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The quality of our relationship:

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Penny

    Penny New Member

  2. PaulG, I agree very much about the 'likes'.............it clutters up the blog and makes it too busy. Sometimes now I feel like giving someone a 'like' and decide not to in order not to clutter it up which is a pity as I do 'like' quite a lot. But just showing it at the bottom of the post I think is enough. I won't 'like' you here Paul but I DO like what you said
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  3. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

  4. Dr Kruse, I don't know if you are definitely coming to LA around the middle of the month..............but if you are I know of this 'perfect' (I think) restaurant for you. It's by the ocean south of Malibu (Topanga actually) it's called "The Reel Inn" it's a fish place (pun on reel) and I really like their oysters. I am not an oyster connoisseur but I much prefer them to the Whole Foods ones. To-day they had something 'bragging' about them they are called Kumiai Oysters and they get them from Baja California. They have a big menu of fish (they do not serve any meats etc) and they also have wine.

    So far so good right? But it's even better than that there is a 'river' as it would be called here in Ireland we would call it a 'stream' right behind the restaurant. Anyway it's flowing pretty good this time of the year and 3 days this week I have had really nice CT sessions there by myself, it is totally 'isolated' hardly ever see a person there. I have dug out the stream a bit so the water completely covers me. For some reason I much prefer it now to the ocean for CT I mean, I even drink the water too. It's more 'peaceful' than the ocean and there are trees there and I love it all the sound of the river, the cold all of it. I don't really expect you to do this CT there I mean but I thought if was 'funny' like everything in one place

    I also want you to know it would be my 'treat'.........a small token for the over 3 years of intellectual excitement and energy. But even better not just 'intellectual' but a really USEFUL thing that has made quite a difference in my life. I really hope you are coming. It's also fine of course if other people want to come along though I kind of like the idea of having your un-divided attention
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Lovely Patrick...
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    im coming............
  7. Maybe this is not quite the right place to ask but I don't know how to use the 'private messaging' function here on the blog. I would appreciate any help and of course if one person can explain it to me that is enough. Thanks as this is something I need to do
  8. Oops!............problem solved (I think). Thanks Cinnamon! No need for anyone to spend any more time on this. Thanks again
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well Pat I think I am coming in Thursday.......not sure but if you want maybe we can do it Thursday......not sure if they are arranging a pick up for me or not.
  10. Whatever is good for you.............I am 'retired' so have all the time in the world. Just let me know..............if they have not arranged a pick up I can do that too. Whatever makes it easier on you..........I have PM ' ed you also Cinnamon showed me how to do that. So if you want to communicate there................I don't have a cell phone (guess whose 'influence' is that lol)..........my email is my 'name' here, I have a home phone though but here or through PM I guess is the best way to communicate. Don't forget I know LA very well all the 'hotspots'..................
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    LOL I should get my final itinerary today
  12. smart cat

    smart cat New Member

    Your Blog, Forum, Podcasts were the diamonds that I needed to find to even have a chance to get well. Back then in 2011 I listened to Jimmy Moore's podcast and the rest is history. Finally I found the doctor I was looking for. :)
    Unfortunately not in my area in Germany. :(
    And I didn't have any money for a doctor's visit in Nashville or skype/E-mail-Consults. Later I had money but there were no internet consults any more. Shit happens.

    Most of what I think has been already written in this thread , so I keep it short:

    Jack Kruse
    the person, the physician with a mission and the most helpful knowlege I ever found since searching the web in 2009 or so = "1"

    The people in the forum
    Very smart people, friendly and supporting atmosphere, no trolls. I feel I fit in better than in every other forum I have been (think German Paleo Facebook Groups or Physical Culture related Fighter Fightness Forum = "1"

    The blog contents
    Information delivered = "2" (only subjective -the importance for me, not for others)
    Technical aspects, digestibility for non- geeks, clarity, structure has a lot of room for improvement = "5"
  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Just had an idea for you about this blog - you might implement an FAQ - like the one Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride has on her website:


