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thisbirdhaswings' journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by thisbirdhaswings, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. They totally did not see me put them in. I tried to pass it off as the "same" as the one I made the previous day; that part didn't work. I'm giving them Nordic Naturals cod liver oil every day to get them a regular supply of dha in the sn2 position.

    Unrelated to the smoothies, but on the topic of food successes, I just transitioned them away from cow cheese to goat cheese. I was pleasantly surprised at what an easy shift it was. They like strong tasting cheeses, and just love the goat feta. Tonight, I made grass fed burgers with crumbled goat feta, bacon and carmelized onions (with a glass of Malbec for me). One (who is not the vegetable girl) even tried the onions(!).
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Nice! What's not to love about goat cheese?!
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  3. Interesting observation about RF from cell phone: it makes a huge difference where you are using it. I tested underneath our carport vs out in the open. The difference was staggering. Readings under the carport were well into the hundreds and as high as 800+ milliwatts per meter squared, vs 10-20-30 milliwatts per meter squared out in the open but still in the car/faraday cage (those are readings while loading a web page). That tells me we have good shielding naturally from our building materials, but as a consequence, no one should be using a mobile device in our home (or in the car under the carport). I made a quick call this morning while out, and chose to do it out in the open, before I got in the car/faraday cage, and with one shoe off for grounding. Little decisions add up.
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  4. Joeakim

    Joeakim Learn-Grow-Share!

    "Little decisions add up." I agree 100%! When practicing golf I use 1% improvement philosophy; in some small way I work on to improve. This 1% applies not just in golf but in my life.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Love that! So very true!
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  6. Had a great playdate from 8:30-10:15 am, and our companions sprayed sunscreen thoroughly on child and adult during that time--twice.

    I talked a bit about why we enjoy full spectrum light all day, and how I've experienced some big benefits since doing it. I think of morning sun as the sun that regulates hormones--and one of the key reasons pms has mostly disappeared from my life.

    This mom ultimately shared she had skin cancer at 19. I just tried to empathize, especially since she is a new friend. After the fact I wondered if she had grown up indoors, or blocking sun. It seems very unusual to get skin cancer so young?
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  7. Joeakim

    Joeakim Learn-Grow-Share!

    A new pic of you @thisbirdhaswings? Looks great!

    "It seems very unusual to get skin cancer so young?' It does seems odd. Redox potential/hetroplasmy level/or genes?
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  8. Thank you:)

    Not sure, but as we get to know each other, I'll be interested in the clues.
  9. I have a new lease of life. Last week was my low--wrapped up that UTI issue, began a new monthly cycle, and dealt with the first cold of the season. I aggressively hacked the cold and kicked it in three miserable days. I used a variety of things, but think the two most potent treatments were Sovereign Silver and oil of oregano.

    Doesn't matter that tons of folks at school were sick too; that I came down with it was a call to action to get serious about getting and staying healthy here...

    I like the phrase, "It's a prize fight for the mitochondria." I think of what are the deficiencies in the environment and what do I most need to combat them. I've gotten very focused on hydration and oxygen. Chia seeds are a mixed bag from what I've read here, but I'm experimenting with using them to help hydrate, retain water/electrolytes. Within about 3 days of using a small amount per day (1-2 tablespoons), the chronic dry spot on my foot healed up by about 75%. (Within a few days of moving here in mid-June, all the progress I made in the Gulf vanished and it was as dry as ever.) Chia seeds may not be appropriate for everyone, or for long term or excessive use, but they are grown in neighboring Mexico, so they are a local food, with a long history of use for staying hydrated, which leads me to believe theya re an appropriate hack while living here. And, my early results are promising. I've also started adding electrolytes--cell salts, trace minerals, etc--adding in what my body is losing in the dry heat. I've also found I really like supplementing with chlorophyll for the oxygen boost. Just add a bit to water and drink it a few times a day. I like to drink it before sun exposure, especially, with the idea that I'm boosting ATP. I think it's working, as I'm barely hungry for anything at lunch and most days skip it or have a small snack, and then an early dinner. We are working our dinner times back, and most days finish by 4 or 4:30. Still have a few where we are not finishing till 5 or 6. Saturday, the girls started a capoeira class and had a blast. I learned some moves and have found it fun to just start incorporating practice into my daily life (mostly outdoors!). I feel like the chlorophyll and the exercise are helping oxygenate my blood. Between these different strategies, I feel a million times better, had energy to stay up cleaning the house last night, feel like I have abundant energy to think and work today.

    We have had a little tumultuous time with food in the house, as one of my girls had been complaining of tummy aches after she eats, especially the past few weeks since she started school. I was thinking more about hydration and fiber than food allergy (even though Scompy kept admonishing me about casein! ha!). We were even experimenting with smaller amounts of food thinking she was just eating too much as one sitting. But after a restaurant meal last Saturday, this child had a histamine reaction after a meal containing both gluten and casein. I realized that she had been eating more wheat since the beginning of the school year (sandwiches, and more dining out). So, I thought we had better eliminate gluten to start. With continued tummy aches, and no tangible improvements in bowels, by midweek, we also started working towards eliminating casein. As I subsequently learned, gluten and casein issues are co-morbid up to 70% of the time. We have been gluten free for 10 days, and casein free (except for trace amounts in butter) for 3 days.

