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The Jigsaw

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by dantothep, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    My Journal

    First of all I want to say thanks to Jack for having the insight to join together all these disparate silos of health & nutritional information and assemble a theory that ties it all together. Between you and the rest of the community here, and the shared experiences you have documented has allowed me to try and put together the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

    I will try and keep this succinct as many on the forums have a lot of reading to do (myself included). I have read the book, all the RX’s and now starting with Brain-Gut and trying to work through chronologically.

    I’m mid- thirties currently living in London UK; I am married with lovely wife and three lovely children (ages are 11, 7 &3). I work for a Technology service provider as a technical Director (IT plus Video/Audio ENG). I have a passion for many disciplines of movement and have studied various Martial Arts, but currently love Parkour, Climbing, Olympic lifting & Gymnastics (in rotation). I also love food and cooking which helps.

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 62 kgs @ approx. 9-14 % body fat

    The optimisation of my health has been a lifetime goal for me as I have always known bad health growing up; with many people believing I was a moaner / hypochondriac. I have found things in my life that have massively improved my health but it is very much up and down and a recent downturn led me to find this site.


    Childhood conditions:

    Fractured skull @ 18 months (opened a ‘childproof’ window lock)

    Severe Eczema / Asthma / Heyfever

    Various Aches Pains / Bodily inflexibility / Pain and tightness near Diaphragm that got worse with stress.

    Backache from 12 yrs old

    Mental Disturbances from 09 yrs. old – inability to handle stress, depression, low self-worth, suicidal tendencies, & bi- polar type symptoms. Sporadically reoccurs*

    Always had stomach / digestive complaints. Had Symptomatic H.Pylori for years finally diagnosed @ 21 was given a single antibiotic pill and the stomach ulcer hasn’t plagued me since.*

    *GUT-Brain connection.


    Mum died 10 years ago of Metastatic Lung cancer that spread to her bones. I’m very much my Mother’s son in terms of bodily health; as she had anxiety issues and generally had a poor state of health.

    Dad is prone to back pain and has high blood pressure, and anger outbursts.
  2. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    When my Mum died I developed a hernia and struggled with the grief, and my digestion got even worse. This led me to find an amazing functional medicine practitioner here in London that blew away all the other complementary doctors I had ever seen before. She helped my modify my N=1 dietary experiments that I had been doing, gave me some supplements.

    Then I had two massive breakthroughs

    1. About a year after seeing her she diagnosed me with Pyroluria and I tested high on the urine sample. I was given high dose Zinc (Zinc Picolinate, Zinc Citrate, Zinc sulphate) 26.5 mg x 3. P-5-P and a Methyl based B complex high in methylB12 and methyl folate. As well as decent multi mineral and Mag Malate/Glycinate combo. And of course an Omega 3 oil with Q10. This plus meditation massively helped my mood, stress handling, etc. I was like a new person.

    2. However some digestive issues still persisted and the Doctor recommended the work of Weston A Price (Traditional food diet, like paleo with fermented grains and dairy). I added more eggs and more animal fat + broths, plus more green veg to my diet and it got a lot better. (I now know I had improved my cholesterol levels and glutathione levels to fix up my leaky gut and start to remove inflammation from my gut). I was now in better health than I could ever remember. All veg fresh from farmers market and all meat from grass fed/high welfare sources.

    Still a couple of things persisted though:

    1. On and off Back/Muscle pain.

    2. High levels of muscle tension all the time which led me to always stretch etc. I now believe this to be systemic inflammation as I have been able to remove these restrictions (just not consistently).

    3. I also have extreme lethargy in the summer esp. after spending a lot of time in the sun (inability to store the energy given by the sun?) I cannot wake up before 0800 in summer, but always wake around 0600 in winter. Vit D levels have been suboptimal but not out of clinical lab range (poor indicator) all three times I have been tested.

    4. Night time frequent urination, ache in lower back gets better upon drinking a glass of water.

    5. Dopamine seeking behaviours.

    6. Always eat loads and not put on weight.

    7. Extreme moods on Full Moon.

    For 6 years or so I felt great, and when I stopped feeling good it was down to an external factor such as stress @ work / home, or because I had stopped taking my supplements and the fix was easy.

    I was able to increase my activity levels and recover faster and actually enjoy life without worrying too much about my health; until Nov 2014 (prior to finding the Blogs)
  3. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Symptoms Nov / Dec

    · Loss of vitality / energy swings.

    · Constant Muscle twitching

    · Headaches (front, back and top – just not at the same time). Grade 1 most of the time up to Grade 7.

    · Strong aversion to Light.

    · Personality change

    · Loud sudden noises would anger me or get me on edge.

    · Mood swings (hourly)

    · Energy massive slump between 1430 and 1700.

    · Tight Diaphragm.

    · Pins and Needles in arms at night in bed.

    · Loss of libido

    · Vertigo & dizziness (Inc. a couple of severe episodes when I collapsed)s

    · Bi Polar Esqe mania and depression at the same time.

