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The senses ....

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Sue-UK, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I was drawn to and bought the book Openmind wholemind by Bob Samples a few years ago based on this table of senses .....

    Sight - Visible Light
    Hearing - Vibrations in air
    Touch - Tactile contact
    Taste - Chemical molecular
    Smell - Olfactory molecular
    Balance-movement - Kinesthetic geotrophic
    Vestibular - Repetitious movement
    Temperature - Molecular motion
    Pain - Nociception
    Eidetic imagery - Neuroelectrical image retention
    Magnetic - Ferromagnetic orientation
    Infrared - Long electromagnetic waves
    Ultraviolet - Short electromagnetic waves
    Ionic - Airborne Ionic change
    Vomeronasal - Pheromonic sensing
    Proximal - Physical closeness
    Electrical - Surface charge
    Barometric - Atmospheric pressure
    Geogravimetric - Sensing mass differences.

    I was reminded of it relistening to a webinar on weight loss about a hormone (leptin I think it was), being temperature sensitive ..... Relistening to the webinar with Jeremy also reminded me of the tactile contact. Pain .... embrace discomfort . Infrared ..... the exclusion zone .....etc So instead of just grounding I'm trying to see what other senses I can stimulate at the same time, to obtain more information about the natural environment.

    I don't think the list is complete (other colours, cosmic rays, the sense of time?) Any others?

    Has got me thinking, so thought I'd share :confused::)
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The sense are how we perceive electrons............DHA is how we collect and assimilate them. I like the path your taking. All sensation tie to the thalamus of the brain
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  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Remembering interoception ..... Thinking DHA, gut.... electrons ...... Vagus nerve-thalamus-insular cortex interoception signalling?

    Then a thought link, on another thread came the breadcrumb C2=DHA.

    So if i start with :confused: E =MC2. Energy = Mass x DHA2
    E=MC2 reversed - DHA (amount in system) x mass (efficiency) = energy (electrons). The more DHA added to the system, the more efficient the mass becomes, the more energy there is. If I relate it to interoception, I think hypersensitive interoception is related to inflammation, does low DHA x inefficient mass = low energy resulting in hypo sensitive interoception? I'm thinking of people who seem to switch between the 2 ........ Hyposensitive and the sudden hypersensation of their own heartbeat for example.

    Interesting too to read that the insular cortex processes non painful cold skin sensation, CT alert for me, hypersensitivity to cold skin sensation = inflammation/low DHA.

    Collect DHA (and don't lose it to things like blue light), better mass efficiency, (less inflammation), faster adaptation?
    Reversed - Adaptation (insular cortex electron response?) improves as inflammation comes down, (reducing mass and improving efficiency) related to amount of DHA in the system able to capture electrons ......

    If I'm completely off track about interoception :oops: in my defence I will say that at least I've collected enough electrons to be brave enough to post this ...:D
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  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice stuff Sue! I have realized when I eat all raw and lots of seafood and oysters my senses get stronger too.... very cool!
    To me it feels like he senses really make me happy... without needing a thing! Just to feel the wind on your skin.... the grass under your feet etc. is enough to make everything perfect :)
    i am stunned again and again at how soft the fur of my cat is too when she touches me - pretty amazing how good that feels against the skin - haha yesterday morning she kissed me so hard on my lips and cheek in the morning when I was still in bed, I felt like my lips got a little swollen...lol
    hearing the birds, tasting the wild foods in your surroundings.... stopping to smell the flowers.. looking someone in their eyes... to get a smile, ouch these are heavy things too :)
    i think these things are meant to make us happy. And they are all for free! How magic :) :) :)
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  5. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Go Sue!! I like this a lot….your thinking about all the senses reminds me of tensegrity works with collagen structuring….all directions all dimensions. We need to be able to register and respond to all the elements of our environment….DHA allows that to happen.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is another sense.........water's hydrogen bonding network is that sensory organ. It works collectively with DHA.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    All memory and information transfer begins with the movement of the hydrogen bonding network in water. Hydrogen bonding carries information about solutes and surfaces over significant distances in liquid water. This implies that water's hydrogen bonding network is the basic sensory organ of the human body. It is tied to sensory transduction in all the other sense's in the body. This is directed to all parts of a cell and throughout the tissues. Any place you see water in a cell you see collagen next to it. Any place along the collagen cytoarchitecture also has this information contained within it. This effect of the hydrogen bonding network is synergistic, directive and extensive for biology. Most do not understand this complex dance just yet.
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  8. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member


    So if I see it as interoception is the hydrogen bonding network, going right into the mitochondria? and the list of senses as exteroception... Lots of good water and DHA.......

