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todays webinar with Dave Asprey...

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I found it really interesting when Dave was talking about how he eats ..... he apparently does better when he adds in a little white rice or sweet potato once in awhile. He didn't really talk about what he eats daily tho.

    This is on the heels of Jeremy telling us that he almost Krused himself into the hospital trying epi paleo.

    Of course Dr. K. was able to explain why this doesn't work for Jeremy.

    what was your takeaway today? any surprises?
  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Just that it was not fair that he lost 50 pounds in 3 months by just doing some simple changes to the diet....men................:(:(:(:(:(:(

    I was encouraged that I might be able to switch to more MCT oil and that might help with ketosis and that my fat malabsorption issue may not be a road block.

    Overall a great webinar, oh and the 10% off is great but too bad it does not cover kits (I tried last night).
  3. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I always joke with my hubby that Dave is my brother from another mother. With the lyme, hashis, mold, methylation, obesity....we have a lot in common and I love that he has all those crappy things and is "Bulletproof". Has always been a huge source of inspiration to me knowing this crap wont stand in my way.

    The situation he described with a too low carb diet is exactly what I have been experiencing. The amonia smell in my urine, I have developed an allergy to eggs, and I feel so crappy. Over the past few months I have had pho with rice noddles a couple times and when I did I felt amazing! I have been telling myself I just need some carbs but thought it was the fat lady inside just trying to rationalize a way to get something I wouldnt give her...lol

    So between Jeremy and now Dave I am waking up to fact I may just be in the need a little more carbs group.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Just make sure they are seasonal and no grain based
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  5. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Christi, I have an impression MOST women are not made for long term keto. I am not offering any sort of scientifical explanation, but this is experience I madea round me and myself. I do very well as long as. i do something verys i ilar to what Dave does, eat some carbs once or twice weekly and the same day limit proteins, essentially break ketosis. I do so well doing this that I do not havea ny sort of schedule, but do what my body asks for on that particular day. I am coming from very lean, almost underweight, have history of short anorexia while 17, followed by bulimia and binge eating for few years. i said in my journal, that im the last aprox 2 months i gained about 4-5 kg of lean muscles doing what i just described and my body fat percentage (the classic conductivity measurements since i have no access toa nything better went from 20 to 11%. I use mainly vegetables, some little honey, some pumpkin, squash or sweet potato, coconut and rarely berries, but as the season is coming i will eat more berries now. Just offt he topic after i went yesteday to test my new muscles and came home shocked. I did quite rough hiit running interval training, rather on the edge of lengt. This I did. fter 5 months refeeding, having done mostly nothing and last 3 months some yoga and max 10-15 min daily some hiit exercises (not running). I did almost as good yesterday as during my running career, too good to believe it, really. I felt like a superwoman and quite a few runners and the boys in the outdoor gym station i passed by were waving and gesturing i am in form. funny, no, after 5 months of doing nothing! well i own this to Jack and his wise blog!
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  6. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    It would be interesting to see if any of us who have had the increased sensitivity to foods and emf along with ammonia issues when we went no/low carb are living in optimal environments. After two weeks in Arizona in the sun I was eating all kinds of things that would have put me in bed with headaches, inflammation etc. etc. (Also a big fan of molybdenum now after taking if for the past month or so) I think we have to keep adjusting and adjusting throughout the year depending on where we live. Kind of like your son and the magnetico….a great idea for part of the year, but for him things needed to change when the sun was less available.

    This makes a lot of the advise so conditional….I know coffee is still a bad idea for me, but after last nights webinar I WANT it to be a good idea. Perhaps this summer I'll try again.