    You could put the most common and repeated questions plus answers in there and it might save you a lot of time - and the moderators could refer people to it - you could also update it periodically -
  14. I just woke up around 9 am now................was at Jack's speech and more to the point this several Q@A's afterwards left around 1am. So I have actually got close to 8 hours sleep but I feel DESTROYED! Really quite as bad as some of my college days but those involved some very heavy drinking plus maybe some pot...........depending. Anyway yesterday I had no alcohol no 'abuse' of food even drank plenty of water but just the fact of being up so late (I usually go to bed around 8-9 pm) but honestly that feels 'tied' with the effect of the lights. Actually I would say the effect of the lights feels more (worse)

    Big hanging chandeliers in the lecture room, I mean like a about 6 MASSIVE chandeliers and they weren't even turned all the way up a few times they were and it felt BAD, like this can really destroy the brain. I suppose it means my 'light hygiene' is quite good by comparison I am not at all used to this. So I can believe and it was an object lesson in Jack's theories about light, I feel right now like I have had about 20 cheese cakes.

    The other thing is 'watching' Jack.................I have no idea how he can do it. The talk the questions being in the firing line he kept going and going and going and he was still going when I gave up at 1am. Overall I think it went quite well, I think it was a difficult assignment for Jack in that the audience was hard to get a grip on. They were very varied but mostly 'entrepreneurial' types but also a lot of guys with knowledge of physics (tech people) but not of biology much. Which of course was find as Jack was mostly saying how physics trumps biology so in that way he got a decent hearing I would say. It was hard for me to judge I have heard most of it in one way or another already but I was impressed by some of the questioners. They clearly are 'smart' people and have been successful thinking for themselves and not being 'push overs'

    Jack should be on a plane by now.................I have to admit I cannot conceive how he does it his 'redox' must be about 10 times mine. I need to lie down now and maybe get some more sleep or at least rest.................
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  15. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Patrick, how was your personal time with Jack? That place looks awesome from the FB pic...
  16. Neil, you are asking a 'big' question there (I just got up and don't feel so bad now might even be able to venture out in a while and get the NY Times)...........it's a big question in so many ways. For me 'big' at least in that it was/is a kind of a situation where a 'young' man (I am 62 y.o. but 'young' at heart some people would say 'immature') meets his 'guru'. I had never met Jack before in the flesh (pod) so it was kind of big and maybe slightly fraught situation for me.

    I found Jack to be a generous person with his time and attention, I felt 'respected' by him he never once 'dissed' me in any way. I felt very well treated and 'respected'. We had a good time and even had a lot of 'fun' I would say. John A was also there with us who I got a very nice feeling from also a very calm and 'within himself' kind of person a good 'advertisement' for Jack's 'program' more than me I would say who still suffers from some 'conflicts'

    The thing is I felt Jack was 'on' the whole time and of course he was and he has to be it's his 'job' to be. He has to put his points and 'defend' himself and keep wading through the whole time. So I guess what I am saying is I found it a bit hard to contact 'him' the real Jack so to speak. I mean this is a purely personal thing and maybe TOO personal but I was thinking as I was driving out there the first day to meet Jack................what did I want to 'say' to him how would I visualize the best meeting and use of our time. And what I came up with is I wanted to tell him about 'ME' the real me. Which shows I feel lonely in this life in many ways I feel and have felt 'mis-understood' by so many people and that's where the 'guru' things comes in too. Like I crave for someone to 'know' me and that is really not that 'appropriate'

    I have been in that kind of situation before with Dr Arthur Janov and primal therapy...........the thing is in so many ways I am an 'ideas' person, ideas can fire me more than anything so if I find (rarely) someone who's ideas ring so true with me well it's a very big deal. Jack and I had a few friendly and I do mean friendly 'arguments' about ideas and so on. Jack says to me "you have to change your ideas, your ideas are your biggest block" and you see being 'fighting' Irish well at a certain point I think 'well maybe you need to change your ideas too - or at least 2 can play that game" Also I had some other thoughts about stuff like that, like Jack is a kind of 'genius' I think it is fair to say but like that movie about Alan Turing 'genius' can and often do go with some 'deficits' in other ways. I am not trying to point out Jack's 'deficits' but and I am being as 'honest' as I can here when Jack says things like "it's all physics" ok I agree but then again I don't. I mean physics is the 'sub-strate' of everything but that does not mean it IS everything.

