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The new old fashioned.

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by prAna303, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    North of Sweden... Borders are open but it is more fun to sneak by at night.

    Do it while it is for free because i predict this freedom we have will cost plenty of dollars soon, just like water.
  2. b612

    b612 New Member

    If you sleep alone in the woods and you are not scared. You are a dangerous freak.
    That's what nature does to us if we stay alone for too long.

    And don't teach me things oh go find some company. You computer is resonating you are terribly alone yourself.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2015
  3. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Authentically paleo would be take a dog. The modern human-dog relationship is likely crucial and even may be what helped our ancestors outcompete the Neanderthals:


    They know what's coming, before you do, and they don't neglect to alert you.
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have never even imagined slightly that Peter is alone ...... Peter lives in all of us - and we in him ......we are all entangled therefore we are not alone.

    Peter is an observer of all life ....and when it suits him - he joins in and partakes! He knows when to step out ....and when to step back in.

    A beautiful woman and a fine glass of wine ..........

    He choses when and where...... we all have the choice....
  5. b612

    b612 New Member

    Once I saw a documentary about a French man living in the north of Sweden. He lives alone with his husky dogs and the nearest neighbour is like 100 km far away. Sometimes he sleeps outside with his dogs in winter when it's -20 C. I remember his sad deep beautiful eyes.
    Could I knock at his door? Yes, but I would be afraid. His eyes are too...
  6. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member


    What is that thing called love? Why have we made it a collective meaning from it.

    Today i see food in the supermarket framed and published just like a Facebook posting, it is there for presentation, a fashion or style, based upon the present trend. Most think that food with makeup is wonderful, fish is smelly.

    Today i see tons of new generations take up smoking. It is the quick fix, the fast inhale that only takes you a minute, perfect to add to your full time work schedule. Can it be that working in a microwave makes them longing for enery bursts?

    Today i see the men and women of politics attend to shows where they perform silly dances, just like the present viral trend on youtube, to sell themself for votes.

    Today i see movies that is based upon the act of killing, hurting others, crying humans.

    Today i see friends take drugs to make them stand the stress, to make their senses dull so they can relax.

    But where do i see love?

    Food should be the action of love sometimes. To honor the fisherman that went out on that rainy day, the winemaker that spends her days and nights, on the knees to observe the grapes. Turning the bottles with generations of wisdom, just because they feel they must...

    Smoking can be, applied in a good place and time open doors to a place where plants were picked and fermented. You can eat a whole table of goodies with a single puff but it takes time from you. You can not stress a good smoke, it takes hours to travel with your senses, back and forth.

    Dance not to collect votes, dance because you must... Taking music and motion is one of our best highs we can use. Even watching it makes you see something else inside of you, if your systems are at work you dance on the inside.

    Work with your love and you will never be hold at prison. Drugs is of no use here because you do it for yourself and your pool of love.

    Become a aficionado of life... Make potential from what is and open doors, remove limits and laws because it is time to pick up science to change what went wrong.

    Every single day this idea becomes more true... From the show Lost and those who played with their minds on the meaning.

    And for the love of women.

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Make potential from what is ........ truly great life lesson. Instead of wishing .... do.

    what a wonderful mind picture .... a pool of love.
  8. b612

    b612 New Member


    I found this song today. It made me think of you. It reminds me of someone alone in the dark. At night, lots of stars and crazy cold. I would also add some husky dogs around but probably I prefer without.

    It's written in Inuit language but I can't find the translation anywhere. All I know is that navvaatara means "I found it".

    Anouri uqqusiju
    Nipi tusaalirakku
    Ilinnit ungagama
    Nallini qinirtara
    Unnua ullungurtuq
    Suli saninniqujilutit
    Navvaatara navvaatara

    Found what? I really want to know.
  9. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Yeah! Those dogs can be a pain in the ass... But they are also nice like anything living in nature.

    That is the beauty with music instead of written words, we do not need to understand words, instead we feel. Words is one great error of us today, we put to much importance in them instead of letting the silent language talk, our bodies and other senses.
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  10. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Mental Jet Lag.

    When i think and make up a reality that is not in sync with the one i am located in, i am lost.

    Today i can read about so many things that is going on around the corner of the world, i can make up some freaky shit about what my own reality is... The one source is modern technology, the one that has a focus on information. We blend the cocktail with gadgets and words without any connection.

    Each time you look on your Facebook flow you loose the grip of your own environment, the things that show up has to sync with your own world but it does not and the price your cells will pay. Looking at a picture from a friend, far, far away makes your cells react. Together with the light it comes with you get changes that, at first is not seen but it can be sensed, keep doing it and you shut down the sense that has gotten the wrong information.

    You loose the picture of what you are...

    Fear comes together with this i think. We prepare ourselves to things that can not happen "live" and with this we limit what really can happen. We put away scary things just because it can do harm but why should it? And is that all bad?

