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Things I saw in the news today

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Lahelada, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

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    The central message of my blog is that if you don’t understand how light and water dynamically interacts with other componets of the cell, you cannot hope to claim you have a clue of how any cell really works in nature. To make large collections of proteins coherent and coupled you need to link them together electrically. Cells do this photoelectrically and then change the wave to an electromechanical one in water to control circadian cycles. This idea implies that cells have some "photo-electric tuning" ability built into their protein structure that is stored in DNA. This tuning ability is linked to the visible spectrum of light from the sun. Sunlight hits proteins when the body's surfaces are exposed to sunlight. Proteins all have hydration shells otherwise they cannot work. This is why intracellular dehydration elevated ubiquitin marking in cells. Proteins, once hit by electromagnetic waves of light, re-emit electro-mechanical waves into their hydration shells. All proteins are surrounded by water in the living state. The waves are captured in cell water and their energy and information is sent to mitochondria. Sunlight contains deep information about daytime and nighttime contains a lack of information that is also a signal to a cell. Circadian clock genes pay attention to those electro-mechanical wave signals and how they vary. The ordering of water under solar light can actually move a significant amount from a few layers at night time into a few million molecular layers during noon via coherent domains in the exclusion zone in the hydration shells of proteins. This is how porphyrins work in blood plasma. Water is disordered in the hydration shells when man made light is the incident waves and this leads to a different signaling of mitochondrial ROS/RNS. The pushing or pulling on the EZ layers in cell water in the hydration shell immediately transmit the energy and information of the collision to the tensegrity cytoarchitecture of the cell, to the mitochondria, and the nuclear DNA. Since collagen is the most common protein in mammalian cells, this interration between light and water is capable of changing the tension in the EZ of a cell. Moreover, we know anything that can change the tension in a cell is capable of altering the energy flow from mitochondria is capable of altering the epigenetic expression of genes in cells to make proteins in a cell. Proteins are light antenna's. Is this why protein synthesis varies from day to night? Yep. It is a circadian flux. Is this why artificial light at night causes the diseases we see today? Yes it is. http://snip.ly/zg2zg#http://news.yo...ks-important-human-health-previously-thought/
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