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The Ice Queen

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rosekelly, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    That's sure what I'm thinking too, Nonchalant, that all Dr. K's protocols are really making a difference.
  2. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Yes! I'd like to connect too. It's a little overwhelming at times. There's so much to consider. You're on BHRT, right? Or wanting to be?
  3. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    I've started 7 Keto (only form of DHEA we can get in NZ) after my consult with Dr K and have an appointment with a doc who says she does BHRT in the beginning of August. I've told her what tests I want (full E panel, with E1, E2 and E3 as well as the 2/16 hydroxy test) and I recently did my estradiol and progesterone blood work (I have NO progesterone... none detected!). So I'm busy reading everything I can trying to get my head around what seems best to me and then compare that with what she thinks. She knows I've had breast ca, so I'm assuming she's open. But Dr K said he'd have me on E as well as DHEA (cream and pills), so I need to get full labs done and talk with her. I'm also going to get her to give me glutathione injections (fingers crossed... I've given her a heads up on this, too). So I need to BOTH clear the estrogen I've been collecting AND get my hormones back in balance.

    It is a little overwhelming, especially since every bit of conventional medicine says we're supposed to eat low fat, take our radiation and medication and just cross our fingers (and stay away from hormones!). Did your oncology team ever mention hormones to you? Mine didn't. Never crossed their minds to test me or think about it from a hormonal perspective (or diet).

    Sometimes I feel like I have to become a doctor in this process so I can make sure I'm getting good advice and guide the doctors in the right direction. It's huge! And we're not Suzanne Somers with access to all the money we want and the world's premier cutting edge docs. (I have to confess that I wonder repeatedly, given her stance on toxic substances and alternative treatments, why she continues to bleach her hair... Dr K knows this creates hormonal disruption so I'm guessing her docs do too. I'm 46 and embracing gray:)

    Should I try to start a new 'cancer thread' or how do you think the best way to keep mutual support going (and find others if they are out there... I know there were a few on Mark's Daily Apple).
  4. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    My oncologist absolutely did not mention hormones, except when I brought up BHRT. She said they do not recommend HRT for people like me with e-positive cancers. And this is funny: when I told her I was refusing chemo and radiation, she asked why. I told her I believed I could create an environment in my body that was not conducive to the growth of cancer. I would do this through diet and supplementation, meditation, and other things. She nodded, then said, "Well, what we've found in people who do nothing--" and then she repeated the risk of recurrence.

    In other words, in her eyes, I am simply doing nothing! Hardly. I'm doing a lot, but no, it doesn't register on her scale.

    A cancer thread would be great. I love hearing your experiences, and it would be great to get more perspectives. We are going against CW wisdom. I know the first time I had cancer (8 years ago), I paid lip service to alternate treatments but when faced with the risk of recurrence myself, I followed what my oncologist told me to do. Chemo and radiation. I think most people are like this. The "C" word is scary in and of itself. So to turn that around and say, I'm taking charge of my own survival, well, that's a big leap to take. Don't you just feel like a pioneer?

    As for my hair, oh, this is tough. I've decided to go with henna. They have formulations now with indigo and walnut that make it brown instead of red. I've been told to find out what the ingredients are before purchase, as some henna products might be mixed with other stuff I don't want. Maybe I'll take the plunge this weekend. I have a friend who does it whose hair looks great. I've got my fingers crossed. No more blond for me though. My blond days are over. Bye bye blond!

  5. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Great to catch up with you via your blog! You are bold and really taking charge of your health. Awesome.

    Hmmm, the hair thing...bleach is bad? I'll have to read up on this.
  6. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Scary doesn't quite capture it. Sometimes I'm utterly terrified. And I totally get why people collapse into whatever their doctor recommends. But I can't find any evidence that they are doing anything that is helpful, where as the route we are pursuing makes total sense. Obviously, something was imbalanced/inflamed/unwell to lead us to getting cancer. Therefore the entire system, beginning at the cellular level, needs an overhaul. This is where everything Dr K says makes sense. I think having support from each other is really important. Pioneering can be lonely.

    I've contemplated henna, too. I'd love to hear how you find it.

    I'll start a cancer thread and see if anyone responds.

  7. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Full of toxic chemicals. And someone specifically asked Dr K about this in the Ask Jack section weeks ago. He confirmed it causes hormonal disruption! I've got enough of that, thank you, so I'm going natural :)
  8. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    I'm feeling really great today. I am so in love with my ocean swims. This morning I got to talk with the couple who swim there every day too. The first time we spoke, I asked them how long they'd been doing this. 31 years! Today I asked if they had anything to tell me about the health benefits of ocean swimming. The woman said, "It makes you so happy!" Then she added, "And I never get sick."