    Sometimes we get a glimse of life, quite often when we try something that is deadly, also known as being alive. Take a freedive, you slip down into water and let go. Trust that you are a part of water and you act and react without any lag, loose that focus for one second... Think about what you gonna eat for dinner and, shit, really bad shit can happen. Same goes with our ordinary daily life, think to much about what you will do later on and you get a Jet Lag, the mental one.

    When i post this i loose my grip for a short period of time and if i do not compensate i will slip deeper down.

    This is also why, i think. People who start to change for something different get a Jet Lag. The thing you are do not match your profile on Facebook anymore, why? One is real, the other a simulation. If you start to get well, say move from a bad place you still have to dig deeper into the other things that makes us living, it can be your style of fashion, your family and so many other things... For some this sounds like it will never end, i just wanna have some confort but that is the error we do make. Why is a life full of change bad? If it syncs with you and your environment it is like a walk in the park on a sunny day.

    The world is not global in the way we use it today... It is all local but that local moment is connected to a greater big.

    Now i close the lid on this piece of electronics and go out where time is not a factor only my response is important.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mental jet lag = cognitive haze = a new old fashion Rx = Sunrises and sunsets are clinics dispensing free care. Physics drives our biology and opens the door to the compound pharmacy in our pituitary. Every sunset is a reset, every sunrise collapses a new waveform. When you live in an optimized environment with ideal optics, most ailments can be cured; time can be slowed using light while surgery can repair the environment. Putting windex on your glass eye is brain surgery without a scalpel.
  12. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Energy saver.

    The mantra today is that we should save energy to save the earth, this goes with everything.

    We are forced to buy shitty light for our homes, forced to produce work in a world built upon the cheapest supplier, from flooring to lighting.

    We are forced to buy food that is based upon cheapest and the most effective producer.

    We are forced to watch movies, sent to us on cheapest WiFi and crappy displays.

    We get cars that do not pollute the world like the old ones, instead they are rolling cans of cancer.

    I could go on forever and most people thing i am insane, buy and pay me free of my own thinking, yes Google aims for my brain...

    Back to why and how we perhaps have gone insane, energy savers. We are living things that crave transfers of energy, our senses cost a lot and are made from nature to do some heavy duty living. Now is this why we are in love with technology? I mean, could the brain be slowing down just because it cost a lot to keep going, laying it in the cloud is so wonderful... The device to link external brain and us is modern technology and i think there can be good technology but today... Not sure. When i watch a movie on my iPhone i feel so good because i can relax, the brain can shut down parts that is no longer in need and therefor i save energy, big time. With this i also loose ability to read the environment, watching a lake on the latest TFT screen gives me signals that the cells can not understand, hey! Sun, lake, nude girls but i can not sense it with my skin, my smell, my ability to make contact... The mental Jet Lag.

    This do not mean that i will go out and burn down each tree i see just because i need more walls to protect myself from the ugly nature.

    Took a friend to a performance some time ago, he is hyper sensitive to everything that is the things we call art... He could almost cry seeing six humans on stage, dancing to live music, live classical music, handmade for the show. We sat upfront, having the complete setup in our knees... After something like this, how can you like Youtube?

    If our brains were created last, or the most detailed systems were created not long ago, will these go first when we allow ourselves to put the brainpower on a external device? What happens when we no longer can respond like our living system is created?

    Many, most... Think i am insane when i go in a t-shirt when it is -2C, you could catch a flu, i respond i think i have so i must chill i say. Watched some new monitors for movies today, i thought everything looked like shit, everyones looks like cancer i said, people just stared.

    Life forms perhaps have a built in desire to save energy, save and live longer but when that response is made with nature as source, how could we get well today? Going into a sick place (read manmade building) to take a test will always give a sick answer... If you base your theory on a sick basis you tell everyone they are sick because each of us respond very different but the laws is based on nature. Give me a doctor that takes the ill ones on a trip to a deep forest for a week and look how they respond and LOOK, hey... Is this Doctor 3.5?

    Enough! Have some strings to listen to, also some sexy female violinist...
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am sitting in our backyard - on a hill ....and all I can see is miles of all different kinds of tree tops and flowering shrubs in purples and reds ...and a small mountain as a backdrop.

    The sky is very blue, the grass is very green, birds are singing, the ocean is 10 minutes away ....and I couldn't be happier and more peaceful...

    Should I be doing stuff - of course ..... but, right now this is the most important place in the world to me.....
  14. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    When shit hits the fan... Or?

    We are designed for usage of one sun and some plenty of stars, stars that can and will walk among us humans.

    Do you use a lightsource that tells you a story or do you look upon the world where everything is lit by sources? Since the very day that we walked away from nature we have given ourselves versions of life, a little less that the real thing.

    Many things fell into place when viewing some clips a couple of weeks ago... One one side i had a regular 85 inch tv-set pounding out information, above me to the other i had a projector blasting the very same story but what a difference. Light straight into all my senses makes me feel, fucked up. Light painted on a screen of silver made me take a trip...

