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The Leptin Rx is getting more data in the sails DAILY.

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 Silver

    Agree. Breakfast does seem like the most important meal for circadian entrainment though. Gonna have to see what feels best for me by playing around with meal timing.
  2. Jason Coates

    Jason Coates Losing the Shade.

    Lagakos will tell you light entrains circadian rhythms much more than food. Getting Morning rising sun in the eyes far more important - breakfast can follow later if you have reset leptin. Playing around is a good idea once leptin reset - otherwise eat within 30 minutes of rising at the beginning and then push breakfast out as you see fit. Lagakos is big on breakfast and does not contradict much of Dr Kruse at all - actually confirms his stuff. Lagakos says "eat like an adult" up to 3 meals but not late at night
  3. Jason Coates

    Jason Coates Losing the Shade.

    My current unholy trinity of experts with skin in the game:
    1. Dr Kruse
    2. Dr Laslo Boros
    3. Dr Bill Lagakos

    Lagakos will teach you everything you need to know about leptin, circadian rhythms.
    Boros - mitochondrial matrix water and deuterium
    Kruse - all of above and more.

    I don't cast pearls before swine anymore. Information to fit the person and not for mockers and fools.
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  4. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 Silver

    Yeah I read a lot of Bill's stuff and that's where I get my info from about eTRF and not eating late or even OMAD at dinner. A lot of people say otherwise that they feel better skipping breakfast and eating later in the day which isn't good for the circadian rhythm but most do it because of how they feel in that fasted state and believe that they will get the maximum benefit of autophagy that way. Agree with you on breakfast if leptin resistant and it's important before you start skipping breakfast to entrain the circadian rhythm with light and food in the morning. Context and the environment we live in now is different so that alters meal timing and frequency and I have read that Jack recommends breakfast as the largest meal of the day to get the autophagy benefit in our modern world with an early dinner and that CRON no longer works unless you eat a big protein breakfast because of EMF's.
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  5. Jason Coates

    Jason Coates Losing the Shade.

    I have been using bicarb to clean my clocks - really assisting. Regarding autophagy = Bill says "autophagy happens anyway" but obviously Kruse is about optimizing it all - Bill is anti long fasts - spending a lot of time highlighting fast fails ;) eTRF will be great for autophagy - again all confirmation of JK.
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  6. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 Silver

    Wondering what are everybody's opinion on when to eat carbs in the spring/summer. I've read that Jack doesn't recommend eating post workout in the modern world and if that's the case, it would be the AM, correct?

    Then again a lot of people on this forum are eating their big meal at dinner and would preferably eat their carbs at that meal.

    I'd like Jack's opinion on this too as he's the guru here :) and a mentor :D
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
  7. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    I've always been a fan of carb backloading. That is, easy on the carbs during the earlier half of the day, and eating them all with dinner. As long as the dinner is before sunset, it works extremely well and is most enjoyable IME.

    What I've noticed is that if I do eat breakfast and have some carbs, and then carb backload at dinner, I put on weight quite easily. So I think with regards to food, we have the ability to phase shift/delay insulin patterns/sensitivity. So basically, to me, it doesn't seem to matter WHEN my big carb meal is, but if I have it early, then I must skip it later, and if I skip it early, then I can have it later.

    At the end of the day, we are absorbing a good amount of UV light in the summer to power the NADH/NAD+ redox couple that will help us handle carbs, so to me it is irrelevant when they are eaten (as long as between sunrise and sunset). I sometimes find if I don't eat enough carbs if I get plenty of sun, I might actually gain weight. As I mentioned, carbs lean me out in summer, but I don't eat them all day long, just have a single massive carb load usually.
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    All this rules have some pluses and minuses.
    I have one more rule.
    I have set number for my optimal weight and that is my daily goal.
    Every morning I check my weight.
    If I am over my set point, I know I have to limit my food.
    Rarely I have problem with lower boundary.

    150# (+-5#)
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  10. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I like the approach.

    Traveling recently I've been off my regular schedule and put on 8 lbs.

    I got a little obsessive but noticed something interesting.

    Regardless of morning eliminations and all that regular jazz, I noticed that sitting in strong AM light 3 hours starting at about sunrise I lose weight. I eventually perspire a little. It doesn't seem like I perspire that much. But I'm always around a pound lighter. My loss rate can be 1 lb per day pretty easily.

    I'm fascinated now with the concept that even the biggest foodie knows that if someone comes in from outside in the summer sun and is "hot" they simply won't want to eat much. Everyone knows this experience. My world is turned on it's head now. We always knew that you didn't need food when out in strong sun. I just didn't connect the dots without help.
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  11. gscottyg

    gscottyg New Member

    Interesting observations from you guys. Before I discovered Dr. Kruse I would do Keto and IF but I would eat breakfast or really brunch as my first meal in late AM. I would eat dinner, but often would not be that hungry or wait until later (After sunset) in the evening to eat. (This was low carb all the time Keto) Once I started working on circadian biology and following first meal early AM, I don't feel the need to eat at all during day; especially now during summer/UV light. When dinner comes i am often not to hungry either. It's easy to IF as long as you eat enough fat. I will say though if I get less sun and working inside all day (I work in OR setting like Dr. Kruse) then I will be hungrier by dinner. I assume it's due to increased nnemf exposure. I went on a recent trip to Nashville and went off my usual diet (although i had canned fish for bkfast everytime) and ate all sorts of stuff. Every morning I got 3 hrs of AM sun from sunrise through the UV progressions. I looked in mirror and i didn't gain weight and was slimmer!! That's another point. Are you guys hungry in early AM? Even if im not hungry I try to eat within the hr of getting up/sunrise.

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