    He agreed with that and then brought up the name of a South African doctor who does a lot of work with cold, Dr. Tim Noakes. He's corresponded with him, says Noakes believes cold is "the thing." Very beneficial to health. I told them about Dr. Kruse, and spelled the name out. They seemed interested. Maybe they'll end up on the forum! 31 years of CT!

    Also, this morning I made a fish smoothie and drank it down. Whooboy! I feel like a dolphin, frolicking in the sea and swallowing whole fishies. I must say it helped quite a bit to chase it down with a sip of red wine. Cleansed my palate but good. I think I can even do it again, perhaps daily, although perhaps not quite such a large glass of liquified fish next time.

    Still waiting to hear from the doc about my test results and what comes next. I suppose I should just call her up and bug her.
  9. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Et, tu, Rose?

    Say it isn't so....the fish smoothie thing.....!! what kind (mackerel?)........
  10. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Rose, how are you doing? Have you heard from your doc? I am down to one possible doc in this country who may be able to help me! I have an appointment next week. The other recmmended doc wanted to treat me with soy/phyto estrogens! Good grief. Along with telling me that women over 40 hardly ever ovulate so it is normal to have no progesterone.

    Thinking of you.

  11. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Hi Lauren,

    I keep meaning to update. So busy over here. In a nutshell, I saw my anti-aging doc, the one I've seen before (recommended in the Suzanne Somer's books). She's considering putting me on BHRT but wants other things straightened out first. My immunity is low. I'm slightly acidic. My fasting blood glucose is too high (91). And a couple other things.

    She asked to see my labs from before my surgery so she could compare, so I just got them and emailed them to her. Haven't heard back yet. The test she really wants me to take is the Detox Genomics test which will show her how I am detoxing things. It's an expensive test, but I think I'll be able to swing it in a couple weeks.

    One good thing, she was impressed at the improvement in my thyroid since the labs I had done in April. And she was pleased to report I don't have an auto-immune disease. She says no thyroid supplementation is needed. Yay!

    She's intrigued by me swimming in the ocean every morning and that I claim it's helped my thyroid, along with the Leptin Rx. She also highly approves of lights out at night and rising at dawn. I sure like her.

    I dreamed the other night that she was applying progesterone cream on my arm. Here's hoping it's a precognitive dream!

    I will visualize that one doctor in NZ being a perfect match for you. Is the problem finding a BHRT doc, or finding one who's willing to treat a cancer patient? It seems like things are changing fast in this area, so maybe another doc will appear. Fingers crossed for you!
  12. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Wow, what a wonderful update. And a wonderful dream... sounds like she's helping your hormones already!

    How did she determine you are too acidic? I'd love to hear more about the detox test. I'm just so pleased you have a doctor who is wise and supportive and interested in what you are doing!!

    The main issue with NZ is really about availability of knowledge. We are a small country and a relatively low income country, so not really the population to support much out of the mainstream. Most of the testing is not done in NZ, outside of the standard stuff. And I can only find 3 docs who say they do BHRT (one of whom does NO testing and only uses P cream). The one I mentioned 'specialises in women's hormones' but only uses plant estrogens. The one I've got the appointment with I have a good feeling about. She didn't bat an eye at either BHRT or IV glutathione and she is an MD. Fingers definitely crossed. (Otherwise, I have found a doc who will work with me on this, but he is on the other island!! That's a lot of daily CT/swimming:p)

    I think you're journey will be helpful to me since your doc is knowledgeable and we're in similar situations... maybe I can guide my doctor if need be (I know she's into healthy whole grains, but I'm pretty firm with my diet convictions so don't need help there... just had 3 raw whole fish for dinner!).
  13. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    PS meant to ask... how was the henna?
  14. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    I haven't done the henna yet. I bought it. It's sitting on my counter. I decided I had another week of grace period before the gray shows too much. So this weekend it is!
  15. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Hi, Rose! You are amazing! You are going over to SC every day for your CT? Great! I look for your posts to see how your journey is going....curious how the henna is gonna look...I think it'll be awesome!
  16. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    My doc had me do some tests, that's how she found out this stuff. I just rounded up some more info for her from the oncologist and emailed it to her. Now I'm wondering about this cycloset I keep reading about here on the forum. I think I'll ask her if she knows about it and if it would be appropriate for me. I want to get my fasting blood glucose down. And should I be doing IV glutathione? I think you understand many of the things on this forum better than I do.

