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The 'mask'arade continues.......

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition

    mRNA technology was not invented for nor ready for a novel approach to vaccination. Meanwhile, your government in the USA breaks out the rubber stamp of approval. #DoNotComply with any tyranny.

    ⁩Worldwide mandatory participation is unfounded and pseudoscientific https://teamtuckercarlson.com/news/...d-patients-develop-crippling-heart-condition/
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    I'm sure most of the parents in my town can't wait to get their 5-11 yr olds jabbed next week. Very sad. And for what reason.....?

    I hear 10 to 20 paramedic sirens every day now - used to hear them maybe 2-3 times a week at most. I don't think it is Covid as hospilization for Covid is down - suspect it may be jab-related side effect emergencies, but that is just pure speculation on my part! What else could it be?
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  4. :(
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I hear the sirens way more often than before too lately. It is a creepy feeling.
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I do CDS / MMS and ice dips/baths and singing :whistle::):love:

    there are tons of stuff one can do.
    Different herbs and also pine needle tea, and garlic.. and ginger...

    if I got difficulties breathing I would inhale sea salt water with iodine. It helped me last summer as i got hard to breath from the mask, i think I got some infection in my lungs, it went away in one day with the salt-iodine-inhalation :)
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  9. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Johan Lindstrøm

    Mentioned in there with a link to this page -- molecular hydrogen and how it helps regulate redox


    Much more H2 studies references and another Tyler LeBaron video the goes into some details about H2 normalizing redox; this and next two posts:

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2021
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Don't reach for the secret too late........
    When there is no enemy inside of you, the enemies outside cannot harm you. No one divides more than ourselves.
    They want us to be scared.
    They want us to be afraid of leaving our homes.
    They want us to barricade our doors
    and hide our children from their man-made plague.
    Their aim is to make us fear life itself!
    They want us to hate nature.
    They want us to hate 'the other'.
    They want us to practice aggression
    and perfect antagonism.
    Their aim is to division.
    They want us to be inhuman.
    They want us to throw out our kindness.
    They want us to bury our love
    and burn our hope.
    Their aim is to take all our light!
    They think their bricked walls
    will separate us.
    They think their damned viral cocktail
    will defeat us.
    They are so ignorant they don’t understand
    we're too wise for their nonsense
    Expose yourself to the sunlight.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  12. Love it ! - Thank you for sharing - :)
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  14. A bit inspired after listened to a great conversation in CH yesterday, thanks Jack, and because someone is trying to dump financial CW on us:

    Nice with some shades of gray. We can also use the term runaway inflation. This becomes a bit semantic. The fact that people do not want to return to work indicates that people have lost faith in the dollar. Wages are low and do not hold up against assets. And why work when the state can print money for free? This is clear for everyone to see. More and more people have understood that the central banks are playing a game with the economy, your money! Aren't they yours anyway? The only ones who can take advantage of this money printing are owners who buy back shares and rich people who own scarce assets. This erodes the trust and value of money. The Fed's most important job is to make the population believe in their rhetoric. It seems that the people no longer find the statements from the Fed credible. Their claims about the future and the economy, do not guide people to the same degree, anymore. In addition, the people have less and less trust in the media. This may well be why the epidemic is "important". People become more "flexible" to change and more willing to accept all sorts of inventions from governing powers. The pandemic is perhaps just an expanded and new variant that is played from our money powers. How can we deal with this? Buying bonds? Money in the bank? Ownership of things. Or is there a currency that can both be liquid money and replace the characteristics of the bond market in the event of a market collapse in the slightly longer term? A coin that rises more in value than any other value? A money that is difficult to confiscate? Born around the world without restrictions? A money that is almost invisible, but which nevertheless in its power of innovation changes the world to the same degree as when the world got fire or wheels? A network for money that imitates nature's organic structures?
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Jack can you distill what biology is for us? Biology is the organization of the interplay of opposing forces that allows for the conversion of mass into high magnitude energy release in mitochondrion.


    I have fact-checked this reaction many times already in the PEER reviewed literature. Yes, there is AMPLE evidence that the spike protein itself is pathogenic. Here is a paper below that shows us how the injuries occur. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Degradation of Junctional Proteins That Maintain Endothelial Barrier Integrity. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcvm.2021.687783/full
  16. Thank you for the reference
  17. COVID is not novel.

    Reported May 7th 2004: "The global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 resulted in more than 8000 cases and 774 deaths."

    This PBC article - published online 2004 May 7. doi: 10.1002/path.1560 “Organ distribution of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) associated coronavirus (SARS‐CoV) in SARS patients: implications for pathogenesis and virus transmission pathways” –

    SARS‐CoV was found in lung, trachea/bronchus, stomach, small intestine, distal convoluted renal tubule, sweat gland, parathyroid, pituitary, pancreas, adrenal gland, liver and cerebrum, but was not detected in oesophagus, spleen, lymph node, bone marrow, heart, aorta, cerebellum, thyroid, testis, ovary, uterus or muscle. The pathological changes were found in these organs may be caused directly by the cytopathic effect mediated by local replication of the SARS‐CoV, resulting in a systemic failure.​

    We know nature uses viruses to edit our genome; however, SARS is not natural, it was developed and patented (7279327) by the CDC on 19th April 2002.
    We also know the formulated SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 Receptor-Binding Domain (SPIKE) is designed to enhance the permeability of cells with the encapsulated engineered virus.
    Since this viral code is transformative, as the article above reports, my "concern" is the change to how the bone marrow will make new blood cells over time.

    CRISPR is laying down patents to counter the damaged genes from SARS COVID-19 injections.

    Will only the wealthy survive?
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2021
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  18. What was interesting for me while listening to the interview Dr. John Campbell had with athlete Kyle was Kyle's symptoms surrounding arthritic pain. This is often specific to when the COX II pathway (that is the cyclo-oxygenase (COX) pathway metabolites) go awry.


    The drug Ramotraban inhibits both DP2/TP pathways.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2021
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