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Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. Nicolaj Sølvsten

    Nicolaj Sølvsten New Member

    If JK was a hip hop rapper he would have bars for days.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The EM drive – a radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster – appears to produce an ‘impossible’ thrust. Impossible – in that it apparently violates Newtons third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Now in a recent paper by a group of Portuguese physicists, led by Prof. Jose Croca from the Center for Philosophy of Sciences at the University of Lisbon, present a possible explanation for this observed ‘impossible’ thrust. This goes to show you there is a lot about light we just do not appreciate yet in science.

    Pilot Wave Theory Explains EM Drive data.

    The EM drive was first proposed in 2001 by British inventor Roger Sawyer and has subsequently been tested by numerous groups around the world alongside possible explanations for its propulsion. However, still a hot topic of debate, a consensus on the level of thrust and an explanation for the thrust has not been found.

    Croca and his team hope to change this through their explanation utilizing an old theory known as Eurythmic physics. The word eurythmic comes from two Greek words eu, meaning well and rhuthmós, meaning symmetry, or rhythmical, and in the context of physics implies ‘the best path’.

    Eurhythmic physics is a kind of pilot wave theory, first proposed by Louis de Broglie (I've written about him) and further developed by his students and colleagues and now Croca. It includes both quantum mechanics and macroscopic physics to describe interactions from the perspective of non-linear wavelike dynamics. In the context taken here – in an attempt to explain the EM drives ‘impossible’ thrust – Newtons third law is taken as an "emergent property" due to the interactions between particles and fields where the field is thought to exert a force determined by the size and geometry of the resonant cavity. This fits into the April 2016 webinar and really is a manifestation of the electromagnetic force as scale changes.

    Such an explanation is in agreement with the electric universe theory, in which space is not empty and instead is an energetic field of information - with this understanding the EM drive does not violate Newtons third law of motion – it is pushing against the vacuum, where the tapered resonant cavity provides the asymmetry or differential gradient needed to produce the thrust.
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  3. shiran

    shiran Curious

    Anyone know the source of this pic?

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  4. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member


    Jupiter's magnetosphere is 20,000 more powerful than Earth and this creates a physics on this planet far different than Earth

    i needed that read - thanks Dr. K
  7. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member

  8. candi

    candi New Member

    Saw this the other day......thought it may be of interest
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  9. Allin

    Allin New Member

    I wonder what the cost of something like this is? Do they have different sized full body suits you can wear one and go outside of your house? Maybe it would be better to have one on your car too so you can drive it to work? Can you order one for you dog so you can walk the dog down the street to do their business? I wonder if it would be cheaper to move? Just saying....
  10. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Thanks Dr K for your courageous willingness to speak out on the clear and present dangers of RF EMF, and now the chilling thought of an imminent 5G world.

    I'm afraid there is no place to hide in a 5G world.

    RF radiation is already ubiquitous globally, and 5G cell mini antennas will be everywhere in populated areas, perhaps hundreds of thousands of them in dense cities. I will flee to a rural area, but I'm sure the wireless industry sinister future plans for less-populated areas, including powerful broadcasts from constellations of 5G-powered satellites and other atmosphere mobile antenna carriers.

    I would like to be optimistic and believe this insanity will stop once 5G is linked to a stark uptick in population morbidity and early mortality-- but I unfortunately know human stupidity and greed are stronger than common sense.

    Prudent avoidance has always been a key strategy in minimizing EMF exposure-- but it seems we have lost this gambit for the most part. I'm still unsure if RF shielding materials will work with these fantastic 5G spectrum frequencies proposed-- currently up to 28 GHz or so (and we will need new RF meters to measure these high frequencies for mitigation work).

    Again, heartfelt thanks, Dr K. Keep up your humanitarian work.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    --> I got a chuckle from your tongue-in-cheek comment.

    Actually, there are potential problems with most EMF shielding approaches-- you really need to do research and consider all options.

    Full house (or body) shielding with RF reflective materials may cause unintended consequences from the Faraday Cage effect. Human bodies were not designed to live in artificial Faraday Cages, and the long-term effects are probably unknown-- likely detrimental.

    According to some sources, these metal reflective barriers surrounding our living space choke off the human energy field (the aura, if you will) and no good can come of that. Also, metal structures (mobile homes come to mind) seem to be incompatible with earth energies and tend to attract natural phenomena like tornadoes (mind you this is yet unproved theory).