    I currently have a bladder infection, which sucks. Haven't had one in years. Guess that's what comes with lowered immunity. I tried to treat it with cranberry extract/d-mannose, but no go. I was up every hour last night to pee. So I got antibiotics today. Fortunately, I have 3 quarts of sauerkraut made, which will help my gut recover.

    I do hope my journey can help you, Lauren. I want to get optimal right now, but I soothe myself by knowing I'm on my way. My doc says restoring balance takes time. I've made a good start.
  17. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Hello Jan! Yes, I'm going over to SC most days, not every. I figured out the parking meters at the beach there don't start until 10, so I get in and get out in plenty of time. I'm totally addicted.

    I have high hopes for the henna. My natural color is dark brown, so this might actually look better on me than blond. I'm just scared about it turning orange or green by accident. Apparently, you have to read the directions carefully with henna. As a natural substance, it can be erratic. Hoping for the best!

    I read your journal too, it sounds like you're finding your way with the food and alcohol and all. It's all a journey!
  18. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    I don't think I understand much at all! The IV glutathione was Dr K's recommendation. I had intuitively guessed it was something I need. Basically, healing the gut and getting rid of the estrogen overload/recycling requires two corresponding parts, as I understand it: detoxifying the body of what is has been storing that it shouldn't AND healing the gut so it does its job properly (building the right kinds and levels of optimal gut flora and getting rid of extra leakiness). IV glutathione is a key player in doing these jobs. At the moment I've not started it (still hoping to find that doc) but am taking NAC 4x day (the glutathione precursor). Dr K also mentioned that Art Devaney now sells the glutathione supplement that is next best if you can't get IV and to buy that if I can't do IV. I think it would be great to ask your doctor about. It's not controversial and there are no side effects.

    I keep reading and re-reading info here and in Suzanne Somers and others trying to make sure this makes sense to me.

    I'm sorry you have a bladder infection. I swear, with all these fish head (now full body fish and head!) smoothies and other changes, I think my body is making huge changes that sometimes present as less-than-ideal symptoms. I did see on the thread AKMan posted about his wife and UTI's that Joann mentioned UTIs result from lack of estriol (I think that's what she said... maybe double check....) so another reason to focus on hormones. I love this new concept of Dr K's: "food as hormone signaling."

    And I love your commitment to ocean CT. I am finding it really hard because in addition to daytime highs in the 40's we also have a bitter southerly wind that blows all winter (coming off Antartica) that makes the air temps brutal. I find CT so much easier when the air is warm... which is a total mismatch I know:)

    Love all your updates! Stay strong.

  19. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Lauren, it seems odd to get a UTI right now, since I haven't had one in years. Maybe it is due to hormonal imbalance. Why not? Everything else is!

    I might ask my doc about glutathione after I get answers for other things. I just asked her about cycloset for lowering blood glucose. Haven't heard back yet.

    I've been discouraged that I haven't dropped any weight lately, so I measured myself this morning, and lo and behold, there's less of me. So that means I'm dropping fat and gaining muscle. Cool! I'm certainly swimming my little heart out in the ocean. When I first started ocean swimming 3 months ago, I just sort of side-stroked and dog-paddled. Never been much of a swimmer. Not anymore. Now I full-out swim the whole 30 minutes. My endurance is higher, and I feel stronger.

    Yes, it is nicer with warm weather. Our summer is oddly mild, no real heat to speak of, but the mornings when I'm swimming around in the 50-60s, so not really cold. Would have been cold before though. I would have been seriously bundled up. It's so fun to walk around in a wet swimsuit when it's 60 and not feel cold. Love it.
  20. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    I succumbed to cheese over the weekend. I can resist sugar and grains and pretty much all carbs in existence, but cheese, man. Why is that? It's not a horrifying slip. No pastry. No ice cream. I've pretty much forgotten those exist. They no longer register on my appetite radar. But cheese does, sigh.

    I wonder if it's because I was on antibiotics for my bladder infection. Maybe. Well, that's over with, and I'm eating sauerkraut and garden greens to build my gut back up. The only leftover of the cheese is a 3-pound gain, which will dissipate, I know. But I'd rather not have inflammation in my body at all. So out with you, cheese!

    Okay, off to the ocean for my swim. This is the best part of every day. I am in love with the ocean!

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