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The leptin reset ......and after

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by caroline, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am wondering what everyone is doing about meal timing? What is most optimum for you?

    I am doing the leptinRX for the second time. The first time was 5 years ago and it went wonderfully well. All my crazy hunger and cravings disappeared and my body mass changed significantly. The extra kilos eventually came off and I was at my lowest and healthiest weight ever.

    I have gotten pretty sloppy the last year or so and and the cravings and constant hunger and extra weight have come back.

    Most of all I hate losing control!

    I am loving my BAB [sitting outside and grounding] and no lunch and a very light dinner - and sometimes no dinner - not hungry at all!

    Now I am wondering what to do next. I wouldn't mind continuing in this way - maybe less protein for BAB?

    However Dr. K. tells us in - after the leptin reset ....this is the the way to go.....
    1. High protein consumption occurs at night now, not at breakfast as it did in the Leptin Rx reset. The reason is because late afternoon is when the human body is normally programmed to undergo up regulation of protein synthesis biochemically. This is how our biology is designed by Lady Evolution/deity. If you remember back earlier in the post, I told you the key point for breakfast was to use carbs and a small protein load to prime the gastric acid circadian cycle for maximal effect later in the day. This is precisely the reason why. Gastric pH should be highest when we are eating our biggest protein load of the day while simultaneously upregulating protein synthesis maximally in our body. This maneuver actually influences our body composition more than any exercise could if it was added to the equation at all. Doing this on time is akin to an orchestra playing in unison. It is a huge point to try to follow daily.
    Dr. Kruse is very specific about never skipping breakfast. I would find it very easy to do IF a couple of times a week if I eat a big breakfast.

    So what is working for you? what do you find optimal?

    How different is meal timing for men and women? if any?

    What works for men ....that just doesn't seem to work for women?

    C/T is the missing piece of this puzzle .....is this the case for men and women?

    I would love to hear your experiences and what is working for you and what not so much.
  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I'm finding I'm eating breakfast most days at the moment, but when I'm ready for it, not using it to help the light cycle, because I've got that part dialled in without it. I seem to be ready for food when the UVA kicks in. From what I understand the first meal that breaks fast is dealt with differently, energy is more likely to go to the peripheral tissues rather than storage (I think I read that in Light in Shaping Life), and that's where I need my energy early in the day. My fat cells have enough. :eek::D

    I began to really notice the difference in light levels about the middle of September. Since then I have had a SAB (small ass breakfast :D), I may or may not each lunch, (sometimes its just a cup of broth) and then have a small meal in the evening. But from my last meal to breakfast the next day, I'm probably going 15 hours. My appetite isn't particularly strong, I'm eating more moderately than I did at the same time last year. I'm not under the same stress as I was last year, and better sleep = less need for food electrons. Its almost as if, instead of being chronically leptin resistant, I'm now leptin sensitive, but a less than optimal night's sleep after a stressful day can cause me an "acute" temporary leptin resistance, until my stress levels and sleep improves again. My current plan is to have a BAB at the right time if I've had a bad night's sleep, or I know I'm headed into a stressful situation that day, (I'm far less likely to crave carbs if my peripheral tissues are pre-loaded?) but otherwise just listen to my body. I want to IF naturally, not impose it. I think the winter cold or CT will help that. My pattern of eating, and the foods I'm drawn to, are different from day to day, but that seems more natural than having fixed timings, but I'm trying to stick to seasonal variation, no snacking, and no food at night.

    I'm not craving fat nearly as much (perhaps my brain is noticing I've already got too much in storage .....:D) One thing I think helps is using a green powder for the chlorophyll, mixed in water and with MB added, and then exposure to either first choice sunlight, or my red and IR light as a back up. (I did it for a couple of weeks, and then I made it up every morning last week as a hack when I was in Spain and I definitely think it helped mitigate the much higher levels of nnemf I was exposed to). I'm not lazy, just exercise challenged :D which is another reason I like CT. But I was actually making plans in Spain for an exercise regime when I got back, I did a lot of walking (hill walking and steep steps to my brother's house got easier as the week went on), my energy levels are now good enough to add moderate exercise to the mix to improve heteroplasmy rates now I'm back...). I now feel healthy enough to exercise, rather than trying to exercise to get healthy which was a big failure in my pre-JK past.