    · Confusion

    · Memory loss (didn’t know where I was on a couple of occasions)

    · Paranoia

    · Waking middle of the night 0300-0500.

    · Cold hands / feet

    · Severe Reactive Hypoglycaemia when hungry.

    · Wind

    · Gut Pain.

    · Nausea

    · Weight Loss (went from 65kg to 60kg in 3 months)

    · Crazy sugar Cravings.

    · Raised glands in groin

    · Dark and Puffy eyes.

    In this time the supplements didn’t help, have seen a really good Homeopath who has helped with some of the acute symptoms.

    I have also been in the care of the National Health Service (GP and Hospital) here in the UK and have some blood tests (although not the right ones IMHO).

    I have also had recently:

    1. ECG

    2. Chest X-ray x 2

    3. MRI Brain and Upper spine.

    4. CSF – Lumbar Puncture

    5. Full neurology exam.

    6. Dr Shoemaker VCS test (self admin)

    7. I have a sleep deprived EEG tomorrow morning (which has allowed me to write this journal).

    All came back clear, but tested positive for cytomegalovirus (which states in the book that is correlated with low glutathione).

    Also had multi coloured mould issue in the bedroom at the time which is now resolved.

    EMF Exposure

    I purchased a Trifield 100xe based upon info on the site and found the following readings:

    1. Office desk = 1.5 - 3 milligauss

    2. Office Background = 1.5 - 4.5 milligrams

    3. Speaker system under my feet at Desk (100 milligrams) – now turned on only when used).

    4. Horrid Fluoro strip lights in office = 25-30 milligrams – not used

    5. Bedroom environment = 0.5 – 1.5 milligrams

    6. Bedroom clock near wife’s head = 20-30 milligrams


    1. 2 Wi-Fi signals at work, 1 I can switch off 1 I can’t.

    2. Bedroom 3 Wi-Fi SSIDs out of my control.

    3. Home living area 7 Wi-Fi SSIDs out of my control.

    4. Have always turned router off at Night at home.


    1. iPhone 6 – always tried to keep phones away from body/head.

    2. 2 x Cell base stations 150m from office (they don’t read very high on the Trifeild though).

    Changes Implemented since (from info in the book / functional medicine)

    · Fish / Seafood daily

    · Once a day seaweed (mixture of Arame, Wakame, Kombu, Nori, Dulse, Hijiki)

    · Beef bone broth every other day in soup/stew.

    · Flaxseed tea x 1 day

    · Flaxseed oil rubbed onto inner thigh.

    · Pudding of Almonds/Pecans/Macadamias, with Flax, Sunflower seeds and oils, phosphatidyl choline and cultured coconut cream.

    · Strictly low TDS mineral water (in plastic thoughL) 1.5 – 2.0 litres per day.

    · Strict bedtimes / rising (when well rested will always awake between 0600-0630 – still dark outside)

    · Blue blocking sunglasses after sundown.

    · Light timing (trying to be outside at sunrise and sunset). This is difficult in the grey temperate maritime climate of the UK.

    · Eating 4-5 hours before bed, bed latest 2300 so eating latest @ 1900.

    · Adherence to lying meditation (sensation based like Vipassana) every day pref before lunch.

    · BAB – have always eaten a big breakfasts.

    · Increased Fat intake.

    · CT – face dunking in Morning in 55 deg F water. 6-9 full breath holds. Face and top of head are numb for a while after. Just started Chest icing although takes 20mins to get skin to 55 deg F. haven’t been drinking ICE water though.

    · Earthing – on iron scaffold structure in my garden and on grass in cotton socks. Only for about 5 mins in morning.

    · I collected water from a deep spring aquifer and have stored in the fridge and started drinking it cold before bed.

    · One thing that is hard to get is Vit D from the sun in this country.

    · Got a Near IR lamp but haven’t used it yet.

    · Turmeric mixed in Coconut Oil

    Current Sups

    Although would love to cut these once optimal and spend more money on food.

    · Triple Zinc

    · P-5-P

    · Methyl B complex

    · Liposomal Methyl folate + B12

    · Total Mineral

    · Choline + Inositol

    · Mag Malate 1 G at night time.

    Current Symptoms That Persist (i.e. the above changes have helped massively)

    · Phased Headache no visible pattern on timing.

    · Reactive Hypoglycaemia

    · Varying energy levels (daily)

    · Night time urination.

    · Some days very low energy afternoon affects mood (induces anger).

    · Back Pain

    · Sleep disturbed badly after salty meal in evening.

    · Sore toes (gout/chilblains)

    · Piles

    · The BAB (even with loads of meat/fish and Fat) @ approx. 0700 is not enough to keep me going I am starving by 1230.

    · Dark amrks

    Labs (should I post these on labs forum)?

    I have attempted to compile a spread sheet for the blood test that I have had done through the Doctors before paying privately.

    A few things stand out to me:

    · Low blood Volume, RBC and MCV = dehydration due to EMF exposure/lack of Sunlight exposure.

    · Low Neutrophils = ??

