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Things I saw in the news today

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Lahelada, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    Reminiscent of the Moscow Signal

    Or the Lazer Dazer

    There has been suspicions around for years of less than lethal light weapons being used on public figures - the paparazzi camera flashes going off is the perfect cover for them.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  3. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    I posted this one in www.emfwarriors.com yesterday and shared on my Facebook wall. Please folks, take 9 minutes out of your day to watch this and share it with others.

    Thanks for sharing it here too Jack.
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  4. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I'm with you @Mystic Rose60. I was able to listen to it in the background while checking what all of my friends' toast looked like this morning on instgram.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. mmarston

    mmarston New Member

    I have done my share, this letter was sent tonight to Secretry of HHS, Tom Price...

    Honorable Price:

    Please take time to watch this short news release with the CA Brain Tumor Association about the expanding 5G wireless network:

    My research, head and gut tell me we will likely pay a high health cost for this technological "advancement". Our children will be especially impacted by the increasing amounts of non-native EMF since, as you know, their myelination is less mature. I want my children and all children to be able to sleep, learn and live in safe environments!

    The reason I am writing to you is not just because you are the Secretary of HHS, but because I am a resident of Roswell, GA. Over the years, I have watched you grow in your political career and always felt you are the real deal. I believe that you sincerely want to and are definitely capable of making a monumental, positive change in our country's healthcare system and in our citizens' health.

    Lastly, as an aside, Dr. Jack Kruse is a neuosurgeon and quantum biologist on the Gulf coast, who was trained like most doctors, but has subsequently discovered there is much more to understand about the impacts of technology on our health. Dr. Kruse's main focus is to educate the public and doctors alike about preventing and reversing disease by optimizing the mitochondria. Here is a link to his blog and to one his best podcasts to date:

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  8. shiran

    shiran Curious

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  9. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member

  10. htw

    htw New Member

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  11. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

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  12. htw

    htw New Member





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  13. htw

    htw New Member

  14. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  15. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

  16. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member

    Great interview on how the US Gov uses energy from space to beam it back to Earth to control weather. George Bush Sr, was the head of the program who stole it from Tesla.

    Prof. James McCanney discusses the history of accessing energy sources from space and how geoengineering scientists use this technique to steer hurricanes


  17. htw

    htw New Member

  18. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Possible good news: Maybe nature is finding a way to make it through by altering us
    Possible bad news: The new humans might hunt you and I for sport. Gee I hope the taxidermist emphasizes my good side!
  19. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Possible bad news: The new humans might hunt you and I for sport. > Bad news? That is good news and fun, or am i sick.

    Gee I hope the taxidermist emphasizes my good side! > Question what do you mean with taxidermist?
  20. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

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