  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Sue ...... how do you feel about eating a bigger dinner now? It feels counter intuitive to me......

    How is your weight?

    I am not craving carbs at all and can take or leave food - gotta love that! I don't stress too much either about what I eat - not like the first time when I was very strict.
    The other day I had one half of a corn on the cobb for dinner - corn is so delicious right now and I just enjoyed it and moved on.

    For some reason coconut oil is not agreeing with me at all - don't understand what has happened there??? I was having a lot of trouble with other foods - leaky gut it seems - but now I am a lot better and don't feel six months pregnant half the time:eek:

    I am now delaying breakfast a little and will cut back a bit on the protein - but don't know what to do about dinner???:confused:
  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I don't want a big dinner, so I just shrink the portion. I've found a source of organic grass fed bones and tallow so I'm on a broth kick at the moment, there's 2 days a week we have our main meal at lunchtime, so on those days the plan is just have some broth late afternoon if I need it. I can't prove it, or even explain the mechanism (yellow/leptin connection?) but my post sunset use of -6 degrees solar elevation home made glasses does seem to help to reduce my appetite.

    I rarely weigh myself, dropped and broke the scales months ago and haven't bothered to replace them. (Well I did see some in the supermarket but then noticed that they could send the info wirelessly to a mobile phone so no way to that impulse buy..:eek:) I weighed a couple of months ago elsewhere and I'm about the same. It doesn't bother me, because I've shrunk - I could do with the next size down skinny jeans. :cool: Its a sloooooow process, but I'm OK with that, as long as I keep moving forward. I'm hoping that if I embrace the cold properly this winter and keep to the seasonal eating, my hopefully light laden fat cells will serve their purpose over the winter. :D
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Post leptin Rx this is the key concept to keep right:

    How do you target your solutions? When I learned to swim in cold water, I tried to swim like a fish. I decided to target the best example nature had for me so that I could always easily reach good and go for optimal! Protein kinases are enzymes within the cell that result in cellular proliferation. Protein kinase inhibitors reduce cell proliferation. They target the amino acids tyrosine, threonine and serine receptors in cells. Sunlight targets them to keep you away from the sick care industry. When you are going through something hard, like life, like illness, and wondering where Nature is in the process, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test. If you want to optimize Cold Thermogenesis do it in the SUN. Get some stat.

  6. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Breakfast skipper here. As long as my environment is optimal (CT + sun) I've always done just fine eating lunch and dinner. My total fast is usually 16-18 hours. Lunch around 11-12, and then dinner at 5 PM. As long as I'm done eating 4 hours before bed, I'm good.

    What I eat, or how much I eat does not seem to matter. My dinner is usually larger than my lunch, because it is my only meal with my family, and my European background has entrained me to eat my large meal with family. I cut back on exercise from 3x per week to 1x per week (lifting heavy weights), continuing CT, take HCG, seafood almost daily, morning sun, blacklight at night and dressing light as its cooling, and I've lost 10 lbs in the last month or so. I haven't weighed this little since high school despite eating more food than I need to (I have a tendency to force feed myself because I love food LOL). Sitting at about 155 lbs with 8% bodyfat. Back in my bodybuilding days I used to starve myself, lift weights 5-6x per week, and could only ever get to around 9% bodyfat feeling terrible and deprived.
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  7. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    So you are saying that the sun and/or ct reduces or blocks tyrosine, threonine and serine.
  8. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    . ;)
    Protein kinase inhibitors reduce cell proliferation = GOOD You need to make healthy cells when cells have been injured or have died.
    Protein kinase inhibitors reduce cell proliferation= BAD You need to stop non healthy growth
    I am just looking back s to what has been said about these already . But essentially the take home is that the sun puts things in balance.

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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The last couple of days have been cloudy and overcast........ eating and food were on my mind a lot! When it is a beautiful sunny day = no interest in food.

