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Tired of Feeling Geriatric

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Chaostheory, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Congrats on the job.

    Do you eat any naturally fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, etc.? As you know antibiotics are hard on the gut...
  2. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Not regularly, but thanks for the reminder. I went out and got some organic saurkraut, and we already have pickles. Also have some goat's milk I could make into a kefir. Thanks for the reminder I'll be sure to have some everyday. What about probiotics? My doctor RXed me some broad sprectrum ones by Klaire labs.

    I've been craving resistant starch sources like crazy since starting these antibiotics...I'm guessing I should avoid despite the cravings. I'm just going to choose to believe as long as I have to be on them that they're at least doing their job and helping with the infection. My aunt and uncle on my dad's side are always getting sinus infections and they always come back...but they also eat like crap so that could be why.
  3. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    So, a diet question. I've been wanting to eat something with my sardines and other fish. Is some kind of hot sauce acceptable? I'm using up salsa verde, but it's almost gone and after I'll buy something else since it's got some shady ingredients
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Gut bacteria likes to eat.
    Butyric Acid is one of their favorites.

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  5. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Thanks, I probably have to feed them something lol...some probiotics, a smidge of resistant starch, maybe a little veggies, fermented stuff...

    What does jack say to do about low blood sugar? Eat epi-paleo and get sun and CT and it'll go away? I know you guys can't promise me anything, but I'd like to get to the point where I'm only eating twice a day...right now that's difficult for me so I'm eating every couple of hours. At least, does anyone know whether you still get better if you can't restrict your eating times right away?

    I'd try d-chiro-inositol since I'm almost out of the myo-inositol that I was using with my cricket cookies (but now I see myo inositol actually lowers the blood sugar), but I'm trying to take away supplements not add them. The one exception to this lately is I've been feeling better since having trehalose daily, and I looked that up and it apparently helps with protein misfolding.

    @JanSz Thanks so much for your suggestions/support, I want to get a fatty acid analysis whenever I can afford to. At least I want to know what my omega 3:6 ratio is, since that seems to be so important for inflammation. My homocysteine is normal. but c-reactive protein was in intermediate risk range last fall when blood was drawn. I think I can get my regular doctor to re-check those things. For now, I'm just trying to get my brain into some kind of equilibrium so I can assess things like my diet more accurately. I think I know basically what to do, but since puberty when things got all wacked out for me I've had a hard time trusting myself.

    This was on sale so I tired this yesterday (was bad timing since as I understand it overall decreases energy), but I did feel a lot better in public places and such. I'm thinking the near-psychosis experience I have might be due to a mild brain diabetes, as I've suspected. I'll wait til I can get off these antibiotics in order to attempt trying creatine again. Per the advice of @Remo, I've been adding garlic to my sinus rinses and I'm hoping if I increases them I can get it all out and I'll just stop taking the antibiotics early. I'm supposed to be on them 8 months in case it doesn't totally go away in less time, but can someone de-bunk for me if superbugs are a real concern? I really don't want to be on these drugs 8 weeks. My muscles feel all sore and tense.
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  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    omega 3:6 ratio
    does not tell you much
    and more important it is misleading.
    Many have very high EPA and that obscures/distorts the ratio and rest of the outlook.
    Makes you think that you are good (while you are in the doo doo).
    The more fish oil pills you pop the better it looks.
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  7. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    That's good to know, @JanSz , too bad though because it seems like a simple way to improve things. :-/

    I went to sign the papers at my new job today. It's a Goodwill and the staff and everything seem nice, even said I could wear my glasses as log as I can get a doctor's note and not when I'm at the cash register. The only bad thing I could think of is the working around old stuff triggering my allergies, but honestly I'm so numb at this point I probably won't notice.

    I stopped the antibiotics since they were making me way too hungry and making my muscles sore. I started to get mild edema in my calves...I only took them for 3 days so hoping there wasn't too much damage.

    Will write more later, I also accidently on purpose tried gluten yesterday...the results were interesting.
  8. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Anyway, I've been able to ride my bike lately...it feels like too much effort if I go far, but I always liked it growing up so it's good to get back into it.
    I was trying to ride to where I thought was the nearest Burger King that had computers, and it turned out it's gone which just goes to show how much I've been missing these last few months that I never noticed that. :-/ Anyway, next to where it used to be was a new indian place and I unwisely decided to spend my money there. I had some gluten via some breaded chicken and a little dessert and some naan bread, as well as some dairy in the dishes...this was coming off of a few days off of the antibiotics. The results were that my stomach swelled up and got rock hard and my sinuses became more clogged up. I also felt like not much was going on in my head, so I won't repeat...lesson learned. The food tasted great though.

    Today I've only ate twice. I'm trying to get my body and mind in better shape so I can move out. My parents are still mad at me for some bad decisions I made the last couple years, and so they are being kind of emotionally unsupportive of me, and I think this is affecting me. However, I'm not sure my health is good enough, or will be in the next week or two in order to move into this place. My sinuses are all dried up and it occured to me today how dehydrated I must be. Expecially since it's getting sunnier, I will be increasing my water intake. I started drinking at least a gallon/day. Is this good? That's the one thing that worries me about moving out...whether I would get worse. :-/ The environment is less emf than where I currently live though, plus I can walk to work since it's only a mile from the place I can afford.
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Need to drink a gallon or more of water a day may indicate some problem.
    But it may depend on circumstances.

    I have not seen it explained sufficiently (so I could understand and use),
    hydration status
    amount of drinking
    are two different states
    relatively loosely correlated.