    Did an exercise this morning to bring in more environmental information ..... If I shower and step outside wet, the water on me is cold and gently warms and dries, stand grounding, drop arms loosely to sides, eyes open. Then from the waist twist to one side and look over shoulder, swing back round to other side. Continue swinging from side to side in a continuous rhythmic motion. The arms remain loose but going left means the right hand will slap the left hand side of the body gently, and reverse for the other side. When I stopped I closed my eyes, a couple of deep breaths and focused on smelling and tasting the air, then felt the earth pulling on my feet, then I visualised sucking up electrons. Exercised a lot of senses, even some tapping on collagen :Dso hopefully a couple of minutes well spent, it felt good :cool:
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  9. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Plus this kind of movement is good for integrating both sides of your body by crossing the mid-line with your arms….your whole nervous system is benefitting from tapping into the felt senses….sounds like a wonderful couple of minutes
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  10. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I remember some years ago reading an old book called modern actinotherapy by R H Beckett, about the use of IR and UV. It went out of fashion when antibiotics came in, but UV was used to treat skin infections etc. From memory they induced sunburn on the infected area, which the immune system responded to, taking care of the infection at the same time. Later I read Into the Light by William Douglas Campbell about haemo irradiation with UV for treating viral and bacterial infections etc, they basically drew a small amount of blood, irradiated with UV through a quartz tube, then put it back in the body, with impressive results. Irradiating all the blood would kill, so the volume drawn and duration of irradiation is important, but what I remember as being interesting at the time was reading somewhere that the UV put in apparently circulated round the body much much faster than could be accounted for by the circulation, but the mechanism was unclear. The hydrogen bonding network the candidate?

    It was theorised that those benefitting most from haemo irradiation might be those who were suffering from UV deprivation because of either a breakdown of the ability to absorb UV, inadequate supply, or both. Had me pointing a UV facial tanner at the crystalline tube veins in my wrists at the time :D, and I still point red light that way, so here's hoping the HBN is on the right track ......:confused: When I see the threads on Lyme I think of UV.
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Very interesting, Sue!
  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Still on the uv trail, I think I read Inger that you aren't afraid of Lyme ticks? Interesting how some people get bitten by the tick but don't develop Lyme, whilst others do. The Inger effect :D (all that raw DHA rich seafood and the 3 legged stool) must make for a good hydrogen bonding network, and a good ability to naturally use UV as protection against infection. Theoretically the way back from it too .....

    Then there's how we attract them .... The into the light book talks about pheromones and how living systems transmit and receive coherent signals, and can emit in the same frequency range as the antenna vibrations of mosquitoes and black flies ...... Thinking ticks ........

    I also reread in the book that cytochrome c in the mitochondria have an absorption peak in the visible green ..... A quick look online reminded me that it's the red and near infra red at cytochrome c involved in repair .... Gotta question brewing on that one , but to phrase it right first need to get back to studying the mitochondria ...

    But if the mitochondria have sense organs, I see it that we don't have sense organs, we are the sense organ. Did a CT session last night and this morning as a sensory experience on that basis ... (Finally got my outside bathroom installed):D Really something else :cool::D
  13. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I love your thinking Sue.....
  14. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Results so far on sensory CT. :cool: I've got a short sit in, step seat bath, think its cast iron, enamel lined ..... Cost a couple of pounds at auction :D . Now placed between an apple tree and a plum tree, on contract slabs placed on the grass...... Water is pumped from the well, we think the water is coming from about 20 ft underground so pretty cold. the air temperature early yesterday was 64 degrees, water up to waist and the water cold enough to cause pinking of submerged area. Cold water from underground, photons, grounding , the weather conditions, looking, listening etc ......Reread the Mitochondrial RX today, being less adaptable to our environment leads to cellular chaos ......hopefully giving my mitochondria something to think about :) Didn't seem cold at all, (but need to find the thermometer) and enjoyed watching nature and generally tuning in to the environment. Did another session at 5 yesterday evening, as I came home stressed, but air temp was still high, and the bath itself was retaining heat, so even with 6 cool pack ice blocks it wasn't cold enough, but still a lovely experience..... gotta have brought my cortisol down ....:) Again this morning, and at dusk this evening,with a glass of Malbec. :D

    So in this season it's a question of timing the CT to dawn when the bath itself is coolest, then adding the well water and ice. But a nice way to have a bath any time :D I've only had a shower recently, but the bath we had in the house we moved out of was one of the water saving ones, which didn't cover properly and if you tried to go underneath the water, the displaced water either went into the overflow or worse caused a tidal wave over the side ..... Cold chlorinated water in a really boring space ...... It was also "same" (with hindsight maybe should have used meditation more to support the CNS), whereas now it will very different every time. I think my DHA levels are probably better now too which helps .

