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Today in Berlin

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Inger, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi guys, I just have to tell you that a HUGE demonstration is happening today in Berlin! To end all the illegal corona-rules they are punishing children, old people and everyone with these days.
    Kennedy JR is talking on the demo too.
    There is going to be millions of people probably.....
    I have to work today so I cant follow it, but I am with them all in my heart. Those brave people that are not afraid to stand up for the truth. This peaceful demo was forbidden a couple days ago because of government decision... but the lawyer went to highest court for the allowance and thanks God the Judges are still truthful because they decided today night that they will allow the demonstration.... :) :)

    These are such interesting days, I can barely get enough sleep anymore ;) :) I will update next days when I have a day off :)

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  2. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    @Inger yes it is great.
    looks like they have sent the tanks yesterday, and try to block some accesses.
    will see how it goes xx;):)
  3. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  4. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

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  5. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    that was awesome
  6. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Martin Luter King demonstrated during daylight only.
    Nigh demonstrations are easily highjacked by bad people.

  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Kennedy JRs talk in Berlin at the demo. :love:

    It all was peaceful until 20:30 when some other groups mixed in... You might be right Jan ;) :) should have stopped at sunset :)
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    and this is the press conference with Mr Kennedy during the demo with two german doctors that are doing tons of work to bring the truth to people;

  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    moving moments from Berlin demo......

    It was crazy, what happened......

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  11. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Kennedy is a fucking hero, love him. Love you guys... so weird damm times. Information, political and economical battles...People waking up to manipulation and questioning stuff independently, people just using this politically as if they were seeking truth but actually just looking for their agendas, people being total sheep... CHAOS!!!

    I´m curious what you think about this "event 201", a simulation of a pandemic Gate´s foundation did just in october 2019. It seems a fucking joke!! lol, it is just THE SAME WE ARE SEEING. Stupid fact checkers, "social media platforms having to change from tech platforms to broadcasters who control only good information is spread" (aka book burning babysitting/mind manipulating citizens motherfuckers)


    Come on!!!

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  12. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

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  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

  14. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2020
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  15. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Bret Weinstein and Yuri Deigin: Did Covid-19 leak From a Lab?


    Misinterpretation VIRUS II by Dr. Stefan Lanka, Amandha Vollmer Narration



    Professor Sucharit Bhakdi: mRNA vaccine dangers and risk/benefit analysis!

    (right click, "Play Speed" adjustments)

    "[About] gene-based [microRNA vaccines]. Our cells are the factories. Is that dangerous or not dangerous? Based on my theoretical expertise, it is dangerous to the public. Why?

    We have seen that when a virus enters, antigens are formed, and are then exposed on their surface. In this case, these antigens are degraded, somewhere producing fallout which the cells then excreted. And this fallout is recognized by lymphocytes. Killer lymphocytes. And please remember that 80 percent of you [who have developed natural immunity], young people and the elderly, already have killer cells, ready to attack. And that can only lead to auto-attack [(?) after use of a microRNA vaccine that makes cells produce virus proteins]; it cannot be otherwise, because this is how the immune system works."

    Someone who knows more about this -- does that make sense a microRNA vaccine would lead to autoimmunune problems in people who have already naturally developed an immune response?
  16. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member


    "...In Germany, a group of tort lawyers have already started the process of disseminating information and legal forms, and estimating damages among German plaintiffs. Fuellmich concludes his announcement explaining how the lawsuit will proceed from here:

    'Initially, this group of lawyers had considered to also collect and manage the claims for damages of other non-German plaintiffs but this proved to be unmanageable.

    However, through an international lawyers' network, which is growing larger by the day, the German group of attorneys provides to all of their colleagues, in all other countries, free of charge, all relevant information, including expert opinions and testimonies of experts showing that the PCR tests cannot detect infections and they also provide them with all relevant information as to how they can prepare and bundle the claims for damages of their clients so that they too can assert their clients claims for damages either in their home countries, courts of law, or within the framework of the class action as explained above …

    To the politicians, who believe those corrupt people, these facts are hereby offered as a lifeline, that can help you readjust your course of action and start the long overdue public scientific discussion and not go down with those charlatans and criminals.'"
  17. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

  18. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    The inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story

    Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell Discuss The Contagion Myth
  19. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

  20. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member


    ... What's also interesting is we know that Operation Warp Speed currently has about six vaccine candidates. And we know now that they plan to use them all, and that they plan to allocate a specific vaccine to specific populations — what they identify in their official guidance as critical populations — which they announced just a few days ago.”


    A company called Palantir was given the contract to come up with the vaccine allocation strategy and determine the critical populations each vaccine should be distributed to. Palantir, founded by Peter Thiel, was initially funded by QTL, the CIA's venture capital arm.

    The CIA was its only client for the first three years of its existence. At present, Palantir is a contractor to 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and also the U.S. military. The company is also in charge of COVID-19 data under the auspices of the HHS. Hospitals must now report their COVID-19 data to Palantir or lose their Medicaid and Medicare funding. Palantir is also involved in things like predictive policing.

