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The PPP and ketosis, some different ideologies...

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by BigPapaChakra777, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You do very, very well with your English - please don't worry about it - your posts are very interesting......I actually find it very interesting because you and Inger and Peter and others sometimes use some words a little differently - but we always know what you mean and it sometimes adds a bit of a different context and colour to what you are saying!
    It seems to me that we see more of the "real you" when you are expressing yourself .... anyway - I love it....
  2. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Hehe thanks caroline ^^
  3. MeghanK

    MeghanK New Member

    Albert and Big Papa... have you ever followed or looked at SuppVersity... that guy digs into ALL the science for body building etc and puts it in easy to understand terms....
  4. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Yes! I got once or twice to that website via Google and found it very interesting. But I lost sight of it, you know, there's so much info on the net you cannot keep track of all the interesting blogs out there, I'd turn crazy! But thank you for bringing up this, I think this is one of these sites I should come back to visit more often. I just did some search on twitter and found the actual guy who runs the web, @Adel aka Dr. Andro. Now following him :)
  5. Yeah I love SuppVersity. That site and ergo-log along with a few others like Examine are essential to any athletic 'bio-backer', lol. I don't know what to do because I found so much intriguing research on those sites about various nutrients increasing testosterone and increasing the growth hormone peak after resistance training, and interesting things such as tomato juicing pre/post workout, but for right now I think reading through the citations of the LeptinRx blogs will serve me better, but I've thought up some interesting post workout/carb refeed (if you do that kind of thing) ideas that can enhance the efficacy. For anyone interested, go to SuppVersity and look up the Circadian Rhythm series - has TONS of useful information that more or less reinforces Dr. Kruse's ideas and adds some things people can try out (timing of supplements and lighting).
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    supplements never have the quantum effects of the physical chemistry construction of food.........food is the perfect quantum package for biology that must be delivered to our mitochondrial inner membrane when the clock is yoked properly.........that is the key. It is not the food per say.......it is the proper natural food at the proper time. Neither principle can be divorced from one another otherwise the result is inflammation.......
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  7. Do you yourself take supplements anymore, Dr. Kruse? I without a doubt agree that whole foods are the way to go, but it also comes down to light cycles and even more specifically - genetics and epigenetics. Regardless, I think in the modern world supplements hold their place, and I'm not speaking about typical vitamins and what not, I'm talking about things that can specifically enhance performance (think nootropics). But regardless, I'd like to know if you still supplement any longer after eating epi-paleo for some odd years, or if you recommend supplements basically on context only.

    I was more or less speaking about natural compounds, though, and you could easily get them in your meals. Everything from those ergo-log reports I posted you can just toss into a meal after a work out and probably get similar results (I don't know the dosing yet though).
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    the real reason to take supplements in my mind is poor food quality because of our EMF world.......I just did a podcast two days ago that got into this issue........when it goes live listen.
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  9. Please notify me/us at the boards when it goes live, I'm currently going through your CT podcasts with various individuals and hoping to get some good information. I again agree with you, partially because of EMF and partially because of other problems (soil depletion, pollution, and something I just thought up now - epigenetics of the animals and fish we eat!), but specifically, what about sports supplements and nootropics? Would those be rendered useless if we had been eating epi-paleo for 5-6yrs and our exoskeleton and cells have turned over with less inflammation and no deficiencies, or could those still be used to 'super-charge' our bodies/minds in a sense? The reason I bring this up is because 'supplemental foods/drinks/items' are used by many who you would typically deem free of the ails of modern society. Many cultures with shamans not only use psychedelics as a spiritual/psychological recharge, but also use various roots and herbs to enhance their energy and vitality. Then there are those in the anti-aging and brain-hacking community who have great health, yet still take nootropics. Dave Asprey has said that since he's been 'bulletproof' for the past years, he takes far less supplements (from 197 pills a day down to like less than 20 I believe) and he notices only about a "10% increase in cognitive function from Modafinil". Keep in mind, though, he has been eating optimally for years, and has done extensive brain/emotional/psychological hacking to himself and STILL receives a 10% boost in his abilities. That's hard to rule out.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    i believe all environmental issue tie back to EMF issues.........EMF is a force of nature that removes energy from the environment, it removes water, hence it removes nutrients from soils and causes pollution to offset the energy loss.......Everything in nature ties back to E=MC2.
    Dave has come under fire by his old podcast sidekick.........Armi Legge. He has been quite critical of him after working super close to him. His new site is pretty interesting read.
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  11. Amy

