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The new old fashioned.

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by prAna303, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you nailed it .......
  2. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    I don't know?

    But after reading some of this thread, this quote by William James (referenced in a film review!) popped in my memory -

  3. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    The soundtrack of our lifes.

    Do we listen to music anymore?

    Today everything has a theme, go to a store and you get music, stand in line waiting and you get music, see a movie you get music but what is really coming thru? We as humans have been using music for many things during our lifetimes, there is music for pleasure, music for healing, music for connecting and so on but what has happened today? Everyone uses digital music only, with that i mean that we use technology not only to make it but to mix it, record it and publish it. Is this also a big clue to why we are suffering today?

    Today music is decoded into a digital stream that gets turned back into waves thru technology. It is broken into small pieces, particles that is non information unless you got the key to put it back again. The big problem is that you do not get clean waves. When we listen to music produced and published the new way we feed ourself with chaos that looks like tones but is not, just like a program that looks good but in reality is a virus. The other problem is also that we consume it on gadgets and by using earphones.

    Music is in my opinion not only arts, it is food for your unit called human.

    But what is missing today? Simply the pure form of resonance... A digital wave will not resonate with you, it is like fastfood for you, it looks like real but is not. And together with all the chaos we add into our system we can not get clean noice inside us, we need tunes to make our bodies and minds sync together, lower the entropy in the unit.

    I think we all have moments that we connect with music in all kind of ways, laughing, crying and just feeling good. The things is that if you are of age of 30 and above you can remember music how it was when you hear a digital tune but nothing more. The problem is with younger that is born and feed with digital music, they do not remember those things, i think they should because of genetics but those are in another mode for them.

    What i do. I found that the only way to make this ancient way of feeding us is to go analog. Listen to live music, made by humans and their instruments, getting all tones into my body, not only ears FEEDS me. I started a month ago to listen to vinyl recordings again and by making it a test i found that it makes me grow. It expands my mind and my body, makes me travel... To listen and get a room that is bigger than the one i am sitting in is a huge mindblowing thing.

    So by this i mean that we must get music back into our lifes... Not the easy one on spotify, the real one with real tones.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I wonder if this is why I have never had an ipod etc. I love music and dance but I have never been able to relate to having earbuds in my ears and getting my music that way. I totally want to be in the middle of it and absorbing it on every level so that it pushes everything else out of my mind. I want to be free to enjoy the physical and the auditory and the visual at the same time ....to be totally encompassed thru and thru by the experience and in the midst of others doing the same....

    I am still trying to understand why I started crying when a young man started to play and sing The Tennessee waltz. Obviously it struck a chord deep within - and it still hasn't surfaced.....
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have just been reading thru this thread again..... I know I should be reading mind bending stuff ......but this entire thread is simply gorgeous...... actually some pretty mind bending/ beautiful/ life altering stuff here.....

    One of these days I am going to print this whole thread off and save it so I can keep all this .... for me...to feed my spirit.

    The lovely thing is - so many contributed beautiful thoughts from much the same, yet different, perspectives ....and heading in the same direction... to infinity and beyond!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2013
  6. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Yes, i think this is a big reason... If you put yourself in a place where tones and odd resonances can get to you the natural way you start to alter your field. Just as WiFi and other human made frequencies alters our water and proteins, the same can natural tones. When we make analog digital we sample the waves and make copies that acts like waves but in a bad way, think about a great actor vs a bad one. When these hits us they make us rise entropy within ourself, the system gets an error because of the mixed message. On the other hand, real analog waves makes the parts of us resonate in different ways and depending on their own frequency, in the whole the effect is felt in the whole unit.

    This is why dance is complex, like looking at quantum theories live and direct, the same if you dance yourself.

    Many have had moments when time stood still, i get them when i move in harmony with the environment. Music can open doors to the modern human that had been shut for many years, in some crazy way i think we all can make a sort of timetravel when we listen to music that tap into hidden parts of our minds. This is because i think we must rethink the concept of time and how we look, live and act with it. Something inside of us say things that we must start to listen to now, hidden from the gadget world we have a higher level and it is simply waiting on us, free to use when we can start to think new again, without dogmas.
  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Not that long ago just about every household had some sort of musical instrument. Real music was seen as a necessity of sorts.
  8. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Thanks, i just try to put words to how a lifelong cold adapted Swede see the world.
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Peter it is weird but the longer I live like this the less I listen to music and the more I sing and dance. what a difference... I cannot believe how much I love to sing! But only alone...lol

    When I grew up we was not allowed to listen to electronic music. We played music ourselves instead, everyone played an instrument in the family. It was fun! Today I am so glad it was like that!
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2013
  10. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    I settled at Cold Mountain long ago,
    Already it seems like years and years.
    Freely drifting, I prowl the woods and streams
    And linger watching things themselves.
    Men don't get this far into the mountains,
    White clouds gather and billow.
    Thin grass does for a mattress,
    The blue sky makes a good quilt.
    Happy with a stone underhead
    Let heaven and earth go about their changes.