    · Slightly raised HB1AC + mid fasted gluc levels = something to do with Reactive Hypoglycaemia.

    · Low Magnesium / Vit D = Low cellular Redox Potential casing Leaky Gut

    · Low LDL Cholesterol = Poor liver function?

    My doctor has stated to me that all my labs are perfect and they have taken every test possible, so he believes that it is solely a Psychological matter and he will refer me to a Psychiatrist / Psychologist.

    In a nutshell things are starting to get better, but I need to get them to beyond Optimal (aim High!), I’m thinking missing Sunlight is a massive thing for me should I get a Lumie or equivalent?
  4. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Thanks to all for any future help given....much love.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. Office desk = 1.5 - 3 milligauss

    2. Office Background = 1.5 - 4.5 milligrams

    3. Speaker system under my feet at Desk (100 milligrams) – now turned on only when used).

    4. Horrid Fluoro strip lights in office = 25-30 milligrams – not used

    5. Bedroom environment = 0.5 – 1.5 milligrams

    6. Bedroom clock near wife’s head = 20-30 milligrams


    1. 2 Wi-Fi signals at work, 1 I can switch off 1 I can’t.

    2. Bedroom 3 Wi-Fi SSIDs out of my control.

    3. Home living area 7 Wi-Fi SSIDs out of my control.

    4. Have always turned router off at Night at home.


    1. iPhone 6 – always tried to keep phones away from body/head.

    2. 2 x Cell base stations 150m from office (they don’t read very high on the Trifeild though).

    ^^^^^ this is your problem
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Dan......
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you need lots of CT.

    Kristi Lambert likes this.
  8. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

    LOL!!! Welcome :)
  9. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Hi To all.

    Jack - Is it the base station or all fields combined? I imagine the latter.

    CT now taking massive priority, what a about a magnetico? Or earthing sheet?

  10. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Forgot to attach labs - will do tomorrow..
  11. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Yup, the EMF environment isn't good at all :confused:.

    Typically we want to see values below 0.5mG across the board. The fact that you already have certain autoimmune conditions would probably warrant an even lower value (like <0.1mG). The speaker systems and bedroom clock have got to go right now.

    You need to fix your bedroom EMF environment, then your office environment. For now it looks like you have to deal with the bad office environment though o_O

    Recommendation with the earthing sheet is to try it out and see if it works. Experiences range from very positive to very negative. If you can afford it, my opinion is to try it for a night or two. If sleep is thrashed, immediately stop using it. If sleep is really good all of a sudden (example: lots of dreaming), continue using it. If no effect, I'd stop using it. I suspect that this will do you more harm than good given your EMF environment (plus the fact that the earthing sheet material can attract EMF).

    CT is good, but it never fixed me when I was in Melbourne (Australia). Moving north to Cairns fixed almost all my issues.

    You should also listen to the 2015 Optimal Resolution Q&A. We stress on environment a lot -- http://jackkruse.com/2015-optimal-resolution-event-live-qa/

  12. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Thanks Yew.

    I forgot to mention we binned the alarm already. Our bed is metal sprung too, how close does the meter need to be to the bed to read any fields from it?
  13. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Bloods attached.

    Attached Files:

  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is all of their effects combined. Yew is spot on.
  15. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Realised I hadn't considered some of the variables when testing the home. Re-tested a few things with the Trifeild.

    Most of the flat is a consistent 0.2-0.5 mG unless two things are in operation:

    1. The AC motor of the washing machine when in operation causes a pretty strong field 5-50mG which can be tested in the two adjoining rooms. As expected this affects the single phase mains circuit in the house. Which is why anyone working with audio has three phases and two of them are not allowed oscillating motor devices because it causes hum.

    2. The oven, which will have an AC motor due to the fan, but I would not expect the levels (100mG +) that cross 3 adjacent rooms. Does anyone else have this issue? Should the Oven be grounded (not sure if it is as its a rental)?

    3. Bed even though is metal sprung is low.

    I will still turn of the breakers at night for the bedrooms from now on.

    This leaves the office as the main source of EMF; any ideas?

    My ideas:
    1. Grounding mats for feet after testing the earth in the circuits are ok? What's the best way to do this?
    2. Never ever turn on the Fluorescent tubes. Use red/orange led lamps.
  16. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    One thing bothers me in this my work environment hasn't changed in 2 years and I moved to this rented house in dec 2013, so if this is purely EMF based then why did it kick in Oct/Nov 2014?
  17. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    And I have previous history of many of the same conditions prior to the levels of nnEMF we see today. And these have presented in both rural and small metro areas in the UK other than London. e.g. Oxfordshire & Bristol.
  18. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    Yew - what was so different about Darwin (other than the population) that made that much difference?
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    because your redox potential slowly declined.........biologic effects often are not linear......you just dont realize it, but your sensor called a mitochondria does.
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    No matter how small you start, always dream big. The secret is not developing supreme confidence so much as it is recognizing self doubt , and never letting it dictate your actions or behavior. The only thing limiting our aspirations are our imagination.

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