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Things I saw in the news today

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Lahelada, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

  2. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

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  3. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

  4. shiran

    shiran Curious

  5. shiran

    shiran Curious

  6. Lukez

    Lukez New Member

  7. shiran

    shiran Curious

  8. Evan Leck

    Evan Leck New Member

    I'm surprised no one here brought up the story of the baggage handler who lost it and hijacked an airplane (happened over a month ago). When I first heard about it, I thought that he had a psychotic break from working around airport EMFs constantly.
    "I'm just a broken guy. Got a few screws loose I guess. Never really knew it untill now..."
  9. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    It was brought up in many places actually, but more on social media than here.
  10. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  11. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  12. shiran

    shiran Curious

  13. shiran

    shiran Curious

  14. shiran

    shiran Curious

  15. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  16. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  17. shiran

    shiran Curious

  18. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

  19. b.pezzia

    b.pezzia Bruno Pezzia

  20. mmarston

    mmarston New Member

    Some of you may have heard for Teresa Tapp, the founder of an exercise program called T-Tapp. She recently passed away on Sept. 20. I wonder if the speed of her liver tumor had anything to do with the microphone equipment she would wear on her lower back? This is an excerpt from today's T-Tapp newsletter about her sudden decline:

    Those who were fortunate to know Teresa will remember her unwavering commitment to people’s health and wellness by teaching them how to become the best they can be in body, mind, spirit, and soul.Teresa’s very sudden and unexpected passing sent a shockwave through her family, friends, and the entire T-Tapp community.Please know that Teresa was not dying.On August 31, 2018, through a routine CT scan of her gallbladder, Teresa found out that a tumor, which she had long before removed from her breast, had returned and metastasized into her liver.She had been having abdominal pain for barely two months but thought her gallbladder was inflamed, which prompted the CT scan.The doctors did not give Teresa a death sentence but encouraged her to do what Teresa does best:eek:btain the information to help heal the body.Through all of this, Teresa maintained her “Yes You Can” attitude and her future looked bright, as she drew from her massive knowledge pool of the body, resources, and professionals in the medical industry.

    Only two weeks after finding out she was sick, on Sunday, September 16, Teresa was enjoying a day with friends and her husband.The next morning, she was barely conscious and brought to the hospital. The doctors explained that a build-up of ammonia in her system was the reason why Teresa could not form words or open her eyes, however, after the medication treated the excess ammonia, Teresa should get better.They said if everything went well, she would be out of the hospital in less than a week.However, to everyone’s shock, Teresa never regained the ability to open her eyes or speak, with one exception:She said, “I love you” to her husband.Teresa was never left alone for one minute during the four days she fought so hard to remain here with us.Surrounded by family and those who loved her, our dear Teresa Tapp passed away in her husband’s arms on September 20, 2018.

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