    I still remember seeing video of famous here girl, previously extremely fat, holding full gallon of water. Constantly drinking between sentences, eventually reaching for the next gallon.

    That is one may drink excessive amounts of water, pee out even more, and end being dehydrated, not able to hold on to all that water.
    Other person's body may be rather frugal with water but be sufficiently hydrated.

    One needs to have electrolytes and hormones in order and balanced to be able to use water to be hydrated.
    How to maintain that status with conscious activities, I am not sure.

    @Jack Kruse often tells us to be hydrated, and observe bun/creatine ratio to find if we are hydrated, but I do not remember seeing explanation of what to do to get there,
    other that drinking water, see lots of sun, observe circadian rhythm and stay away from nnEMF.
    I think there is more to it.

    In the mean time I am watching

    but not really sure what to do with all that

  10. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    I had the most amazing thing happen yesterday. I was in the city for a job interview, than afterwards thought i'd try the natural butchers to get some kind of meat. It was closed so I thought I'd try to find some kind of paleo-friendly food but instead ran into these churchgoers waiting to get into a building. They said they were waiting for some ministers to get there who act as prophets, and I had a good vibe from the group so I decided to check it out.

    The energy I experienced when they were channeling was amazing. I feel so rejuvenated now. I'm thinking everything will be ok and work out in time. They even said they could tell I hadn't been sleeping well, and last night I slept great. It was perfect timing. I'm starting my new job today. Wish me luck. I really attribute this new turn around I'm experiencing in part to this site, and everyone on it. I'm feeling so greatful.
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  11. Remo

    Remo New Member

    thats great news Chaos!!!
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I use stone ground mustard.
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    @Jack Kruse
    Mustard taste good and likely have some beneficial ingredients.

    But it contain renegade fats that some people should avoid.
    But that also goes for canola oil and peanuts and its products.
    page #12
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My mustard has no PUFA's
  15. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    So, just to clarify what @bionaut said, I should be eating low antioxidant as well, correct? No or little vegetables.
  16. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    Seasonal produce Chaostheory and eat your meals outdoors in the uv light. We have so many great farmer's markets to choose from here. If you are not able to grow your own garden, which I highly suggest doing so, seek out the local farmers and get to know them.

    I'm not keen at all on you not being able to wear your glasses at the register either.... You will be looking directly at the blue light screen there and have the toxic blue lights up above as well. Is it worth your health? You have to decide. If you make the decision to go ahead, there are other blue light blocking glasses that are reasonably priced that you can choose from. and wear them at the register. Gunnars block about 70% of the blue light and can be purchased at Best Buy, or on Amazon. Be sure to keep your skin covered indoors as well and when you take your breaks, go outside and take your covering off and glasses and expose your eyes and skin to the sunlight and this will help to mitigate the effects of the indoor blue light /nnemf.

    Meijer has a lot of organic mustards to choose from and they now carry Wild Planet and other wild caught sardines that are in spring water. Their prices are also very reasonable there.

    Last edited: May 17, 2017
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  17. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Thanks, I'll take a look at those glasses. Right now I have Solar Shields and they work great but yeah I guess they're too dark for the cash register. For now this job is good. The assistant manager/trainer seems to have taken a liking to me, sees me as a lost puppy or something lol.

    The other thing I've been obsessing over somewhat is whether or not to eat all of my food cooked and yin/yang. I'm going to experiment with eating everything warm (not necessarily fully cooked). This is partly based on something the minister said when he channeled my energy...it's weird, but I do think in some cases other people can help you understand yourself/your situation better. Ultimately it was inside you all along.
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  18. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    I picked up some stone ground mustard and oysters tonight. Oysters have a huge antidepressant effect for me.

    I'm going to the farmer's market tomorrow morning, and starting CT in earnest tomorrow. Once I let myself get used to the water, it feels interesting, and my body starts to generate some heat. I think my discomfort with it is just related to anxiety/emotional regulation.

    I'm also going to slow down a bit with everything, including the sunbathing (except I started doing it nude the last couple days and I think it's helpful), but I feel like I've taken some aspects of this protocol a bit too quickly. I just was reading Jack's "first thing to read" post and yeah...I definitely am doing things out of order but I had to to prove to myself it was working. Now I can maybe slow it down. I just have to do this balancing act carefully, especially considering my family.

    With the new job, I'm not sure it's right for me, but it's a paycheck. I might keep applying for other jobs, the one problem I run into is lack of confidence given that I have a patchy working record and I didn't finish college, but I'm putting that behind me. I was ill and really did try my best.

    Edit: Two more questions, before I go back to real life again...I need to get my own cell phone, so if I choose to move out in the future I will have a way to communicate. What do you guys suggest? Do the cheaper 3rd party cell phone companies that piggyback off of the others generate more emf? Lol I'll try looking it up if no one knows.
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
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  19. bionaut

    bionaut New Member

    I would not worry about antioxidants in food. My comment was about supplementation with pills and powders. The recommended food guidelines are in the brain gut 6 blog. Hope that helps
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  20. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Hi guys. Just updating you...I'm still here. Started working again, at a group home for the developmentally disabled...figured this would give me some perspective on my life. This could work out well for me if I still want to do the whole move to florida thing. I just have to get through the michigan winter now.

    Also, I went back to the integrative doc. Seemed wisest thing to do.

    I was wondering how many posts we have to have before we can ask questions on the "ask jack?" section. I just had some silly question I thought of for him, based off of a facebook quiz I just took. Lol I need a life...

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