    Quote: Han-Shan
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Peter ... It seems to me that describes you perfectly .......Has that always been your mindset? even as a little boy? what about your parents? siblings? or were you always an outlier?
  12. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Yes, even before i knew what a mindset is... I remember some things from my early years that then looked odd but today is perfectly natural. I always lived with no rules from my parents, i was free to do what ever i wanted. If i fell and got hurt, good lesson my parents would say. I have been cold adapted my whole life i would say, when i was a young kid i always played in the snow in just some jeans and a shirt, no hat, no gloves when other kids where dressed up like a "michelin man".

    I lived by the sea and played in the sea the whole days, my first CT was when i almost drowned during a winter, i was six years and went thru the ice, alone. Good lesson that gave me more life afterwards, a game changer i feel today.

    My sister is quite the opposite of me, different dads. Here i today see what history and how one acts in the elements make big difference. I have always been quick to try new stuff, like computers when i was eleven (early then), working in high tech worlds but at the same time have one leg in the cold. My sister is living the "normal" life, with the "normal" problems, overweight and some deep problems with her brain, do not remember the name of the problem. So when you would see us together we are like yin and yang. Parents just living a quite normal life today (EMF hell).

    I always had a much deeper connection to the nature than the people around me, it has been and still is my playground...

    This has always put me in places where i often is alone, company only works with the people that has some kind of connection to the elements. Like i said before, i find my tribes in climbers, surfers, freedivers, skiers and hobos. The big thing is that i only truly love people with a body and mind, a complete living unit and that is becoming a minor part of the society today. Look around and you see the big parts of the race humans becoming something with a gadget in their hands and earphones in their ears. This makes me even more motivated to be a change, when everyones goes digital i go analog. I know that i do the right thing because my labs say so and my unit also say so. So many clues today that becomes clear with all this quantum theories we learn about, things i done with a feeling in the gut.

    I deeply think that we all must go out and change the world we live in, we must go back and at the same time head forward in a different path than the big crowd do today. Only when people see what we do and get interested in that change they will start to think for them self and stop listening to experts of 2013.
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is amazing to me how we all arrived at this very special place .... we all are so different - and yet our outlooks are the same ... or at least heading in the same direction. I think the beam of Jack's flashlight casts a wide, wide forward path and what we are learning for ourself and about ourself and from each other is extraordinary. We all, probably, couldn't be more different - what a motley crew we are... everyone is so unique .... what a pleasure!

    We were talking before, somewhere, about how this[electronics] is a 2 dimensional medium .... but I think I disagree a little. In one of Jack's last podcasts - where he talks about this .... He said when we put down our thoughts - we become more 3D. I suppose some people are very guarded and careful about what they say and can become rude and stupid ..... but I think others of us .....just say.....
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    As I was out walking today in the rain...I was thinking about you. It is amazing how my gait has changed. Much more fluid and natural and connected to the ground. I feel happy/satisfied/at ease in my own skin ..... That is a first...even if my life is crap in other areas ....I finally and somewhat know who I am...:)

    I finally see that our gaieties are a valid indication of who we are. That should, of course, be gait! .... But I like how it spell corrected. My ipad knows better!
  15. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Yes i agree with this one to. But for me i can feel a great difference between writing on a computer vs writing in a book. When i go analog i first sit for a while, think, drink some coffee, look at people. Then after a while i go into a state where i write how i think or feel right there, the thing is that mind must be in sync with my hand to do the writing, i must do my errors in mind before i write, once it is on paper i cannot erase those words. This is why i think it is vital to write for us humans, everyone has a need to get mind and body in sync and writing is just one way of doing it. When i go digital, things can go a little bit to fast and words can be sent away without the proper thoughts... Misunderstandings can be done...

    So for me the analog way is always 3D and even more dimensions.
  16. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    I see gait as a big clue to how humans really feel and live their lifes. I use it in my work where i try to help persons with back pains, bad feets and other problems. Many others use computers and software to correct feets today but for me that is so wrong. They look at the feet and say that it is not working when you must look at the whole person and when i do my kind of reading of the body i look for the details that makes the music sound bad. When someone is walking without any kind of soundtrack i see small errors in the music, a hip that is out of sync with the shoulders and so on...