    I am sorry this begins to sound a bit silly but I am gathering my thoughts and impressions here and being as honest as I can. And actually now I think this is all 'healthy' for me I will walk out the door now and maybe know and feel a bit that there is 'no guru, no master, no teacher' who can 'save' me...................I am alone in the world and that has always been hard for me to know and accept, I feel like crying a bit now.............
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  17. Neil you like music............that just writing that triggered a Van Morrison song who is I suppose my all time favorite singer. (Greater than Dylan, Neil Young even). Anyway he is Irish too and we are proud of that but this song is called "No Guru, No Method, No Teacher" and if you find the song drags a bit go to around the 3:50 mark where that kind of chorus come in.............

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  18. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    I don't think it sounds silly. I get exactly where you are coming from. Jack is a genius who slays sacred-cows every day, he sees things his way and does things his way. His position in everything is well-considered and comprehensive. This makes him very hard to get through-to or to influence. But not impossible, lol. (Everytime I see a sentence or paragraph I wrote show up in a blog, which is fairly often, I know he is listening to what I have to say, at least, lol. We all contribute something different.)

    But it isn't even necessary to "influence" him to benefit from knowing him. Everyone has to apply his discoveries and perspective on things to their own situation in their own way.

    Jack is mission-driven. He needs to finish building his structure (his quilt) his way. It is and will be an amazing advance in knowledge, but like anything done by humans it won't be perfect. But to improve upon his quilt will require it first be understood and absorbed by someone with respect for truth and genius level intellect...Maybe there is someone here who now will be able to do that and improve upon it...I don't know...

    I think you're probably just overwhelmed right now. Sleep on it some more. Yeah, we are all alone, but connections can be made. We are all connected in another sense too.

    I went to a funeral yesterday (Baptist).(Being in a Baptist church is an interesting experience for an avowed atheist like me.) Death is hard reality for all of us. Truly religious people model their entire lives around preparing for death. That's really why most subscribe to religion in some way. But religion and truth are fundamentally and epistemologically incompatible. That's why I have no patience for it. I am a purist-death be damned-I almost died 8 years ago. I consider it all bonus now at this point anyway. :) (The Baptists tell me I will be burning in hell. I'm good with that.)

    If individual people want to live a life of comfort and blind delusion, they are welcome to. But those of us with our eyes open are the only ones that have a chance to fix the world. Maybe just a few of us need to see the truth so that the rest can live happy and simple lives filled with Santa Claus and fairy-tales.

    My main personal difference of opinion with Jack is that I don't think most people can handle the truth. A few of us can. The rest just are not up to it and ultimately need a concrete road map to follow, in my opinion. I realize that sounds extremely condescending, but I'm not editing it out because I really believe it's true.

    Everyone has a different role to play in this drama. I haven't really figured out my ultimate role yet either. Still in training in a way. I am also getting to be an "immature old man" myself, so don't feel alone.

    I like Van Morrison a lot too. You know he always had horrible stagefright?
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  19. Thanks Neil..................it just occurs to me now also Jack's 'message' is a bit 2 edged. What I mean is as a person he is very 'positive' and 'up' and 'friendly' and so on.............but the implications are if you really think about them pretty 'dark'. At least to me it is.................reminds me of a another song (that's a 'habit' I have)

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  20. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    "Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, and without self-delusion -- in the long run these are the only people who count."

    - Robert A. Heinlein (1949)
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