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The Ice Queen

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rosekelly, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    So I did the henna, and I like it. I think I look younger. It's a bit redder than I'd like, so next time I'll shoot for a browner blend. But actually, I'm pretty pleased. And relieved! After reading all about henna, I was a wee bit nervous about the mess and the potential for disaster. But I prepared well. No mess. No orange hands. No orange hair! I'm free from chemical dyes!
  2. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    I love cheese, too, Rose. I said goodbye to it at the beginning of the Leptin Rx but I think I'd love the taste. One thing re: cheese/dairy cravings... MamaGrok used to talk a lot about this being linked to low vitamin K levels. Are you taking Vitamin K? Dr K suggested I take it regularly (I bought a combo Vitamin D and K supplement from the US).

    And re: henna, congratulations. Great to hear that you like it! I've settled for a regular hair cut... I've got so much gray at this point that my hairdresser just smiles and complements me on my 'natural highlights.' (Of course, she's about 25 and blonde!) But I'm happy to take the natural highlights on my road to better health!

    Thanks for the ongoing ocean-swimming inspiration!
  3. janagram

    janagram New Member

    hey, Rose! I bet the henna looks cool. And why not red? hey, red is cool. (but I understand). The CT (ocean) just doesn't work for me since I go over to SC all the time but later...but glad to hear its workin for you.
  4. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Lauren, thanks for the heads up about K2. I had been taking it in fermented cod liver oil but ran out. So you inspired me to get some K2 to see if that would help my cheese jones. I've been taking MK-7. So far, I'm still wanting cheese. However, I think I am maybe just sliding along eating cheese and might not really be craving it anymore, just not feeling ready to drop it. Maybe tomorrow! Hope that made sense.

    Jan, red doesn't suit my skin tone, although I agree, it's very cool. I'm still somewhat reddish with the henna, never fear. I found a great forum that discusses natural hair color in great detail, so I'm gleaning info there for my next color treatment. I want it darker. Darker, darker, I say!

    The ocean is working for me, yes. I am madly in love with it. We have a thing, the sea and I. And the otters. Another one this morning. Unfortunately, I got stuck in that hellacious backup on 17 due to a truck crashing into a power pole. Lines down on the highway. Took me two and a half hours to get home today. Yikes. It was a lovely day though. I had a good radio station coming in.

    I'm glad to hear the BHRT is working out for you. I'm hoping to have the money next week for the test my doc wants me to take before she prescribes anything. It's pricey! Worth it, probably.
  5. janagram

    janagram New Member

    my bhrt is really at low levels, I just want to use as little as I can while getting the benefits I need.

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