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The quest to master dopamine.. Journal for Cpt. Tired

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Cpt.Tired, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Is there any chance of you getting into a tanning bed for a few minutes?

    I knew I needed to go for awhile now... so thankful for the push from a friend this week. I've been 3 times ~ and I feel like a new person.
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  2. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Did you feel significantly better from the tanning bed? I get much more inspired to do it when I hear people getting results:):).
    Thanks :thumbsup:
  3. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Oh, I have noticed a difference for years now.

    I lean toward SAD... no doubt. But knowing what I need to do, and actually making myself do it can be two very different things. I stopped going at some point in the fall ~ you know, busy, Holidays, excuses, yada yada... and before you know it, it's February and I'm all: "Man, I am in a funk..." :rolleyes:

    I have a friend who is into Jack's stuff, and he gave me the reminder about LIGHT... which is much appreciated. That one trip to the tanning bed for a few minutes was enough to remind me how much better I can feel. For me, it's like it lights up parts of my brain that are normally not working. Very noticeable!

    Worth a shot, for sure.
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  4. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Awesome! I'm gonna try it out. Thanks.
    How many minutes did you do?
  5. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I was able to start out at 3 minutes in a 9-minute bed... So about 1/3 of max time. And no burning.

    If you have not been out in the sun much, with all of your parts ~ just be careful... start slow, and work your way up gradually. The goal is NOT to burn... so that you can continue to go for a little exposure daily or every-other-day, if you'd like.

    They should be able to help you figure out a good place to start -- I would just let them know that you aren't looking to crisp up as fast as possible for spring break or anything... as many are doing this time of year.

    I'm not sure what your available options are ~ but my place has a variety of beds. I prefer the stand-up unit, because I don't enjoy laying down in a tanning bed. I like to be able to move around in there. It has a huge fan that blows through (you can turn it up or down) and MUSIC. ...I just love the whole experience, really. Refreshing.

    Now, if there is a difference between all the different types of light with these units (which I'm sure there is, now that I think about it) ~ I can make no recommendation about what is good/better/best. I'm a newbie. ;) Just trying to lift this veil of SAD so that I can think straight and make some good life changes!

    Here's the page with the different types of beds at Sun Tan City, if you want to check it out and read more about it:


    The only other tip that comes to mind right now is that any place may try to sell you some expensive lotions... and you really don't need them. I DO recommend moisturizing your skin, before and after ~ but guess what I feel is best for that? ...Good old coconut oil. :)
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  6. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to write out all of those the tips, Jenelle:):):). Much appreciated.

    I've never gone to a tanning salon before so this helps me to be a little familiar with how it works. Do you cover your eyes? I know Jack recommends getting light in the eyes most importantly but getting it on the skin also works.
    I also find that eating lots of PROTEIN really helps me with my mood. It is probably the biggest factor for me but I require so much of it that it is hard to motivate myself to eat that much good quality protein (like raw oysters). So when I feel tired and unmotivated I tend to default back to cottage cheese:mmpft:. Definitely not optimal but when I feel shitty and lazy, it works.
    And 'good old coconut oil' is another staple of mine for the mood:). A couple of tablespoons a day really helps keep my moods a lot more stable.

    "Knowing what to do and actually doing it are to different things"...oh believe me! I know that feeling very well!
    Sometimes I feel like one of those experimental mice that are genetically altered to have low dopamine. They are so unmotivated that they can't even eat the food placed in front of them and starve to death!

    Do live in a cloudy, rainy city like me? (Vancouver, Canada)
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
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  7. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I went for first tanning session today!:) Thanks for getting me motivated:thumbsup:

    I should have been doing this a long time ago. Quite easy. In and out in just a few minutes. Pretty cheap too. A good mood boost.
    I realized that with the tanning booth you are getting UV-B on your entire 'solar panel.' We normally only get UV-B between May and September and how often are we able to get it on all of our surfaces?
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  8. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Do you think that it is necessary to protect our eyes in a tanning bed?
  9. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Hey ~ glad to hear you went and felt good about it! :)

    I would say I wear the goggles less than 1/2 of the total time I spend in there. That is because I don't want the lines / raccoon eyes. I sort of alternate... I will wear them for a bit, take them off, put them on, take them off... But I NEVER open my eyes in there without them. So if I need to look at the timer, or adjust the fan, or whatever ~ I put them on for that, for sure.