    The first time I experimented with a diet free of gluten, dairy (and sugar, etc), was 16 years ago, so it's not a huge leap for me, except that I am learning hidden sources of casein, like nonfat dry milk powder in some salamis. But it is for this kid because she loves her wheat and dairy. Even as we've made adjustments for the other kid, we have not thought we needed to for this one, so it is an adjustment for her. Good news is her constipation has improved dramatically in the past two days (casein elimination for the win, @Scompy - *smile*). She intuits that this is what she needs, feels a little bit better, but seeing the constipation improve is a tangible sign (for me and her). Reflecting on her history, the signs have been there for a long time...reflux as a baby, burping after eating, constipation, enamel problems, and joint pain/tingling (that was bothersome enough I took her to a pediatric neurologist back in WI before we moved to the Gulf). The dentist overlooked the enamel issues, and the neurologist cleared her of joint issues, but I think recognizing a gluten/casein issue may be connecting the dots...the thread that ties all the symptoms together.

    We start capoeira three times a week today, and I'm looking forward to this being an extremely positive development for all of us.
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  10. We dropped 30 degrees in one day, and the unheated pool dropped to 79 degrees (from 84 degrees)...it started to feel a bit chilly but we went for it. Rainy all day, but spent a good 4+ hours outdoors anyway.
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  11. I had an epiphany on the way home from school drop off yesterday: Why am I continuing to push the girls to "wait and see" if their school experience gets better, when I too have not felt the fit from the beginning? I don't think I've shared much here, but I guess one could read between the lines if I say the best part of the day is going there early to get the beautiful morning sun:)

    I heard the message from my gut loud and clear and submitted the paperwork to bring them home. Today is their last day. We have school visits planned for next week, and if we don't find something suitable, we will homeschool. Best parts of that is lots of vitamin D time, no wi-fi, and the freedom to decide what we learn about.
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  12. The girls started a one week trial at a Montessori school today. I think it's interesting last week, when I pulled them out of school, some (including my mom) thought it was a little crazy to do it without having the plan B in place. Life has taught me when you are in flow, and you listen to your strong gut messages, and act accordingly, things work out.

    We'll see if this does. Some positives: no technology for the kids and relatively low RF. Small school (1/6 the size of the other school). Later start time (more time for morning sun and family time); earlier pick up (more time for afternoon Vitamin D). They also get 15 minutes of outdoor playtime before their morning circle/lesson, plus recess before and after lunch. The environment itself is calmer than the zoo they were dealing with at their other school--yet still chatty and playful (friendly). The building materials and materials they work with are natural and warm (versus cold and sterile). I'm pretty sure there are no fluorescent lights. Lots of windows and natural lighting, compared to their last classroom which was like being in a dark cave (except for its fluorescent lights).

    On another subject, I just got the Fourth Phase of Water from our library. They ordered it, along with John Ott's book, from somewhere else, and that one just arrived.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    In my opinion .....with all the things we learn here daily ....the most important is our brain/ gut/ heart connection.

    We are learning to trust ourself and our instincts and our heart.

    It seems so natural to me now. I do things so much differently now.

    I wouldn't dream of questioning my instincts now.....

    I look back in awe at the last few years ....
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  14. Amen, Caroline.

    On another subject, I think sometimes we wonder if the people in our lives are paying attention. A positive experience with mom: there's another school we applied to, and she cautioned me about a cell tower nearby. I drove by and didn't see one, so I asked her for more information. Turns out there is a power substation approximately 3 blocks up the hill. It has at least one tower plus some antennas, but the bigger issue is the power substation itself. I wouldn't have noticed it without her prompting, because it is up the hill and not visible from the school. It goes to show that people are listening and paying attention, even if it takes them awhile to catch on. Her instincts are not to send the kids to that school (or buy property in that area, which is an expensive one of "nice homes" btw) because she thinks intuitively that there must be a lot of power in the environment, because of the proximity to the substation.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think, absolutely, that people are paying attention.

    Good for your Mom .....it does take a village!
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  16. I had some fun this morning while out in line...I said to the guy in front of me (who had a Samsung device), and later the guy behind me (who had an iPhone 6), "I hope that isn't the Galaxy Note 7." I used that as a way to casually bring up the The Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968 and the Telecommunications Act of 1997. In 30 seconds, I was quickly able to drop the breadcrumbs that safety of devices is presumed, and city councils can't reject a cell tower project based on health concerns, due to these two pieces of legislation, respectively.
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  17. We all have "our weakest link"...where our body shows signs of stress/poor environment. My left ankle is one of mine. The left big toe got ridiculously dry and crack upon arrival here. I'm happy to report that I've got it healed smooth. It has been a lot of work; I skipped the chia but have worked in a lot of electrolytes internally, and have implement a twice daily topical routine to get these results. One take away is that in a better environment, much less work is required for the same results. And, it is still possible to get good/great results if you put in the effort in a less than stellar environment.

    PS...I keep trying to post a picture but can't get it to work. I'll keep trying since the picture is worth a thousand words.
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