    Proof positive - WE NEED SUN EVERYDAY!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am loving eating again ......especially without all the crazy cravings and constant hunger! My mass is changing - thank goodness.

    I made cheesecake yesterday - my favourite food group .....and I won't have any - not even remotely tempted!

    The leptin reset using a seafood template is stellar:D

    I am not as pedantic as I was the first time ......getting lots and lots of sun and grounding is my priority!

    Thanks Dr. K. for hanging in there - It must not be easy some days.....altho I can see you are really thriving and moving forward at break neck speed :)
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  12. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Thank you Lahalada and Dr. Kruse. To Caroline same thing here and same thoughts to the T as yours. I also decided to stop " my way of bohacking" and do the the Epi paleo rx especially now cold weather and dam cloudy days are here. I reread it again for the millionth time and now understand how serious I need to be to heal my gut. My main foods will be shrimp, scallops, try to find raw oysters, grassfed meat. These other foods I list below are they okay to have for anti inflammatory, carrots, squash, avocado and sweet potato. I'm not sure about onion/garlic for me personally. And of course CT, did some today.

    Thank you.
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  13. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Question is whether they could grow in your area and whether they are seasonal now.
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  14. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Aaaaaah how I forgot that simple rule. Thank yooooooou.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    four weeks in and my Tummy is much better and I am tolerating everything I am eating. I can't believe I put off doing the reset for so long - how dumb am I!
  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Does sunlight stored in the mammalian SQ fat released during the winter at higher latitudes do the same thing to tyrosine kinase or is there a different mechanism? Will properly sunlight loaded SQ fat provide me a similar benefit through the winter, provided I'm leptin sensitive and get in the cold lane?
  17. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    I'm glad you finally tried it, Caroline. And that it works for you. I know you have wondered how I can survive on my diet / meal schedule - now you know. :)

    Most days I have raw herring or mackerel for breakfast. Usually I feel no need to eat anything the rest of the day. This I do the whole year, although in summer and fall I add some berries and fruits - things that I can pick on a local tree or bush - whenever I find something that looks nice. I like garlic and onion in the summer, but can't stand them in the winter.

    However, when I come to a lower latitude with much more sunlight, any time of year, my preferences change in a day or two, and I find myself eating a light carb based breakfast and a fishy or meaty dinner.

    Eating during the day, and especially dinner, affects my weight (ie I gain weight) when I'm at home, but at a high quantum yield place the amount of food and timing doesn't seem to matter much. Last December, at 16th or so latitude, I ate horse loads of food and junk for two weeks, and didn't gain even a pound.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Andrea .....I love how you listen to what your body needs. That is what I am finding - I seem to be able to interpret what my body needs and act accordingly.
    So you are thriving on a good and fatty breakfast .......and feel best with no dinner.

    The last few nights I have had a small dinner - but afterwards wish I hadn't eaten at all. I do see to need a very fatty breakfast tho. I suppose if you are eating mackerel for breakfast that is pretty fatty and keeps you going all day until the following morning?

    I hope you have a crazy good time in Mexico at Christmas!
  19. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    I'd better not listen too much though. Spending time in a nnEMF toxic environment makes me feel hungry, although I really don't need food. So does being bored...

    Yup, fatty breakfast. And proteins; I don't feel full without them.

    What happens when you eat too much/late?

    Oh, thanks. I'm really looking forward to Mexico. Not many weeks left now.
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I feel sort of unsettled if I eat at night- like I really didn't need it ...but Jack said in the "after the leptin reset" we need a larger amount of protein for dinner.

    I really want to get how to do this optimally - but I suppose it is a n=1

    me too - it has to be a fatty protein breakfast or I am not full. Shrimp for breakfast doesn't cut it - if I do that I will need lunch.

    It is good to be getting clear signals tho!

    Andrea - when are you leaving for Mexico? How long will you be there? I hope you get to meet Jack.

    Jack has spoken of a guy who he uses for tours etc. maybe you can find out who that is?

    What all are you planning to do in Mexico? besides sun and sand and sea and build sand castles of course......

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