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thoughts on lance armstrong's 'engine 2' diet?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by jumcc, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. jumcc

    jumcc New Member

  2. Croak

    Croak New Member

    It's an agenda, a marketing cash in, and just plain misguided touchy-feely thinking. And too much time in bed with Sheryl Crow.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is what the known world forgets.......Lance and Phelps are still competitive.......they wont tell the world what they are really doing......but we know it involves cold.......that we know.
  4. jumcc

    jumcc New Member

    haha that's awesome. i find it very hard to believe he would expose how he eats and trains, it's just interesting the type of information these athletes put out there in interviews. the sad thing is there are a lot of people looking up to him who will jump on this way of training and eating.
  5. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Where can we find more about how Lance utilizes cold? I haven't been able to find out anything about it.

    "Born to Run" talks about a much more plant-based diet, too. Was only part of the book I didn't particularly care for.
  6. MonteD

    MonteD New Member

    That is a logical fallacy. There can never be too much time in bed with Sheryl Crow.
  7. MonteD

    MonteD New Member

    I've talked to Rip Esselstyn about his Engine 2 Diet (vegan) a few times. He claimed that none other than MARK SISSON was one of his former trainers. When I asked about the primal diet his response was basically; "I love Mark, he's a great guy, but I think we've evolved past the need for that kind of diet. It comes down to protein and everything has protein in it."

    He then went on to explain how his gluten laden breakfast had almost 80 grams of protein in it. lol.
  8. SimonM

    SimonM New Member

    1. There is nothing, anywhere, documenting how Lance uses cold, apart from his experiments with raising his body temperature so that Dr Allen Lim and his other advisors could work out the most effective way of keeping his core temp down while he is warming up and competing. (You will see him warming up on rollers wearing a cooling vest, for instance).

    2. "Born to Run" is a fantastic, inspiring book. However it is ironic that the only two take-home messages people get from reading it (or reading about it) are a) run barefoot and b) eat chia seeds :)

    Ironic because the Raramuri (Tarahumara), the heroes of the book, do not run barefoot and have a much more varied diet that chia and corn. In fact if you read almost anything about the Raramuri other than Born to Run, it is clear that just like almost every other traditional culture, they eat meat whenever they can get it. In the past this was rabbits, goats and snails. Now they also have a liking for beef.

    And I agree with Monte. ;)
  9. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    good post Simon. Hoping to see more critical thinking like this on the forum!

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