    So I'm thinking I will time the CTs to when there is more natural red light to help cytochrome C ..... make sure I have enough water, plenty of DHA ...... And avoid blue light toxicity so my mitochondria stops physiologic insulin resistance .... Hopefully my collagen will become less floppy and my mass decrease ...... and if anyone asks I'm not lounging about in the bath doing nothing, I'm out harvesting energy and giving my mitochondria a sensory workout ....:D

    DH said I'm nuts to want a cold bath outside, but has been out there today sorting out the plumbing with my change of spec ....., wondering how long it will be before he tries it ...... original taps were still on and now they are taken off and the holes blocked I can sit lower in the water and keep my feet out if I want to ....
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  15. caroline

    caroline New Member

    awesome woman alert!
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  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    The other day I was sat reading and two flies kept landing on me, I would swat them away but they kept coming back.
    On the way to the bath I pass a metal storage unit, an old site hut, originally it was yellow but was repainted blue, now starting to peel so patches of yellow. I must have timed it to fly dawn, with the morning light warming that side it was buzzing with hundreds of flies ...... When I came back later there were less of them and with fewer of them I could see they seemed most attracted to the blue paint, mostly changing direction when they met yellow ......On other grey units there was nothing unusual. So at the time I was being annoyed by them whilst reading, Maybe I was reflecting a level of blue light toxicity or energy leaking. If it happens again its probably a sign to get some red light and/or get in a cold bath .....:rolleyes: did a quick search online with the question what colours do flies like, and the first article says they are three times more attracted to blue than to yellow .....

    I've found my copy of lyle watson's book supernature II, which I think was what introduced me to Becker .... It reminded me of Harold Saxton Burr's work too, how he hooked a voltmeter to a tree and recorded how the field fluctuated in response to sunspots, moon phases, changes in light etc....I'd read elsewhere about leaves being natural antenna, I wonder if the experiment was reproduced now what NN EMF effects would show. A tree that sheds its leaves would maybe get a rest, so the evergreens may be the canary in the coal mine. I confess I inspected the health of the apple and plum tree and the conifers behind before deciding where the bath went .....:eek:
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  17. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

    Have you been watching Hive Alive?

    Starts about 32 mins in.

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  18. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Sue…I've been interested in Bob Samples since you sited him in that list…here is a "sample" of his writing in an article called Open Systems, Open Minds : I thought it was relevant to the conversations about senses, consciousness and developing the capacity for discomfort and exploration….As JK says "Embrace discomfort," Bob Samples might say "Embrace Apprehension"

    Developing that courage can be helped by using and embracing all the capabilities that our consciousness has to offer.

    The noted neuroscientist Karl Pribram once said, "consciousness is what you pay attention to." No better definition exists. With exquisite economy, Pribram binds consciousness with choice – "paying attention" is the choice, the intentional focusing of the senses on experience.

    Focusing attention involves both apprehending and comprehending, for the mind pays attention in two major ways. By sensing or apprehending, the human mind recognizes the emergence of the act of paying attention. This happens without cognitive understanding and is commonly called a "gut" feeling or an involvement of a "sixth sense."

    The second and more conventional way of paying attention is through comprehending or understanding. Comprehending results from having new experience that may be understood in relationship to previous experience. Sometimes the experience refers to previous personal involvement or it may be bonded to cultural norms and collective knowledge.

    Apprehending focuses attention but may not "make sense." Comprehension focuses attention and does make sense. Our human capacities for reason, logic, deduction and the search for meaning are well-recognized and honored. For more than eight thousand years the development of these qualities has marked a series of noble steps in the history of civilization. These ways of knowing are the foundation for comprehension.

    Less understood are the workings of apprehension. When we apprehend something we are immersed in the domain of pre-understanding – our senses are involved in configuring something without personal or cultural reference. Instead of experiencing bonds to reason and logic which characterize comprehension, the apprehending mind is bathed in emotion and tentativeness. There is often a strange mix of excitement and fear – a blend of wanting to continue into the unknown and a reflex to retreat to the safety of that which is already understood. Apprehension is the training ground for both fear and courage in the human mind. It is also the doorway to discovery."

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  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I like the phrase "embrace apprehension" ..... Tentative steps, the experience, leading to comprehension ...... My previous attempt to "embrace discomfort" with the indoor CT felt more like trying to embrace misery ...... my senses didn't agree with what my mind thought I should be doing .... the comprehension has taken it from being a concept in my head to a whole body experience. Having experienced it as I have, I can now recognise that my previous attempts were a form of CT with sensory deprivation ...and the senses are how we perceive electrons .....

    Indoor CT is still out of my comfort zone, but it is only embracing misery if that is how I choose to pay attention to it. It is not focusing on what I don't have, if I focus on the hydrogen bonding network I can do it , even if its not my first choice.....:D I have changed my mind as to its value to my own n=1.

    I love the book.... It came into my life at the time my son was recovering from fluoride poisoning .....the list of senses helped me see what had been compromised, and the ideas in the book helped me to build his self confidence when he started school ...... It meant we didn't have to spend months helping him catch up, a couple of sessions for each relevant exercise took him from I can't do this (closed system) to realising yes he could ....... Learning to read using colour and as pattern recognition ..... Learning to write using art ...... Listening to a piece of music and painting what it made him think of. Learning became fun. :)

    There's an interesting section on the difference between virtual consciousness and reflective consciousness ..... Will post up a summary later when I'm on my computer rather than iPad .....
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  20. caroline

    caroline New Member

    You rock Sue!

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