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The Ice Queen

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Rosekelly, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    So I'm a dedicated LR and CT guinea pig, having been on board for a month now. I started at 202.5 and now weigh 199.5. More importantly, I feel awesome. I didn't feel too bad to begin with, but now I feel incredible--euphoric and invigorated. It's only going to get better, I know.

    I'm probably facing a hysterectomy with removal of ovaries soon, due to endometrial cancer, and I'm very glad to have this place to discuss this journey, because it might be a little tricky. I will have to supplement my hormones. Right now, I have no idea what that will mean, but I expect there's a way. I asked Dr. Kruse if it was possible to have optimal health without ovaries, and he said, "Yes." I like that answer. So I trust the path will become clear as I go forward.

    There are a few other things I want to work on.

    Leptin Rx: My habit is to occasionally drink wine, which usually results in a lot of eating of cheese and/or carbs if they happen to be around. I don't usually have carbs in the house, but if someone brings over cookies for a gathering, and there's wine, well, things can happen. So my challenge is to avoid wine! Mostly, I can do this. There's a big family get-together happening next month. I'm thinking I'll skip the wine! This is big, but I can do it. Being fanatical about LR and CT is more fun than drinking two glasses of wine.

    Okay, that was easy. Next!

    I want to ramp up my CT. With ice, I get my tub water down to 59. I want to figure out how to get it down to 55. More ice, but how much ice, and how to make it? Also, I live 45 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, where the water temp is 54. I'm heading over there Saturday morning for the first of what I hope will be many ocean swims. Someone from the forum who lives near me is going with me. Yay! What fun!

    I'd like to incorporate ocean swims into my schedule a few times a week, which will be tricky. I'm hoping they are addictive, and I can become fanatical about them as well, because that will make it much easier to get myself over there.

    Next item: I want to tighten up my body. The thing that totally turned me on to CT was seeing before-and-after photos of a woman here on the forum whose neck skin tightened up after one month of CT. Amazing change. I want that, because my "before" neck is the same as hers. So far, no change on my neck, but I swear the back of my thighs is looking better. I wonder if I should be putting ice directly on my neck. Probably. It doesn't actually get wet in my cold baths. The water doesn't quite get that high.

    Okay, that's it for now!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Awesome and welcome to the cool tub.

  3. Good news rose - several of us have noted te taste for wine seems to go away with the ct and keto diet .
  4. Riversedge

    Riversedge New Member

    Rose, Welcome.

    I was amazed at the all the help and support here. The CT protocol will do wonders for your surgery. I am doing Multiple CT sessions per day and loving it. You are off to a great start, good luck on your journey.
  5. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Yup....I'm going over to the coast with Rose for ...possibly...my first CT session!! The ocean part makes it a tad more attractive. Plus, It's grounded! (reference for factor X fans)
  6. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Thanks for the welcome, Dr. Kruse!

    Cavemam, that's good news about the wine. Makes me very optimistic.

    Riversedge, multiples in one day, awesome. Yeah, I'm hoping I bounce back really quickly from the surgery.

    Janagram! My ocean partner! Get ready for some thrills. :)
  7. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Yesterday, I went swimming in the Pacific yesterday for the first time since I was about 14 y.o. It was great! Read my account here. I had a ball with Janagram from the forum, who went with me. I feel I made a new friend, and we're going to have more ocean swims in our future.

    So now I want to do it more. I'd like to start going twice/week. A friend of mine from SF (who I introduced to Dr. Kruse) has just agreed to meet me in Santa Cruz for an ocean swim sometime this week! Yay! If I get up early, I think I can swing it, since I make my own hours. This time, I want to stay in for 30 minutes. Should be easy!

    Yesterday evening I had a lot of belly cramps, due to the cancer. Not pleasant. I iced and iced, then took a half a vicodin, which did nothing. Finally took the other half, and kept icing, and it finally relaxed. Today I'm fine but a bit headachy. Detox, maybe? I went and got a lovely massage to soothe me in prep for the oncologist appointment in the morning.

    Dr. Kruse's latest blog post, CT11, is perfect timing for me, since it concerns cancer. I also came across an earlier post he did on cancer last August. Since reading both, I've ordered the following:

    Emulsified D3



    Krill oil

    Blue-blocking glasses

    Bathtub overflow blocker (so I can fill my tub higher)

    I've also ordered Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life, a book by David Servan-Schreiber that the doc recommends.

    I also meditated today. I used to do it daily but got out of the habit. One positive thing about cancer is it's a fantastic impetus to take care of myself.

