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The Lions Among Men

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Matt Fowler, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. Fearless.
    The Lions among men.
    Blues and twos - gasping, I'm there in a swift flick of a big cats tail.
    Venturi masks are the order of the day. By night, flickering recessed lighting burns continuously - saving the planet but doing much less for its keepers.
    A whirring of lifesaving gadgetry and intense symphony of repetitive beeps - sometimes in unison - but mostly conflicting aggressively. Come visit the night club at respiratory ward 7.
    Have you had your vaccine sir? Eyes drop nervously at my unfavourable reply. Have some antibodies.
    Whatever you say Dr. Patel. I want to live.
    The sound of assisted respiration fills the semi dark ward - Darth Vaders here to stay.
    A green and black, glass fronted helmet complete with tubes and whirring fans startles me through the artificial twighlight - can I check your sats? Be my guest. Ridley scott would be proud.
    6 days in - venturi mask weaned and titrated. I still can't breath but Im on my way - Its gonna be a cold winter.
    Big cats with huge, brave hearts - too old for their years - broken mitochondria starting to show - risking life and limb up to their eyeballs in contagion 24/7.
    I saw a medical paper - Cytokine induced Acute Respiratory distress syndrome doesnt happen with a vit d level over 50.
    Mines 30, hers is 70.
    Im going home. My mothers in the ITU - ventilated.
    She devoted her life to others.
    "As long as space remains" as His Holiness likes to pray.
    Will she survive to breath another day?
    Nobody knows, nobody knows.
    Not even the Lions among Men.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I Australia doctor prescribing ivermectin gets 6 months jail.

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  3. :(
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