    And the whole process of convincing yourself that a nice bit of chocolate is so full of antioxidants when you know it's the slippery slope….well don't get me started. I'm truly over that delusion. (Just saying for myself, wouldn't be able to say for anyone else)

    Really enjoyable webinar mostly because Dave just seems like a happy passionate guy….that's a great success story in itself.
  7. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    I was under the impression that cold thermogensis and keto diet was the key to reversing every disease and folding error, but I guess I could be incorrect, unless I just read my bible, CT 6...
    I will stand up for no carbs and the cold.
  8. kovita

    kovita Gold

    ctfor life, i do CT every day and i do very well i think. i am recovering and i am in ketosis most of the days and i do not break the law of seasonality. I have spent aprix a month in keto nonstop and it was not doing me very good. There is no single recipe or rx valid for all. As said many times here on this blog you have to take what is given away and apply it on your case. What i value about this blog is that people do discuss the things and have different opinions, this is very healthy and enriching! I hope the recipe you found is the right one for you!
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There was a line in Jeremy's blog that I thought you'd jump on.........kinda surprised you have not mentioned it yet.
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  10. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I think it is CT. However for some of us we might need more carbs to function based upon our biology. This winter I was full Keto (CT was extremely difficult due to weather and exploding estrogen dominance) everything was tight. but I still gained 30lbs and my thyroid was crazy with hyper labs and hypo symptoms but no positive antibodies. I had cravings for sweet potatoes. I have asthma and OSA - both of which drive hypoxia. As Jeremy pointed out in the Q&A w/Jack - he can't eat like Jack. he needs carbs - and it got me thinking... I k now it got several others thinking too.

    Given I've been Keto for over a year - my glucose is good but my postparindal runs on average close to 170 after meals and I'm starting to see beta cell stress - my PCP who's a huge advocate of keto wants me to add in carbs. Now we're not talking 300g of carbs. she wants to see how I do if I eat close to 50g and see if that will impact my labs...

    I've got other things going on as well.. but we're working on it... Crazy is working.... Right now I just need a little help. a 90 day biohack of adding in carbs while their inseason makes sense to me...
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  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I'm still trying to get to Jeremy's blog...
  12. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    I'm with Gretchen…trying to catch up…will keep an eagle eye out.
  13. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    That was definitely one of the most helpful webinars and I wish I could have stayed and listened to the very end of it, but I had to leave it early.

    Did any of you get the replay of it? I still don't get any from the "Optimal Reset" series.....
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Tanya gold members can relisten to it any time, once they are released
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
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  15. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    Thank you, Jack. Does Misty know that?:D. I have access to all the webinars, except for the "optimal Reset" ones. I've been trying to get it fixed for quite some time now without any success....
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well the Optimal Reset webinars have not gone out yet.........and I am not sure when or if they ever will. There will be some changes coming soon
  17. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Well, I hope they do become available as a package or seperately. I didn't get to listen to all of them live. Now that the replays have become a thing of the past, I'd likely be interested in purchasing them.
  18. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Gretchen, i think as well the ct by itself does a lot. A big a lot. Even if you do just a bit of ct regulary. I have no proof but i blame the progress i made lately physically on ct. It is not enough for anyone who is sick for long time, but it seems it is able to put you on the right way in the right direction and it is a big event for anyone who was sick for some time. As a said before, it seems to me, that women are so different that most of them do need some carbs, as you pointed out well, we are talking about amounts usually less than 100g a day and from good sources. at the end, we are both women of childbearing age amd we need carbs to boost our fertility. I have no doubts my body wants me to ingest some carbs because i still can produce offsprings and i am much fertile when the carbs are around. As long as my fuel is fat.
  19. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    This discussion reminds me of EE7 again -- http://jackkruse.com/energy-epigenetics-7/ . In particular the section on Iodine, Estrogen, and Ketosis, from which I quote:

    Women have less iodine absorption by design. Women have higher estrogen levels to bear children. Lower levels of myelination allow women to be “more sensitive” to environmental triggers to pass that information to their offspring’s DNA.
    This point (along with many others) was made in the December 2012 Webinar on Women and Weight Loss. I'd probably give that another listen in light of this new information.

    I don't have any conclusions regarding carb intake. It seems like high estrogen and deep ketosis are mutually opposed to one another, and I'd bet that the PG/E2 ratio will track blood ketones pretty strongly (inverse relationship).

    EE6, and the section about the SQUID provides the background for what we're trying to achieve in the brain, which would theoretically benefit greatly from ketosis -- http://jackkruse.com/ee-6-quantum-cell-theory-life-collective-phenomena/ .


