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Things I saw in the news today

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Lahelada, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. drezy

    drezy Gold

    The funniest part of that article is that they actually think people refer to government documentation before they eat. I keep imagining people in line at a restaurant all holding up a government document and comparing it line item to the menu.

    “Nobody weighed and measured their foods. Nobody really followed it, nobody knew what a serving size was. They were ridiculous and idiotic,” said Freedhoff, a bariatric medicine specialist. “But they provided the food industry with something really powerful to market — especially the dairy industry, which talked about how many servings of dairy you needed to have per day, and how Canadians were doing a poor job with that.”
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  2. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @drezy like the people arguing the partial government shutdown means our food is no longer safe because you know the fda . Obviously if you hear the media soundbite on the news about the newest salmonella, etc issue you would know. But it’s not like people bring a list of fda approved foods when dining out.
  3. drezy

    drezy Gold

    This guy needs no FDA:


    Every time I hear some Western person dying from lettuce I think of that section of the Jeff Leach speech that Doc refers to.
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  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

  5. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

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  6. Well the Cancer council here in Australia has stooped to a new low ,now promoting sunscreen even if your not outdoors and staying indoors

    Again throwing the baby out with the bath water, the dose makes the poison!

    In omitting information and telling half-truths you are still "lying"

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  7. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Put it on before you sleep Brent!
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  8. Yes Dan I think you have given the cancer councils advice for next summer ,shame on you for letting it out ;)
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  9. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Cool, I could use a side hustle for a little more cash.
  10. trust me you would make more than a little cash with the ignorance of those down under
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  11. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Did you here "Dr Carl from JJJ" last week go on about how kids should be wearing sunglasses outside because of Australia harsh Sun...phuck me,...he's been paid well.

    Before school finished the boys class went for a wander to a local Park and in the home letter we were advised to slip-slop-slap so we just told the young fella to lie to the teacher and say I already have sunblock on thanks..
  12. drezy

    drezy Gold

    @Brent Patrick
    I'm sure at the rate we're going we'll be trans-vaginally injecting sunscreen into the amniotic sac so that no baby will ever have been exposed to a natural spectrum for it's entire life.
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  13. Dr Karl has been spreading this misinformation for the last couple of years ,your correct Karen & Glen ,,,follow the money

    His Bio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Kruszelnicki


    Kruszelnicki was an unsuccessful candidate for the Australian Senate in the 2007 Australian federal election. He was placed number two on the Climate Change Coalition ticket in New South Wales.[23]

    In 2015, Kruszelnicki appeared in an Australian Government advertising campaign, for the recently published intergenerational report. He had previously agreed to do the campaign, believing it would be a “non-political, bipartisan, independent report.” After its publication however, he backed away from the campaign, describing it as “flawed”. “How can you possibly have a report that looks at the next 40 years and doesn't mention climate change? It should have acknowledged that climate change is real and we cause it and it will be messy.
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  14. Lol Dan , i'm lost for words o_O
  15. More of a story of Deuterium build up in the matrix ? Drug companies produce a drug, that the individual can do naturally if they have proper
    Circadian cycles inclusive of full spectrum sunlight each day and proper Sleep cycles.

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  16. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Ya right mate..but the numbers,. the shapes slow people down. Sure the first layer of custard by JK will be sticky and attract sums.? But weather you like it or not anything new has a honeymoon period.
    I have to say I only skmmed through those notes.
  17. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

  18. If people dug deeper in the beginning their would never be a honeymoon period because then people would see it for what it really is good or bad.raising our dopamine levels allows us to see the forest rather than a bunch of trees..it allows us to remove what is non essential and only add what we believe is significant for our own n=1.
    It also allows us to have a deeper appreciation to those around us who add value to our lives.
    I recall Jack saying in a podcast not everyone can be saved this I absolutely believe to be true , also has made discarding those around me easy, who add no meaningful contribution.
    So I am the captain of my ship I steer it where nature directs me via my intuition.... several people have called me selfish ...but I have to be if I dont I will be a train wreck like those around me.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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  19. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Well said..!
    Agree 110%.
    I'm a much better active listener than reader although I am really enjoying the physics theory...
    I have also cut back on the social friend side so to speak because it's just not worth the effort, considering I'm the first in line when it comes to mine and Karen's health..
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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