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The little things really matter more than you think

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, May 12, 2022.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New blog out today: Quantum Engineering #8: HOW SMALL IS SMALL?
    Quantum biology allows us to dissolve medical illisions allowing health to emerge under Nature’s direction. Begin to rebuild your health the way it should have been done all along. Inside nature. Wrap yourself in her hands.
    The majority believes everything difficult to comprehend must be profound to be true. This is a false precept. What is hard to understand are the sciences that are immature when compared to nature and its decentralized web. Man's science is centralized, immature, unclear, and often false. The highest wisdom in the cosmos is simple because it passes easily into the brain and oozes into our hearts. Energy from the light of the cosmos flows in this way because this is where our environmental sensor for light energy resides, in our mitochondria.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


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  3. My response:

    What are the pH aqueous variables for human cellular signaling? Should we investigate the thermal-dynamic properties of bio-molecules under different environmental influences?

    For example:
    Lithium hydrate​
    • What is the effect by lactate release as it is expressed from astrocytes, endothelial cells of microvessels and on oligodendrocytes with lithium hydrate in between the synaptic space of the pre & post synapse within the hippocampus?
    • What we know is neuronal signaling can alter astrocyte function, including triggering astrocytes to send stored glycogen, which is broken down to lactate particles for the neurons.
    The question maybe what are these neuronal signals? Are they limited to bio-chemical molecular stimuli which are themselves influenced by the potential aqueous pH (or electrical charge) of the environment?​

    When we think of various “good” habits such as Sunrise Therapy.
    A minimum of 20 minutes feet grounded on the moist earth, gazing just slightly away from the sun, within a low nnEMF environment.​
    • Do the opsin have enough optical effect to modified the aqueous bathing the neurons of the hippocampus?
    • Or do we need a stronger red & infrared light form to generate a therapeutic effect?
    When thinking about over stimulation of synaptic signaling in an epileptic event, can it be an inflammatory response to excess glycogen release?

    We know that over methylation can be a contributing factor in many “brain” dysfunctions. Is it possible to “cool it down” with applied cold therapy to the neck and base of the skull?

    When we think of Quantum Biology, we find ourselves trying to solve proton tunneling. However, it just maybe our misunderstanding of the behavior of light. When we look at a proton from a plasma physics point of view, we observe through experimentation that light can seem to be “limited” by barrier by which it refracts from, specifically in aqueous molecular solutions. Just as in plasma physics, light’s behavior in solution must be evaluated.

    Does red & infrared light modify the pH of the aqueous within the human cell and their organelles? I believe it does.

    Does cold therapy, which releases leptin stored in fat cells, improve inflammation? I believe it does.

    Can the two therapies be combined to influence not only the pH of our cells' function, but effect the parasympathetic system such that the patient’s heart-rate-variability coherence improves? I believe it does.

    For the purpose of review, since I have many posts on Dr. @Jack Kruse thread, the old model we have for light and atomic structures is figuratively being smashed. Physicist are doing experiences like taking a Teasle and an F-14, colliding them with a much force as they can muster and then look at the pieces, asking questions like: are there any recognizable components – up quarks, down quarks, strange quarks, charm quarks, etc. As in the “High-precision measurement of the W boson mass with the CDF II detector” where the two-body mass, the W boson transverse mass is defined using only the transverse momentum vectors as

    They may do better if they shift their attention to what we’ve learned from plasma physics.

    When we study light, one of basic functions we must take into consideration is penetration. Specifically, penetration is a function of wavelength, coherence, time, and the tissue type.



    Depending on the nano-material, light absorption and refraction respond thermodynamically.​

    It turns out the coherence of the waveform increases as its beam narrows. Specifically, as the photons emitted vibration phase agreement in both space and time.

    The question maybe: so how does this effect mitochondria? Well just look at our wonderful medical example -> X-Ray proton therapy. It is coherent photons which kill and has been used to create the most aggressive cancer-virus known to man. Thank you, very much medical science.
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