    “There are a lot of things in Warp Speed that are concerning. One of the things I read about recently is that Google and Oracle, two large tech companies that have longstanding ties to the CIA, are going to be involved in what they describe as a pharmacovigilance surveillance system, or what was more recently referred to by the head of Warp Speed as an incredibly precise tracking system, whereby everyone who receives one of these vaccines will be tracked and surveilled, not just to make sure that they get a second dose ..."


    Laying Down Infrastructure for Totalitarian Control

    As mentioned, 9/11 became the justification for a series of tyrannical control mechanisms in the form of the Patriot Act that stripped Americans of civil liberties and privacy.

    Now, the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that it hasn’t resulted in an excess number of deaths above the historical norm for any given year, appears to be used as yet another excuse for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears that what they’re doing is laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be deployed later. Webb agrees, saying:

    “I tend to agree with you in a big way, and I'll give you an example of an initiative that's being put out right now by HHS that they claim is about preventing coronavirus outbreaks before they happen, and how it plays into this longstanding effort to produce ‘smart cities.’

    HHS, a few weeks ago, issued a solicitation, which was given to this MIT spinoff company called Biobot Analytics. Essentially, they say it’s to create a nationwide wastewater surveillance system where they will be robotically sampling sewage from various cities around the country.

    They say that will be done to test for COVID-19 and use an AI algorithm to predictably determine if a COVID-19 outbreak will take place in the future, up to 11 days before symptoms would even allegedly begin to show in that particular population. They say that would be done to enable rapid containment of those communities before this alleged future outbreak could happen.

    What you can see there, in my opinion, is what was previously trying to be sold to the public as predictive policing, but now it's sort of the predictive policing approach to healthcare. We have to prevent infection or prevent outbreaks before it happens, which obviously is rife for abuse by a government that is fundamentally corrupt and out of control.

    If they wanted to lock down a particular community, all they have to say is, ‘Our new surveillance system has identified, through this algorithm, that there will be an outbreak here in 11 days. So we have to shut everything down in this entire city.

    What this wastewater surveillance system requires is sensors throughout a sewage system in a particular city, which is the underground infrastructure of what are often today called smart cities — cities filled with sensors that are united by the internet of things, 5G and Wi-Fi.

    What's very alarming is that the developers chosen for this wastewater surveillance system come from a lab at MIT called Sensible City Labs, and it's not sensible. It’s sensible [in that it’s] able to be sensed. Essentially, MIT is a smart cities lab that was chosen by HHS to develop this under the guise of COVID-19.

    And what is also alarming, in my opinion, is that this company has partnered with HHS before, not to predict coronavirus or to sample for coronavirus in wastewater, but to detect patterns of illicit drug use in certain populations, which dovetail with the war on drugs in the United States. Whether it has to do with opioids or marijuana use or any other illegal substance, it allows surveillance on what people are ingesting in a particular community.

    They also talk about analyzing people's diets, what they're ingesting — if people are eating foods that the government has decided are associated with illnesses, they can see if too many people are eating the wrong foods and then accordingly ban those foods through a municipal or a statewide edict and things like that.

    It's really a recipe for the micromanaging of regular human habits where the government was not previously involved …

    [After] 9/11, the invisible enemy [was] these faceless terrorists abroad. Now, under coronavirus, the invisible enemy is a microbe that can exist anywhere, including within your own body. Therefore, to fight and win the war against the microbe we have to know what's going on inside of your body also.

    And so, we're seeing the potential for the use of something like ProfusA and Operation Warp Speed, or this effort to surveil sewage, to determine what people are putting in their bodies. It’s definitely a very slippery slope in what I would call the beginnings of a Biosurveillance state.


    Antitrust Case Against Google May Actually Benefit Them

    As for the antitrust case against Google filed by the DOJ at the end of October 2020, 4 Webb doubts it will hurt the company. In fact, she suspects Google, just like the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, wants to be broken up in order to be able to expand into other markets.

    “The government was able to look like they were actually doing something about Standard Oil, but actually Standard Oil wanted to be broken up. That allowed the Rockefeller family to extend their influence and reach … far beyond oil..."


    [The National Security Commission] say the only way to maintain U.S. global military hegemony, and also economic hegemony, is to harvest more data than any of their adversaries’ states from Americans in order to be able to develop a better AI algorithm before China can do the same.

    That's what these very powerful and influential organizations are saying. And if you actually look at their documents, they essentially say that there needs to be a total remaking of Americans way of life to facilitate that type of data extraction from a smaller population than the Chinese population...


    ‘Dark Winter’ — The Signal for an Anthrax-Related Event?

    An earlier tabletop pandemic exercise was done in June 2001. The simulation, called “Dark Winter,” predicted major aspects of the subsequent 2001 anthrax attacks. During the last presidential debate, the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, stated the U.S. is headed for a “dark winter” — an unusual phrase that raised questions among some commentators.

    Before that, the former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) testified in front of Congress saying that this winter was going to be the “darkest winter” in modern U.S. history. Somehow, many plans actually seem to be signaled beforehand, if you’re keen enough to pick up the cues. Interestingly, with regard to the “Dark Winter” reference and its anthrax connection...

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