    Today i know, thanks to Jacks way of teaching us Quantum Physics why gait and posture is a good sign if someone is loosing energy to the world around us. When we get fried today with technology we loose the sublime systems first, we loose the ability to be filled with energy and move without errors. So today i look deeper into the humans with problems because i feel that a sore hip can be caused by a trauma to the head, shoulder or something else.

    Like many others said, look at the human with problems also, not only the problems in that human.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So now that my gait is more natural .....I feel a certain lightness and peace - that really sounds overstated! I take in the world around me ..... my mind is only focused on my surroundings and people and dogs.

    So - I have this calmness and that translates or transfers energy .... and that is why people and dogs smile at me!

    yesterday - a man was walking three dogs and they all stopped and surrounded me and everyone - dogs too- were smiling...not talking - just enjoying one another ..... very nice and comforting.....
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think what you say is correct for sure ....

    I have never written much before.....so I often find that I think I don't have anything to say ......but it seems to pour out all of a sudden - like I don't know where it came from/ I didn't know it was there.

    Sometimes I get so excited and taken over by thoughts and my spelling is awful and sentence structure poor et. etc.
    so - I think that is a somewhat true reflection. JK has often said when people complain about his spelling etc.......he just moves past them ....... I get that.
  19. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    When going back is a quantum leap.

    For some time now i have pushed myself even further, the people around me is getting really sick and i do not want to catch their reality.

    Many things in my life is backward, therefor the name of the thread... So by getting the science by the teaching of Jack i can put my instict into different theories and that is good for me today, the ones that always thought of me as crazy are now asking questions. The thing is today that i have been asked to present my way of health, by a couple of groups / media and others and i stand with many questions... As always i have to go deep into nature to clear this matter now. So many thoughts inside me now, should i, could i and would i?

    My latest old-fashioned way of living is eating wild... Some of you know that i do eat quite a strict menu, raw seafoods and fats, mainly because the winter is here. The next thing for me was simply, eating outside, grounded and what a leap it has been...

    The first weeks, nothing special about is, think i am quite used to natural fields but now, WOW... It is like taking some crazy drug, i feel no things in my gut but my whole body is vibrant. When sitting in the grass i feel just like i live in a bubble, like a field that covers me, for sure i sound like a drug abuser... So many details in my life is becoming extra clear now, it goes hand in hand with my spruce showers, made myself a little hut of spruce where i rest at least for one hour a day.

    The magic is also when i go to the sea now, have always been good at handling the cold in waters but now... Doing my statics in 4C water is just electric and i try to make others understand this... The elements is a part of us.

    Do not know if i do computers for some time again, must make more connections to nature.

    Therefor i am off to the sea again, just reporting that going back IS possible and there are some great things about doing so...

  20. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Virus from a different world.

    Are we going thru the world today with something way bigger affecting us than many can phantom? Is it a side to how the modern technology create errors in us but not in the usage but what the information from gadgets mean?

    Is it possible in a scary way that a computer virus could transfer to us?

    Why i have thought about this for many days now is the way each little part slowly alter our reality and how we can miss things when we do not lift every little rock and look under it.

    My thought is that everything modern today is digital, simply put 1 and 0. This is a very simple sampling of what the world is made of, a simulation if you put it that way. I talked alot about analog vs digital for some time and this is what binds it all together, at least for now. Us humans have a big quantum computer inside our skull, the brain. This piece of art is working in quantum fashion and in the computer world that would mean that it can handle 1 or 0, but also 1 and 0 at the same time. This would mean that information reaching us must be analog, full of alternations, not sampled.

    So if you use a computer, phone, pad or something digital AND at the same time have it WiFi, 4G or even started it opens up parts of our system that allows for bad information to get into us. We have seen that barriers in the brain stops it function with this particle storm. This would mean that natural defence systems stops and can not act because our body lets the digital errors inside of us. When the brain that can use 1 or 0 or 1 and 0 at the same time get simple information it loose the details in the quantum part. This could then mean that the system inside us goes into chaos, we loose the quantum information that our brain needs to calculate the world.

    When this is the reality, would not weird errors show up just like that? We started a computer boom around 1978, what else have started at that time? Extreme usage of plastic on our feets (nike), isolation in our clothes (gore tex), tar on roads, houses with electrical heating... Diabetes started to spread in sweden, some mental illness and also something that many can not find a solution to AIDS.

    Could all this modern illnes be awaken and produced inside us with a simple binary code? The complex information that makes our brain do magic gets only FASTFOOD like information. Is this also a part of why nature heals us so quick, the gigantic information load that a simple spruce gives our system is not of this digital world, but instead of going into chaos it resonate with us.

    What is your defence against this? If it is possible, can this be a small part of what hurts us? Can many rules be out of order today with all WiFi, 4G and gadgets, i do think so...

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