    Amy Silver

    some good points being made here. I have had questions about the PPP and would appreciate any insights. where is the evidence that one "cannot enter the PPP" in anything but a low carb state? is it just that carbs generate ROS which consume that pathway and in a low carb state that reducing power is around for optimization/performance? also, any clue why the PPP was billed as the ultimate weight loss weapon on the webinar?
  12. I wish I knew those answers as well. That's what I was kind of getting at in the original post - how do we enter the PPP? I understand it takes time, but can you simply be on a low carb vs. ketogenic or zero carb diet? Cyclical ketogenic? Also, would it even be possible to enter the PPP if you were not only low carb/keto/zero carb but have to eat a very strict paleo or even epi-paleo diet AND completely minimize EMFs, fluoride, etc? Are there different 'levels' essentially, as I presented there are differing amounts of ketones you can generate in a state of ketosis, can you be in a minimal state of the PPP by being extremely fat adapted yet not minimizing everything else?

    I just searched up the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, I suggest you do the same. Also look up NADPH, because that is one of the primary compounds generated, besides pentoses. I was intrigued, though, because it shows that pentoses (sugars) are also produced, and that the 'non-oxidative phase' of the PPP is an 'alternative to glycolysis'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentose_phosphate_pathway. Right there strikes me as, okay, if we are generating these pentoses while simultaneously increasing our RQ and using fat at higher intensities, maybe this is why carbs are not needed. Also, maybe things such as D-Ribose can be used for athletes that engage in highly intense activities (ahem, Barry; or people doing martial arts, basketball, football, etc.) as an alternative to carbs. Also, I learned from some posts on the Bulletproof Exec Forums about Trehalose. Apparently insects use that rather than glucose at times to sustain their flight for long periods of time, and not very much is known about it. It may enhance autophagy as well. One user who makes lots of posts and quantifies all his bio-hacks posted his results. Dave Asprey recommends (for some) people to consume some raw honey prior to bed while in ketosis to keep them from suffering too low glucose and it will enhance their sleep while waking up without extremely low blood glucose and feeling foggy. Well, this user didn't experience much with Raw Honey, but switched to Trehalose and tracked his sleep with a Zeo Monitor. It greatly increased is deep sleep and reduced his light sleep phases, and it showed him that he unconsciously woke up less frequently than normal during sleep. This got me wondering if humans, with the proper context, can make use of things such as D-Ribose and Trehalose and essentially completely cut out carbs (zero carb), while engaging in demanding activities, and only eat carbs during summer (the time of plenty).

    There is still A LOT more to learn. I plan on going to the library tomorrow and printing out Dr. Kruse's most important blogs in my opinion on understanding all of this: Hormones 101, Why Oprah Is Fat, CT 4 and 6, BG 4-6, EMF Top 10 FAQS, EMF 4, QB4, and the LeptinRX FAQS. Basically applying the 80/20 technique to the blog posts hoping I can further my understanding a bit more quickly. If anyone else thinks there are some other blogs that are absolutely NECESSARY in understanding this material (I know all are connected and aid, I'm not saying I won't read them ALL, I just want to read the most important first), let me know.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    PPP is entered when energy levels on semiconductors are high..........the higher one's total energy in the system is the lower the mass equivalence. Who proved this? Einstein in E=MC2.

    One can enter the PPP in long light cycles eating carbs provided that the semiconductors are in good shape and they are preloaded with protons and electrons.

    It is all about the current on the inner mitochondrial membrane.........

    When you eat foods out of the photoelectric effect time scale then you can not meet the requirements required in Einstein's E = MC2. Pretty simple.
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  14. So you could essentially enter PPP regardless of a ketogenic state, although you'd probably have to be in ketosis at least in winter due to light cycles/temperature? Essentially then I think all the worrying I've been doing about being in ketosis is worthless and I should just continue on my path (cyclical ketogenic diet as per Lyle McDonald to gain muscle) and follow some of the practices of the LeptinRx (breakfast and not eating at not), and actually pay more attention to water than food - start buying RO water and drink to satiety and eventually all will come. I'm sure I've read that enough from you and Barry, but I guess I just enjoy getting into all the minutia so I can really "hack" myself.