    When i see the world now and it has changed in many ways the last months, i love the idea of a stage. On that stage everything can be lit by a can of light but the person watching will also see much more, shadows, blur and many other things. Sound can be there so you must react, feel something that goes into that world you sit and observe... The whole place is black, you go into a dreamstate or is it back to reality?

    Someone who is "on top" can send so many signals. Someone who is real will make many look but not many will have the power to meet the glance, why? The potential of someone with a strong flow will make the weak ones look away... Just like staring into the sun if you are weak.

    I have meet these ones, the above ones and i can only say, wow.

    Today i feel something very new to me... I have a feeling of loss and that one is great. This burning sensation deep inside steers my destination and i have a thirst. Just like those vampires we have seen on movies for a long time i am hungry, that sensation when you drink life is so hunting. I talked to someone about this feeling and now i know that this one can kill, break and shake you down that rabbit hole.

    Now that one project has come to an end, almost i feel a hunger. I can not go back, never. Today i understand why an actor will search for kicks, a rock star dig into drugs and many other seek destroy... The world we make when we create, act, dance and many other things is our own and when we are forced into society we crash, we long into a dreamworld where everything is possible, this i must search now.

    So in the end, what light will you be? The one that shines, the one that is lit or just the one hunked down against a screen of simulation.

  15. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Full range...

    From this very day i must give myself a deal, i need the full spectrum no matter what.

    When i listen to music, bang on my whole body. Earphones gives me just some small part of it, blasting it out with real sound, yummy.

    When i eat i go into full range, no simple fake product, give me that fishy thing now, the whole beast.

    When i meet people, stop and drop... That fucking iPhone, if you do not i turn the other side and search further.

    When i walk... I walk!

    When i stare into the sun i do it live and direct, no hanky panky, no mumbo jumbo, just the real deal... Sun and living humans (and other living things).

    We must stop using the limited spectrum, we are not designed to just think we feel it, we need to use every sense.

    Also, perhaps all matter is light collected and held together... Until we know the other way for sure i will only let as many as possible of good waves hit me, period.

    After seeing this performance, live with live music, this made me make above promise.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
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  16. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Slave to love.

    Do parents take care of us still after many long years? Have you left the nest yet or do you blame DNA.

    If you learn by systems based upon your parents, their versions of life you also end up living your parents life. Quite early on i think we loose the ability to just play around, solve problems without any hesitation, play is love.

    Same thing goes when we live the same day over and over again or think that that is what we need. Work of today is more deadly than before, the free will of workers is an illusion. Some make it, they are often gurus that change things... Everyone can do this!

    After some days with some actors we played the game of masks... Some had great problems to become that mask, others were great. Scaling it up and i see what i want in life. You can do everything because you take what you find and create. Same with music i think. Play by the notes and some will shine but many must shut down their own world just because we made laws.

    I jumped the nest many years ago and did it again yesterday.
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  17. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Snow and ice.

    Here it comes, first white flings today, made me think.

    Often one can feel that this darkness is demanding and then this white gold comes and light up my day.

    Is snow sunlight collected?

    When everything is clean and white, the small amount of light i have shines like hell. I see it everywhere, even in the dark, snow.

    Might be wrong but i like the idea...
  18. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Red light, go!

    The remains of the fire is still glowing...

    I think that the idea that cooking food made us great is under attack. Can it be that the real action took place in the fire?

    To make food warm just makes it a comfort thing, we looked upon the fire and felt good, cold nights it gave us warmth and we started to think, warm is good. Lets make a stew...

    Since we came from the sea we started a reaction that has nothing with food to do, it was a light thing. Sun during the days we knew but when we let it go also at night, we got some extra information for the system to take care of, we got smarter. That red light has been with us all the time since then, we love it. Why do some creators dream in lucid red?

    That fire made food function but not by blasting it into a mess.

    Us humas have had some deep love affairs with these two sources, sun and fire, guess why many love to burn stuff? We want to take back life into our own world again, shit happens when you are a mess for sure, burning homes may not be good but many should indeed.

    Fire, walk with me.

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  19. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Your own personal cannibal.

    When we get sick we share light.

    When we are on top of the world we share light.

    The difference can be just a tiny fabric, just showing some skin makes me go crazy, in a good way.

    I think we must not just focus on light that hits us but also the light that should be dropped. Today we eat the light that we should leave behind and the bad things goes back into us. We were not made to suck on old lollipops...

    Lets say, i get a flu. My unit of flesh and other things goes warm, and warm we know is light. This light must be dropped and not kept, no way mama i will wear a hat when cold. If we bunk up on clothes because we get shivers we block and would perhaps even create some bad new lights. Just like a wave of sound can have effects on matter, light will. Also the colour as we know do matter. This kind of distortion should not happen, we need clean sources.

    This would also be a good reason why aluminum sucks, used the wrong way.

    When i sleep and someone next to me can eat me, good. But when i eat myself, shit happens.

  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I like your analogies Peter :)

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