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Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Jack Kruse, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If you listen between 38:00 to 41:00 time minutes here you find out how the maternal side of families can create high heteroplasmy in their germlines by disruption of the melanopsin/retinol systems to cause childhood diseases like Type 1 diabetes and cancers without the mother ever having a nuclear DNA history of them.

    I will remind you each human egg has 250,000-500,000 mitochondria that will become the power plants for the fertilized egg. So this re-programming is a huge deal.

    The environment the egg is forced to endure causes this process to raise heteroplasmy rates. LIGHT RADIATION SICKNESS = MOM’S mtDNA = TIRED CHILDREN FROM "light radiation" SCREEN TIME? Could this be why kids who come from a bad egg can be born with high heteroplasmy rates to be susceptible to acquiring brains soften into mental illness and developmental delay and/or autism under the power of light from a technology screen??? Could this nonlinear effect of light lead to an Rx pad solution that might lead to the collateral damage so that they could conceivably kill themselves and one another in the future??? Are school shooters built the same way by modern man's environments? I think so. Today, there are fewer guns in the USA, than there was 50 years ago yet back then when guns were more popular there were no school shootings. So if guns are the cause why didn’t we have more shootings?

    Schools have always been a gun free zone in the USA yet only today we get school shootings. Why didn't it happen 50 years ago when guns were more common in the USA. The answer is over the last 50 years there was no concomitant radiation screen risk to these kids to cause their cognitive mental changes and no nnEMFpower densities to drive the many mental illnesses children get today to cause mind control and alter behavior. We need to alienate the offensive memes created by poor thinkers in the public space with the truth. This is the only way to change when people suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect built by paradigms and ideology. Nature is the ultimate vaccine for truth. https://www.ihmc.us/stemtalk/episode-67/
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