    What do you think about D-Ribose and Trehalose, though, Dr. Kruse? More specifically Trehalose because I know you recommend D-Ribose, but I meant D-Ribose for athletes (glycogen and/or recovery).
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Listen to the Mitochondrial Rx........D ribose is one of the things I spent close to 45 minutes explaining.
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Roger Klein found that there is a greater stabilizing energy and much higher electron density at critical bond points for each hydrogen bond in the 5 and 6 membered rings compared to the single hydrogen bond between two liquid water molecules called dimers. The greater bond strength comes from hydrogen bond shortening within the clustered rings compared to the liquid forms. What does this mean? As the bond lengths decrease energy in the system can increase because of the quantum effects on current in liquid water. This is another property of water that really should have caught the attention of the biochemical world because it shows how water can act coherently from sub atomic level to the macroscopic level on Earth in nature. ( excerpt from EMF 5)


    EMF= dehydration

    Dehydration = less water

    less water = change in the density of water

    change in density of water = change in photons speed

    change in a photon speed in a medium = affects the total energy in the photons

    change in density of water = change in current along the inner mitochondrial membrane

    current on inner mitochondrial membrane = energy in the system

    Energy in the system = life, sickness or death found in the system.

    As energy decreases in the system = the Higgs boson slows photons and protons down even more where they act.

    As subatomic particles slow in the Higgs field = mass of the particle gains a mass and weight increases

    As mass increases = we describe the person as more fatter or obese.

    The Higgs boson gives all subatomic particles mass = God particle; is the final particle to be found in the Standard model for the laws of nature

    If the Higgs exists (and as of 7/4/12 it does) = it means reward theory is impossible for obesity and calories do not matter.

    If calories don't matter = it means protons and electrons do........because they form the currents that carry energy in mitochondria and water

    Life is energy = energy is life

    E =MC2 = foundational law of nature
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  17. If only I had the $79 to purchase it, in the future after I spend money on my brother and what not, definitely. Thanks a lot for this post ^ though. From that I'm really beginning to think that water may be my key here for now. I live in a sea of EMF and there is no escaping it for a few years. Obviously I can combat that with a ton of CT and drinking a bunch of non-fluoridated water. Good thing I'm going to print out those blogs of yours tomorrow. If you read my comment about which blogs I was printing, do you think those would suffice, or are there others I should add to the list (again, I'm going to read all of them as well as all of the comments and citations)?

    I just recently watched Dr. Peter Attia's most recent presentation and it's funny because it seems you look at food/water/etc. as protons, electrons and so on, and he was saying that he looks at them as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. and he also speaks about some of the same things as you (electron transport chain, NADPH, and so on). He already got onto the Bulletproof Coffee train, if only he would get on the CT train now, lol.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Attia is not scaled correctly and that is why him Wolf, Guyenet et al still think macro's and food matter..........they dont. It is all about quantum physics and the action of particles.......in mitochondria

    Food = electrons and photons from food which gets them from where? Sun and water content. Elementary.

    E =MC2.

    EMF 2, carefully read it.
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  19. Yeah I don't agree with everything they all say, but Attia is one of the only doing what he does (besides some on these boards) and that is without him eating epi-paleo or minding light cycles and traveling for NuSI foundation and sleeping very little - probably the effects he has gotten from eating a very strict ketogenic diet for 2yrs and doing proper exercise. He probably lives according to some of the adaptations Barry speaks about - how some athletes adapt physically to all the trauma they are doing to their bodies and don't even realize the physiological adaptations occurring. He is still a great n=1 and offers a lot of great information. I just wish he would converse more with people like you and Dave Asprey, he has spoken to Ben Greenfield a few times but they didn't get into much detail besides the basics of ketosis.

    I will print and read EMF 2 and the citations provided. I also have to read some of the Einstein papers you reference after this upcoming semester when I take more heavy math and science classes, lol. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, you will still see me picking your mind as well as others, lol
  20. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    For me I am staying in the ketosis diet eating epi Paleo doing lots of CT, drinking mineral, ROS, well etc water, lots of EMF protection, lots of grounding, MovNat, connecting to nature etc. For me remain keto - epi Paleo until I am running rocket fuel and firing on all 8 cylinders. Once I have this all dialed in, and it is going well,I may introduce some seasonal carbs. But right now I don't feel I need them or desire them. So far I have been feeling amazing and off the hook energized and this buzz or ephoric energy level that keeps driving me for more of it.
    It is my new wonder drug so to speak. So far that is. I am still questioning and exploring everything.
    My lifts, sprints, function aches and recently re-intruction of endurance movement are on a path of improvement.
    I have no problems holding and gaining lean muscle mass. People often say I look the best I ever have. My skin glows, my passion and excitement is up.

    I must say it is exciting seeing the activity on these posts and how others are trying to figure it out. I am doing the same, learning on the way and like the direction thus far.

    For me it is; jump in feet first and see where it goes. How else will I truly know?

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