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Tom's Cruising with Jack: A Totally Excellent Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by NADme, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. NADme

    NADme New Member

    Well here we go down the rabbit hole. I am going to sun gaze, put ice on my balls and dance to whatever Jack says is good.
    I am starting with: What to consider as you begin?

    Please let me know the road map to readings if sequence is important. With all sincerity I hope to finally be free from myself. It has been a ton of heavy lifting and I am getting to the end of my rope.......................

    First Impression: More Dodge
    1. Our goal is to help you teach yourself
    Leads me to a Facebook page: Quantum Health: Light, Water and Magnetism
    which puts me in a pending status to join. So much for the excitement of getting started.

    In the meantime I'll guess Ill move on not knowing when the health gods will allow me into quantum health.
    2. Why curiousity helps with learning and retention →http://bit.ly/1RQbhOo

    Someone must not have been curious because they would have remembered how to spell the subject of the entry.

    My take away: 1) curiosity increases learning/memory, 2) increasing/stimulating curiosity increases capacity, 3) if curiosity then learning equals increase in hippocampus activity.
    comment: all summed as curiosity is good for memory and learning. total time to read did not return any significant data.

    moving on

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome.....give Dr. K. some health history ...and your Mom's and Gran's too.

    Where do you live? work?

    Have you read Jack's book? it is the first couple of years of the blog.

    Do you listen to Jack's podcasts? Have you watched the three Nourish Vermont podcasts? these are extremely important.

    Dr. K. is all about the three legged stool .....light, water and magnetism

    Have you looked at the easy start guides?

    If you can manage it .....become a Gold member and you will have access to all the monthly webinars and the followup live Q&A when you can ask Jack anything.

    The June Q&A was four hours and 17 minutes long .....we have a thread about that one.

    It is hard to keep up! you need to pick blogs that interest you for your situation ....to get started.

    Follow Jack's Doctor FB - and become a Patreon member if you can't swing the Gold membership.
  3. NADme

    NADme New Member

    now there is some good advice:)

    I thought I was going to have to provide counterpoint to the Socratic method....THANKS
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My take;
    For the sake of managing your available time:
    Facebook and specially Patreon are ways that @Jack Kruse provides opportunity to canvas new mitochondriacks.

    So, if you are gold member you should be exposed to everything that he offers to all except medical professionals who have separate membership type.
    If you are up to the task,
    you may want to open separate thread in which you would not engage in much conversations but collect breadcrumbs that you consider practical in your daily life.

  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Knowledge narrows your perspective while experience broadens it by raising your curiosity.
    I spent too much of my life gaining knowledge and not focusing on wisdom.......
    Your perspective on people comes from the cage your "perspective" is held captive in.
    Wise folks understand there no facts, only interpretations.
    This is why one person's "crazy" is another person's reality.
    This makes intuition and insanity relative.
    It depends on "who" has "who" locked in 'what' cage.
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  6. NADme

    NADme New Member

    Curiosity killed the cat. Directed analytics wins the day. I hold out that wanting to know something is not a curiosity. Where as curiosity is propelled by desire and wanting to learn predicated by something far less whimsical such as a cause, objective or highly defined modus operandi.

    My perspective on people comes from first hand experience, which we are the net sum total of, not a cage. The species is a vile one at best that consumes, excretes and reproduces, all within an entitlement backdrop. A parasite as an individual a virus as a collective. My days of service at the feet of the addict, afflicted, battered or elderly, is blessed by God, challenged by the recipient. Challenged to fit the prosecutor, victim rescuer model in its most classic sense.

    I have time and time again laid witness to those from all walks be restored in various capacities from a wide range of bondage and can concisely say that once the receiver perceives no longer a need to be assisted their true colors appear and it is a world of ugly no one wants to talk about. There are exceptions, but at the core the overwhelming majority act and are parasitic, feeding off the tangibles and psychic energy of others, much like social vampires, with indignation an entitlement. Where low carbon footprints have no place in the minds of the locust. Yet, I am required to serve and embrace them. Paradox?........like no tomorrow.

    The addiction treatment center I own has been more than a dip into the bowels of humanity it has been full immersion into the cease-pool of life. Having to remain impartial to the recreational user who has trampled over family, their children and everyone in their circle, fortified with lies and acts that are over the pale. Trying to stay on that bow as the waves of deceit break over me has me white knuckle grabbing for the rails.

    What is worse?.........the private sector who somehow positions to accreditation (joint commission) , pharmaceuticals, politicians and at the top of the evil, the insurance carriers, who make a vertical market out of others pain and struggles who then exploit to suck every last dime from the poor while boxing them into a world that never allows them to redeem themselves. If anyone reading this ever had a felony conviction for possession or use they know that society is not very fond of them!

    My cage is at full 5G bandwidth. Segmentation is a non issue with me. At total sum, as with the classic sonata form of composition, yields a unity via diversity perspective that still renders a ruling of parasite/virus worthy of extermination. These notions, the same as those backed by Agenda 21 and eugenics fans. Those finding exception will find that exception is quickly overruled, zero'ed out and have no place in this swill.

    Subjugation to a "higher power" which most do not define, is very defined to me, and not by me, and is the only reason my engagement with humanity is one of humanitarian or servant, most certainly not warranted by the species nature.

    My ultimate plight, to get as much yardage, hope to usher original thought, partake in composite knowledge and to see myself, with all of my health contentions, somehow do the hat trick and live an extraordinary longevity. Sounds conflicted, right?

    Well I have this notion that this 4th dimensional state has intra and multidimensional access points, some may say portals others riffs. Crowley cited them as riffs in space time. Whatever the label, a state then when combined with honed abilities can tether out and reflex back, affecting this realm to a magnitude that would in the flesh require a full on, blood letting, revolt. As above so below.

    Resonance, light, water..........I have been on the cusp for years. Most of what we engage in trying to get our meat wrappers to obey our notion of health is folly. Take a look around, does it look like any of the enlightened are broad banding and causing a paradigm shift in society at large, emphasis on at large? If truth is the broadsword, then it has been given a dull blade these days for if truth by Kruse or any other school of thought was to be so substantial, it would have already had a cause effect that is readily identified by even the moron or dolt.

    My presence here is because Jack does come from a varied vantage and deserves at least some time to vett.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
  7. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    No worries. We will keep you busy with detail, some will matter, some will not. Maybe you need to be Solomon,too not only Socrates ? :)

    Welcome!! I read your posts in the other thread and your knowledge is impressive. For the sake of your journal though keep it simple.
    Take a load of, sit, relax,watch listen,talk. I think that is the correct order. :) Think that nothing forum members write is advice for you, only suggestions for you to evaluate with an open mind according to your n:1,crosschecking that what you read jives with the blue print of what Dr Kruse is teaching. Ithe only exception I would make is for suggestions from Caroline above.If you do it diligently it is a goldmine of information for you and Dr K and also inspiration .
  8. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Ah, you posted while I was honing my scribbles. My suggestion would be to watch the Vermont videos 2016-2018 if you have noit already done so. Pay special attention to the sun, POMC,dopamine endocabinnoid receptors part. It might explain why you saw what you saw and feel what you feel. This might be a good jump off point ,too. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/time-rethink-your-truth-sun-jack-kruse .
    Minding my own achilles heel for a while now (Brain -Gut 11 reference) All the best
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