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Tommie Copper Swoon?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Gracelind, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Gracelind

    Gracelind New Member

    I have an autoimmune neuromuscular condition that has targeted my thighs causing severe atrophy of quadriceps. It's not true polymyositis--working Dx is inflammatory myopathy. With significant muscle wasting my balance is now terrible, so I rely for support on a cane, furniture, walls, whatever is close to hang on to. Two weeks ago I fell, badly twisting my knee and wrenching lower back muscles, right side.

    In a what could it hurt?--my knee needs support--moment I ordered a Tommie Copper knee sleeve and T-shirt. When they arrived today I put the knee sleeve on first. After about half an hour I put on the T-shirt under a long sleeve cotton T and got ready to go shopping.

    Within 10 minutes I suddenly had a flush that rose from my chest into my head, making me very lightheaded. Had to hold on to the kitchen counter to keep from falling. It was intense but only lasted a few seconds. Took the T-shirt off and it hasn't recurred.

    The sensation is hard to describe--like a rush of energy but not in a good way. The closest would be that feeling right before fainting with a bit of warmth.

    I'm in the mountains at 6400 ft in a rural community where I live part time, so it's not needing acclimate to altitude. Most neighbors do have wifi, as do I. Usually, two or three show up when I log on to my computer. After a major remodel most of our electrical is new. Power lines aare across the street, above ground due to winter snow (regulations against digging in the winter time even for repairs). Time to check out our field here.

    Slight headache now. Not an experience I want to repeat. Luckily it happened at home and not in the car while driving.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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