    I've personally been tracking ketones for more than 6 months now, and there was a stage whereby I found it difficult to get into ketosis. This was about 3 months ago, in the middle of summer where I am, and I was getting lots of sun exposure and grounding (not much CT though). Ketones would be in the 0.3-0.8mM range, with occasional blips above 1.0mM. General energy level was not bad, but compared to today, I was probably operating at 80% capacity.

    That changed entirely when Josh suggested that I try supplementing with Molybdenum and Manganese.

    From Tensegrity 1: (http://jackkruse.com/tensegrity-1-jeremy-spoke-class-today/)

    Carbohydrates provide sulfur amino acids that are loaded with electrons in thiol groups are used to create voltage in membranes. When the sulphur moieties are bound to the cholesterol proteins in cell membranes this allows for excessive electron flow in his cell membranes to upgrade the charge on them.
    To quote Josh again on the importance of Molybdenum:

    The simple version is I believe without enough Molybdenum we cannot digst the sulfur-based amino acids to make the enzymes to digest the fats and so we suffer. It was my experience and it changed in about 2 days after taking Molybdenum and has not changed back in 10 months. I eat as much of any type of fat I choose. Before that many fats and pork which is high in sulfur-based amino acids gave me cramps, gas and mucus in my stools among other things.
    Inability to process sulfur amino acids is one step that will definitely compromise your ability to build collagen, and therefore put you at risk for all the problems that neolithic humans face.

    Once I added the Molybdenum, my blood ketone levels climbed back up pretty quickly, often starting at 0.5-0.8mM in the morning, and the getting above 1.0mM within 3 hours, and then staying anywhere from 1.0-3.0mM through the day. I've also been able to handle protein refeeds very well (like 1kg of pork shoulder), and I'm guessing that I can derive all the required sulfur amino acids from protein intake rather than carb intake.

    The part I don't understand yet is why women are more prone to these problems, but I think the answers to those questions lie in the current and upcoming webinars, and have something to do with the Ubiquination pathways and transition metal physics.

    So molybdenum was the missing piece that allowed me to better access fat-burning pathways. Not to say that all my problems are solved, but at least I've gotten over one stumbling block, and expanded my knowledge a little more. Hopefully others can find this info useful.
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  20. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    CT is like putting your cells in a time machine. Well, more like a time-bender... (This is why Jack won't give a specific temp/duration/etc. Rx since it would be silly. Aside from the fact that our quantum realities are all different, he truly means the more the better when he says it...)

    Jeremy's blog was very insightful regarding carbs to me. It also informed me why the experiments that my girlfriend tried with a more paleo template also failed similarily (she also has CF). It was an interesting experiment that was supposed to last a month, but ended after roughly 2.5 weeks. During the entire first week everything regarding her health seemed to improve, but during the second week it was as if she hit a "wall". I bet the same experience happened to Jeremy... Her body was not adapted to producing the energy it needed from the lower carb consumption. If I'd known all this stuff back then, there would have been much more of a focus on stealing the free energies provided from our kind earth and fierce star to help compensate for this.

    As Jack always says it comes back to the double-edged sword of redox potential. With a good redox potential you have more flexibility in every aspect of health, so long as while "abusing" this flexibility, you are assuring that said redox is always given ample opporunity to recover. Jeremy's body can never achieve the same redox potential as someone without CF. His body needs to work in different ways, utilizing the easier (i.e. less oxygen demanding) ATP channels that carbs run through to compensate for this. Quantum biology is quite simple in that if a situation applies to one ailment, it will somehow apply to all ailments albiet in different ways. So, for anyone else that is suffering from an ailment that debilitates their ability to achieve a maximum redox potential, then they will more likely require an amount of carbs to supplement the deficiency. If approached properly, this carb threshold would trend downwards as the healthy state and redox potential of the biological system improves and adapts. Of course with all carb choices, they should be energy dense and seasonally available so that you aren't throwing your biology any more curve balls than it is already dealing with.
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