    Am I damaging my eyes ... or am I getting some sort of benefit? I have NO idea...
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  10. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    When I went in, the girl didn't give me anything for my eyes or warned me or anything like that. I really didn't think it was a problem because of what Jack has been saying. But when I told my wife she said "what? you didn't cover your eyes?"
    Maybe I should be cautious and cover them anyway. If its man-made, it probably could hurt us.:rolleyes:
  11. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I believe it is a LAW of some sort here in the US. They ask to "see my eyewear" every time I go there ~ and if you don't have it, you have to buy some -- or you don't tan.
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  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Mike I'm standing in front of a vertical tanner. I don't use goggles, I drink a pint of water before I start, more during the session, and make sure my eyes aren't dry, and I move around. If I'm using another light source on the back of my head, so am not moving round in the same way, I close my eyes and then occasionally open them and do a bit of rapid blinking for a few seconds. I think a bit of uv stimulates repair of the eye. If I feel my eyes have had enough I shade my eyes by using my linked hands, with the veins of my wrists pointed towards the tanner, gets the uv to my armpits too.....
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  13. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Before I went the other day I had a couple raw oysters, drank a bunch of RO water and had a ten minute cold shower, then I went for it.:)
    Had a mood boost for about 4-5 hrs.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice :) ^^^^ now you know what you need ;) :) :)
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  15. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Glad things are turning around for you and sun days are just around the corner. I love your persistence Mike. I think you may have a tad more dopamine than you think already.:thumbsup:
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  16. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I've had a few days this week where my energy level during the daytime has been significantly better than usual. Today as well. Yesterday I was really exhausted. The things that I have been doing the last few weeks that are kind of new are:

    -cold showers every day for ten minutes
    -tanning booth (3x six minutes since last sunday)
    -daily 'Wim Hof power breathing exercises'
    -supplemental DHA on top of seafood
    I know that Jack does not like supplementing DHA but when I was having those great experiences with UV/IR light in early November I had just finished off a month of supplementation with a good quality brand. So I thought that I would try again just to see what happens.
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  17. Calum

    Calum New Member

    Would it not be better to buy your own tanning lamp or d3 lamp? How much does it cost per minute in these tanning machines?
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  18. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I've been debating about buying a Sperti for a couple of weeks now. I thought I had made up my mind to do it ~ but last night I may have talked myself out of it again.

    For one thing, I've been trying to decide which one is most similar to natural sunlight? And I have not really come up with an answer for this one. Jack seems to be very straightforward about it: Sunlight. ...Sunlight is most similar to sunlight. Lol.

    So I think we're all aware that going outside is best. The tanning booth idea (or a Sperti at home in your bathroom, whatever) -- this is a "hack" for those times when we are feeling down and realizing that we need the benefit of LIGHT... but cannot get the full effect due to life circumstances.

    What I have realized is that the entire experience of going to the tanning place is good for me. I get out, I get away from the house, the kids, the dog, the husband ~ all of it... I crank up the radio and rock out on the way there and on the way home. It's something I look forward to ~ and we can get a hit of dopamine just from the anticipation of something. The little bit of chit chat while checking in, the entire experience of light and music while I'm in there... It feels like it is ALL good for me.

    The other thing is that I can stand in that unit for 4-5 minutes and I have covered pretty much every square inch of my body in light. The Sperti is very small, and would involve a lot of twisting, turning, re-adjusting... and I think a lot more time and effort overall. I think I would be frustrated with it.

    Now, clearly I am not Cpt. Tired ... I'm just sharing why I may have decided to continue to pay for tanning for awhile, instead of investing in a lamp for home.
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  19. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    It's funny sometimes I am thinking of building a little 1 side tanning bed, buying like 5 blacklights(for tanning booths), the electrical system, and building a bedframe in wood. I have seen it online. Maybe it can be done for less than a 100$. (dunno really). Not focused on it tho.
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  20. Calum

    Calum New Member

    Do what works best for you. I am just low on money and I look at most stuff with $. $ eyes lol.

    I agree with you. Sun. I am not worried about my light situation. .. I'm Scottish. .. but sing is around the corner. I am going to be out as much as possible. But when it is at the end of summer I can see the artificial component grow forever more valuable as winter approaches!
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