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Thoughts on FT3/RT3 ratios?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by vkiernan, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I think its going to depend... my adrenal problems rose back up, as we got closer to Summer Solstice, and right after I dropped my D and my pregnenolne. I'm right now I'm getting serious outside time. I think its going to depend on you, your labs, and how you respond to the environment.
  2. Thanks! Had my 1st consult and my hormones are such a disaster that we are starting there. But I have low cortisol, low DHEA, low preg, low progesterone and high estrogen (although I think I may have cleared a bunch of that with CTing, DIM and milk thistle). Yah, and I've had asthma since birth! Probably caused by not just normal leaky gut but excessive leaky gut! So in my hormone focus I am including adrenals and spending time understanding the connection between those little buggars and the other systems in the body. New labs very soon will help me know where I stand. The CRH/ACTH connection I understand a little. My ACTH is super low so there is another disconnect in my body. Aargh! But it's a good thing that I know this!

    Hey at least my temomeres are SUPER LONG! If I fix my epigenetic challenges I can live to be 100!
  3. Jennifer I don't know about the Vit D. Working on figuring out the light cycles and how they affect me in certain aspects like the D. But I live in 72 weather year round so it may be harder to tell.
  4. I was on vacation last week, staying in a cottage walking distance to the beach in Maine. HEAVEN and I never felt better. LOTS of sun (too much really), lobster every day, ocean CT, earthing in the sand. And very little stress (family stuff). Of course, I was not too good with remembering the blue blockers (but I wasn't watching TV, just staying up late with the family) and well, the diet was not so tight...LOL...but OMG, felt so good. Any way, I got a little off topic here...
  5. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    Avidly following this thread. Let me try to recap what you're saying (think of me as a 2nd grader lol!) Are you saying that your brain (SCN) isn't properly synched with seasonal light cycles, and this mismatch becomes more pronounced during the summer solstice (one light extreme), and as a result your HPA axis is suffering and needs more support (pregnenelone/Vit D). I'm wondering if you would similar parallel issues during winter solstice (low light extreme)? So, how does light cycle issues become adrenal issues? What is the hormone(s) involved?

    I was reading about hyperprolacti.... (forgetting the full word here), and I read that hypothyroidism is also a cause. Not sure about this connection. This presents a chicken/egg problem in my (confused) mind. It also said hyperprolactemia (word?) is associated with low dopamine levels - dopamine is an antagonist to prolactin. Low dopamine seems to cause excessive eating behaviors... My dopamine was tested a few months back and found to be low (serum), but i was very hypothyroid at the time. I was also found to have high fasting insulin levels (despite low 90s fasting BS), and therefore insulin resistant. I am really looking forward to getting more labs pulled, once I give my thyroid issues a little more time to settle (Armour increases, adding in synthroid due to very low T4 levels despite lots of Armour, DHEA, pregnenelone, now licorice in the am).

  6. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Interesting that you react this way. I have known forever that I mentally and physically do better in the summer. More sun on me the better. I do swell with the humidity so I really don't like that but I love the sun on me. Winter is tough. Pretty sure I have sad. So I am thinking summer assists my adrenals or something because I always feel soooo much better.
  7. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    This would be me! I would feel great and sleep so well.
  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I think for me too much light/too little light is bad for me, in general. I was at my healthiest when I lived in Guam, w/12hrs of sunlight/dark year round (guam is at 12 -13 deg latitude) here in NoVA/DC area we're at 39deg latitude - in summer sun rises btn 530-6am and sets btwn 9-930 at summer solstice! that's close 16hrs of sun! I have a hard time going to bed in the summer even w/the orange glasses, and reduced light. in winter sun rises btwn 7-730 and sets btwn 4-430. that's 8hrs of sunlight in winter - most of which I AM IN SIDE A WINDOWLESS BUILDING! (I just found out I'm moving to my client site full time - no more working from home) I'll see the sun if I'm lucky on my commute in to work! Though I may see about starting work at 630 and getting off at 3-330 so I can at least see the sun on my drive home!

    I think the combination of extreme light cycles, and carbs = bad juju for me. :) on both ends of the spectrum - I really need the 12hr/12r split. I think my mismatch is the result of shift work while at college and while on active duty. I was starting to fix it in guam - but threw the baby out with the bath water when I became a vegetarian... (WTF WIT?)

    I think for me what happens is D3 and pregnenolone falls, and any pregnenolone I have gets shuttled to make cortisol. however, in the winter in a low carb state - my T3 drops - Dr K thinks that natural process for me may have saved my adrenals from failure. so in the summer I make T3 b/c of the carbs, and if I keep the D3/pregnenolone up I shouldn't have issues, except the xtra light and coffee - drives the adrenal response... hence I've got to fix the imbalance. So I can have coffee from Late October or early November until early/mid March (think time changes) but I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out!
  9. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I've always broken the mold - so to speak. I've always loved winter... its my favorite season, and I feel the best during it, even w/the light issues/low t3 and low VitD. While I love getting out in the sun etc, I dislike heat and humidity, though since I've been working on Cold Adapting - this summer hasn't been so bad (of course prior to this summer I always wore cashmere sweaters and long pants in summer b/c I was cold - something wrong w/that picture maybe???) But I'd rather have a dry heat like AZ! AC not required - all you need is a swamp cooler! I actually did really well when I spent 6wks in Quatar several years ago! but its on par w/Florida in latitude.

    I asked Jack a question about people being impacted by adrenals depending on the season - and he said yes some people do better in some seasons and other do better in other seasons...
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  10. So we all need to determine our best season and watch what our hormones do (test, test, test) and adjust accordingly. I have always liked early Fall best in Southern California, not too hot and not too cold...just right! But when I was in colder areas it was always summer. So I'm with you vkiernan!

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