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Timing - Solar time vs watch time

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Kai-Robin, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Kai-Robin

    Kai-Robin New Member

    Do you ever take to account what the time REALLY is for the particular area you are in. let's say when you exercise or when you go to bed. Let us say that you are far west in your time zone, and we use summer time. The Solar noon could be when your watch is showing 13.30. When your watch is showing 24.00 its actually only 22.30. So you might think you're to late in bed when in reality you're maybe not.

    If you look at the timezone for western part of Russia, the western part stretches over UTC +2,+3 and +4. But for practical reasons they use UTC+3 for the whole area. To take an example So you are in the most east part of the zone the peak protein turnover will maybe be at 15.00(3 pm) but in the western part at 18.00 (6 pm).

    I assume the different times jack recomend for doing exercise/activities is in solar time.

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