24 tasmanian/south australian oysters a week. Along with my sun exposure and refraining from exercising, I'm starting to lose weight again!

    These COVID-days being single again has afforded me a large amount of time to enjoy listening to the analog sound of my record player (which has been an excellent albeit expensive hobby to get into) and catching up with all of Jack's content and reading books about music again. Every now and then I pull out my violin to make sure I'm still in great playing condition, but it seems I'm running out of ideas as to what I'm going to do to progress that side of my life now I'm so conscious of what working professionally in that field entails.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2020
  2. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Are you aware of cymatics and how detrimental tuning A to 440hz has been?
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  3. Tripvan

    Tripvan New Member

    Great question! I'm not aware of cymatics negatively affecting health, feel free to share what you know about that. I have played with tuning from baroque and classical music at 415 and 432 all the way to ~443 depending on the climate and the pitch of the instruments around me. I don't feel it makes much of a change wherever one shifts A440 unless one moves away from equal temperament. Making differences in temperament opens the door to more broad reaching harmonic and sympathetic vibrational possibilities than simply moving the accepted hertz rate of A440, and without changing temperament changing A440 to A443 or A432 simply shifts the musical notes up or down micro-tonally.

    Equal temperament never gives the best resonance between two or more pitches but it was assumed an equal step-ladder between tones would be the best compromise over a system of multiple temperaments in which each had their own pros and cons. But if you have evidence that more % of equally tempered notes along A432 (or another frequency) resonate better in water/air I'd be interested and would be open to change my opinion!

    Of course the beauty of violin playing is one can play in whatever temperament one wishes, until you start playing with other people... ha!

    Violin makers worth their salt check their creations against chladni patterns, which from what I read are a form of cymatic test
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I've always been interested in finding information that changes my perspective on the world for the better,
    I'm an Australian, born in Brisbane, and am a classically trained violinist.
    pre-diabetic dizzy spells
    pain in the joint between my thumb and first finger of my bowing hand
    5G is coming to a tower near me
    I currently drink exclusively
    but through the rehearsal and performance process I would get an inside look at these works in a way often only the composer would get musically, harmonically, and subtextually through the symbolism, often hearing and analysing these works in their entirety 10 or 15 times over during a single season.
    Have a very long list of health associations (see link below)
    Your, mine, our bodies are built expecting much larger potassium input.
    Agriculture derived food is poor in potassium.
    Agriculture is (only) 10000 years old. We are short in potassium since we started eating that food.
    10000 years is equivalent to a few seconds comparing to thousands or millions of years required by evolution to accommodate major changes.

    There is a little chance of us being able to significantly change our nnEMF exposure.
    (Thinking of it and dealing with it just increases our already unhealthy stress).
    It is easier to correct potassium, magnesium, and a few other items, and build a stronger body (so it may have an easier time dealing with nnEMF)

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  5. Tripvan

    Tripvan New Member

    Thanks JanSz, granted the dizzy spells were only when I was a teenager eating a standard diet and being super exposed to nnEMF and screens. I can easily source potassium citrate, l-aspartate, and chloride. Which do you think is the most bioavailable, or do they each have different contexts like with magnesium?

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