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Discussion in 'The Quantlet' started by Jack Kruse, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Read Meg's journal. I had her put it on her thyroid and check her results out. They speak volumes.
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  2. [​IMG]...and here it is...
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. I tested mine for a few months and have amazing results, so good that we placed another bigger order for all family and friends. Really happy to have mine, as it is a great tool to hack occurring issues, when nothing else at hand helped.
  5. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    I also had a meniscus tear about 4 years ago. Surgically repaired but still had some pain. Used the default program all over the knee but especially on the soft tissue below and to the right of and below the patella on my right knee. I also used a small 660nm light on it. Pain gone in about a month of using the quantlet. Default program is the Performance 30 protocol.
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  6. Mikeg

    Mikeg New Member

    Does anyone know the difference in effect between pulsed lights (jet lag, etc.) and solid on light displays (p30, etc.)? wondering why that is chosen for certain programs.
  7. River

    River Gold

    One of my mito-hacks: after suffering from an onslaught of debilitating symptoms for about three months that put me in the ER, it was discovered that I had a severe case of blood poisoning due to peri-implantitis in my lower left jaw. X-rays showed most of the bone missing from around the screw. I had no pain which is why it went undiagnosed for so long. I had other symptoms like brain zaps, scalp tingling, intermittent facial numbness, spontaneous 30 minute fevers, etc. I felt like I was dying, and in hindsight - I was. Blood poisoning sourced near the brain, unchecked, can be lethal.

    Long story short, surgery was scheduled to expose the jawbone, clean the remaining bone and transplant new cells to facilitate new bone growth. For two days prior to the surgery I used the Quantlet (which fit nicely over the curve of my lower jaw) over the area, and for two days following the surgery. I limited it to about 10 minutes each session, keeping in mind the dose theory. When I would look in the mirror with the Quantlet applied, I could see the healing red light piercing the entirety of the gum and tooth area like the 4th of July - all the way through to the other side! It gave me hope. I have other light devices I've collected over the years and none had the focus and power density to pierce the tissue like that.

    Anyway, the surgery was a snap and although it's only been 30 days the titanium screw is strong, the bone has filled back in and the x-rays look like nothing ever happened. Considering that the resources of my body were severely compromised from 3 months of blood poisoning, this is like a miracle to me.

    I feel fortunate to have access to a photobiomodulation device of this power density - in the past one would have to go to a specialist to get LLLT therapy of this strength or spend thousands of dollars to buy one. I have even greater respect for my Quantlet now and continue to use it once every morning on P30, within 30 minutes of rising for continued health and wellness. I believe this was a big part of recovering from the blood poisoning as well. According to the app log, I am now on day 78 of a motivational streak. It's worked flawlessly for me.

    Although words can't properly express how I feel, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ruben and Jack.
    (Kim from Seattle)
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  8. kvond

    kvond New Member

    Jack suggested an LLLT device for my vertebrae that are starting to show the effects of stress after a fusion (due to childhood abuse to my neck - eventually bone spurs were growing into my spine from C4 I would have been killed if severe trauma to my neck occurred).

    Sounds like the quantlet may have a range of frequencies similar to the LLLT? Going to go gold this Sunday, but just wondering it anyone has insight. I'm deeply in debt from a sudden loss of child support that I am now recovering from - going to take me a year. I need to spend my health dollars mindfully. A chiropractor wanted $65 a session. Given that I have multiple disc issues in my back from 12 pregnancies, and that my kids are likely to have therapy needs - I'd rather get a vet LLLT (for my cat only of course) or a quantlet.

    Can someone compare the quantlet and LLLT device? What are the range of frequencies for the LLLT that I should look for? I'm going to two different chiros to learn what they lose use and the range.

    Don't like sharing so much, but I think it helps understand the parameters of my situation :)

    Thanks for any wisdom - this community means so much to me!
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    FYI Here is a solid hack from member: "I installed a new version of Alan Maher's EMI wrap (the Aqua). I have been really happy with the reduction in dirty electrical noise (I'm measuring magnetic fields >2K Hz). The level at my desk chair has dropped from about .9nT to about .5nt. I actually need to get an oscilloscope to fully measure what's being reduced across the full spectrum of frequencies, but so far, I'm really happy with the results. This is also a dirty cheap solution compared to other power conditions and electricians debugging my wiring."
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  10. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    Awesome!! I'm very pleased with his products here and have recommended them to others who are very pleased as well.
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