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Tough Mudder?

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by TribalSpice, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. TribalSpice

    TribalSpice New Member

    Has anyone here done one? I am doing one in 2 weeks time, just wondering what you ate, how you went etc.

    We are down to start around 9:30-10am. I am trying to decide if getting up at 4:30 to eat something is a good idea or not. I normally just have butter coffee first thing in the morning and eat between 11 and 12:30.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    I did one last month. Went into it fasted.... About 16 hour fast and then didn't eat anything afterwards for about 2-3 hours. After that my meal consisted of bacon, seafood and kelp. I was just fine but I fast and eat mostly low carb daily. Some sweet potatoes and berries post lifting workouts. So it may all depend on your overall health, your past eating schedule, foods and how fat adapt you are.......

    I think you will need to acces where you are currently. Worst case keep it like how you do your meals based around your current workouts.

    Have a fun time......! I had a blast..... And my wife got to help hose me down with some CT afterwards.

    - Dan
  3. TribalSpice

    TribalSpice New Member

    Thanks. I am quite well keto adapted I think I will just listen to my body on the day. I am thinking of making my own chocolate coated coffee beans with raw cacoa, coconut oil, glucose, cocoa butter etc. as well as the coconut water molasses etc hydration drink on the Marks daily apple page. Thanks for that link, it is great.

    I am pretty excited about it. We have an awesome team. I should get through it no problems. :)

    I am leaving DH and the kids at home, so someone else will have to hose me down after.
  4. TribalSpice

    TribalSpice New Member

    Hmmm maybe not as well keto adapted than I thought. I fasted from lunch yesterday (oysters, pastured homegrown beef, a little homemade coleslaw, spinach salad). I got up and had a coffee with butter and then went for a run after dropping the kids at school (18hrs since lunch yesterday) I felt awful running. I did some chin ups and monkey bars stuff and then walked about 2km. The walking was fine, the strength stuff not too bad (not optimal though) but the run was totally ****house. I felt foggy in the brain and weak in the muscles and damn hot! It is currently 21C, so not even that hot.

    Ok, I have less than 2 weeks to get this sorted. Help!
  5. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    Have a meal closer to the event. Perhaps protein and fats in the morning 3-4 hours before. Or eat dinner around 7-8pm so you don't have such a long fast. Cut the fast to 14-16 hours. Try doing different things during training but do what works on event day.
  6. TribalSpice

    TribalSpice New Member

    So, the day before I ate as normal except I had a baked sweet potato with bolognase for dinner. Plus a few Litres of coconut water

    In the morning got up had coffee, a can of oysters, some chia pudding (chia, cacao, coconut cream and water) and some home made coffee bean and goji chocolate with coconut oil.

    Well, I could have run all day. It was so much fun and there was not a single moment where I felt drained of energy. I am planning on running back to back mudders (both the Saturday and the Sunday) next year.
  7. Endless

    Endless Guest

    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing! I am thinking of doing one in June, if I'm ready. :D

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