    Some RF shielding materials like dense carbon sheets are probably better in that they absorb rather reflect RF radiation. However, over time they lose their effectiveness.
  13. CoraDias

    CoraDias New Member

    Hi..i am a new user here. I really wanted to find a reason specific to tech optimization though, honestly, because if not for that, then the reality is the terrifying reality that really is--no regard for the biologic effects, amplifying signals stuck in the ionosphere, human race ignorant and/or ducking the truth.

    smt circuit board assembly
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You need a human avatar pic up ASAP. Forum rule.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    FCC 1996 Safety Guidelines for Evaluating the Environmental Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation
    1996. That was 22 years ago when the internet was 0G and still on DIAL up modems. The law has not evolved at the same rate of speed as the light used on data transfers on line.
    This is the last time safety standards for EMFs were updated.
    Did you have a mobile phone in 1996? How about a tablet, Bluetooth speakers, or a wifi router in your home?
    It’s very safe to say that levels of wireless radiation that we’re exposed to today are exponentially higher than in 1996.
    The US Government Accountability Office also feels that exposure and testing requirements for mobile phones should be reassessed as well (link in comments).
    These 1996 standards are clearly outdated. International organizations have updated their exposure limit recommendations and other countries have followed suit. It’s time the US does the same. Especially with 5G already in or coming to a city near you.
    Take a look at the video of Senator Pat Colbeck below. He gets it and we need more of you to get it and other Senators to begin to get it too. How about 1000 shares for the sleeping 98% to wake up?
  16. Dean6789

    Dean6789 New Member

    I've always said: "If it's "Smart" it's smart for them, not for us."
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The key question for you now is to ask yourself today is what kind of technology template are you using for yourself today, and why are you really doing it? Are you consuming a technology diet in your eyes and skin while you're in the sun while connected to Earth? If not, do you dare to disagree with your tribe on what matters most? A narrow mind will be the most harmful thing you’ll ever own………….in a 5G world

    Today, begin to swim against the tide. Rock the boat. Paddle your own canoe. Decide to be different than average. When you dare to go against the grain, you dare to live life to its absolute fullest. That is where optimal lies for us all. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cells-sensitive-rf-radiations-jack-kruse/
  18. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    There's a need to plug in the 'nano-particle factor' which is how biologicals are being groomed and altered to serve as antennae and conductors for 5G-activated electronic merging with organic biology.

    I'm suggesting a meta-analytic and synergistic approach in our awakening to the apparent rationale and presence of smartdust (atmospheric release via chemtrails, high metallic content, some 'mysterious' polymerics) PLUS nanobot/quantum 'dots' carrying up to a terabyte of programming capability (intentionally added to food production and product packaging, even excipients in drugs, adjuvants in vaccines) PLUS current promotion of ingesting C60 in oil (nano-particle carbon in lipids freely passport through the Blood-Brain Barrier) AND the ultimate role of 5G activation -- not just to 'activate' the global population's use of an Internet of Things but to incorporate and 'activate' sender-receiver monitoring and external control of sentient living beings upon 'activating' the tremendous amount of widely-distributed nano-sized 'materials and sensors' breathed, eaten, and retained in the human body since at least the 1960s. Probably in a dormant state until... ubiquitous 5G installation and its activation.

    There's plenty of convincing documentation in declassified military studies, commercial and academic research, patent publications, even mass audience levels of 'science interest' references for the discerning Google-using citizenry. What frightens me is how we are now at a place where false media matures to blatant propaganda promoting and selling products like, for example, Vegan capsules (nano-cellulose) and nano-sized Carbon-60. It's not Carbon itself, but the size of the carbon particles, and microcrystalline cellulose, silica, titanium, etc. -- which ultrafine (nanosized) particulates can and will work into living cells, even our precious mitochondria, and make its way to permanently alter the DNA. [Earlier, for memory triggers, see the circa-1970s 'history' of 'fly-ash' from coal-burning stacks and the role of that particle size in lung cancer not just among coal miners, but also, local inhabitants. Maybe the miners got 'black lung' compensation but Americans got (slackly) legislated stack scrubbers. We're paying for our own environmentally-induced cancers, and the host of other 'epidemic' health issues affecting families. When we're too ill to work, we can't afford better than 'standard of care' medical attention any longer. Can't afford to live. Up until now, population decreases somewhat slowly. After 5G, watch the pace pick up.]

    My 'comic book' grasp of all this is something like... 5G frequencies turn on quantum dot programs to activate replication of metallic, polymeric forms inside the host, into a symbiosis of biology as we know it with electronics, as we can only imagine at the moment.

    There's no government protecting its citizens; in fact, governments take direction from and answer to globalist agenda. Political 'life' as well as economic and social life is centrally orchestrated, one popular metaphor being, it's an AI 'thing.' What's behind/above Artificial Intelligence hasn't been sufficiently revealed. To Be Continued... (but for how long?)

    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  19. karenr

    karenr Silver

    @Sheddie , terrific summary of the nano issue, thanks! Please don't hesitate to post more!
  20. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Just in passing, I heard The Fullerton Informer on YouTube mention something about EMFs disrupting D3 made in the skin... This morning I wanted a source for that idea. Didn't find it but I thought this chance 2016-17 article & references seemed to read well enough; I thought it was almost comprehensible to a newbie like me... (Still looking for details on pre-vitamin D3 disruption from nnEmfs passing through the skin...)
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