    For me, the cancer is a message. I once received a big life-changing message through having viral meningitis, and I think this is the same. I'm not yet clear on what the message is, but part of it is claiming a stronger stake in my physical well-being. As for the rest, I'm listening.
  8. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Oh, I also ordered magnesium. That was the gem I got from CT11. It's all arriving today.
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Rosekelly. Yes, try icing your neck directly. I've been doing the same to my underarms, and I noticed improvement after the first session!

    Those ocean swims sound fabulous! Have a great time!
  10. Jude

    Jude Gold

  11. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Nonchalant, was that you in the neck pictures? Awesome results! I iced my neck last night and will continue daily. This is going to be good. Also icing inner thighs.

    Thanks for the link, Jude. Doesn't look like my kind of thing though.
  12. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Okay, I saw the oncologist yesterday, and it looks like, yes, I need to have my ovaries removed as well as my uterus. The thing that gets me though is that she assured me I have no need for ovaries "at my age." She seemed shocked I would even hesitate to have them removed. I argued with her, but she insisted that ovaries "provide nothing" important for a woman past menopause. And she's the co-chief of oncology at this hospital and also at Stanford!

    She was so certain, so calm, so authoritative. I began to doubt my own stand. At first, the young resident I saw before her told me the reason I had to have my ovaries removed was because they produce estrogen, which can cause cancer. That seemed like a lousy reason. My arguing made her go get the "real" doctor. Besides telling me how unimportant my ovaries were, she said the real reason they must go is that the cancer may have spread to them and there's no way to know. The cancer's been growing for a while. I ignored the symptoms, thinking it was no big deal. So that reasoning makes sense, that the cancer may have spread to the ovaries.

    But saying the ovaries don't matter at all? So I've been reading all morning about ovaries, hormones, and bio-identical hormone replacement. I also used Jimmie Moore's doctor lookup service and found a doc over in Santa Cruz specializing in hormonal balancing who looks pretty good. I'm going to call her this morning to try to get an appt. I want to get hooked up before the surgery, so I can start right in on the BHRT.

    I admit to being scared about all this. I wish I could just keep my ovaries, darn it. Is the oncologist wrong about that too? She kept saying it was the "standard of care," as in, all us oncologists the world over agree that this is the obvious thing to do. Thing is, that's probably true.

    It does me good to remember that Dr. Kruse said it's possible to achieve optimal health with no ovaries. Shoot, even with them intact, I'd probably want to get bio-identical hormonal replacement anyway. BHRT sounds great! So maybe this is all going to be okay.
  13. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Wow, the doc in Santa Cruz called me back right away and gave me an appt today! And since I'll be near the beach, I'm going to do another ocean swim. That's going to feel amazing.

    I still feel a little scared even though I already did it once. It's a big ocean. Deep. Cold. Primordial. Okay, I'm talking myself into it. :D
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Rosekelly, no it wasn't me in those pics. I lost a lot of weight on low-carb/paleo before starting the Leptin Reset or CT, and I lost most of my neck fat at that time. I was left, however, with flabby neck skin. CT has really tightened that area up now. Whew!

    I disagree about the ovaries being useless in older women, and I would want to keep them also. And the uterus. Assuming the cancer had not spread that far, of course. As far as excess estrogen, CT could take care of that, and detox with mushrooms and vitamin B. Your doctors are thinking about warm-adapted biology.

    I really HTH.

  15. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    More ocean swimming yesterday, with yet another CT pal. So awesome!!!

    Then I saw this fantastic doctor yesterday for a second opinion about my surgery, and for a consult on hormones. She's an anti-aging doc who's not into endorsing products, yada yada. She's big on hormone balancing and nutrition. She totally approves of my paleo diet, although she suggested I cut out eggs. She spent over an hour with me for $300, which I felt was money well spent.

    Basically, she believes I can keep my ovaries, although there is some risk. Managing the risk will depend on me. Do I believe I will stay committed to good paleo nutrition? Will I manage my stress well? She said cancer is highly influenced by levels of insulin, and it's not just sugar that raises insulin, but also emotional distress. Now I understand better why meditation is important for someone in my situation.

    Another way to mitigate the risk is to get tested for CA 125 (a cancer test) and have a pelvic ultrasound, each of these yearly and spaced six months apart. That way, I'd be keeping tabs on whether ovarian cancer is developing. It's not perfect, she says, but it cuts down the risk. And yes, losing my ovaries will affect me, regardless of what the surgeon told me. But she did not advise me one way or the other, only explained things. I loved that.

    She would actually like to see me on metformin, because it lowers insulin, and also thyroid medication. Not until after the surgery though. I told her a bit about CT, but she didn't quite get it, and I didn't want to spend my hour explaining it. She's heard of Leptin Reset but didn't know much about it, was curious to hear my opinion. I get the sense she's open-minded and non-dogmatic. She listened well and took my word for it when I told her things about my body and my health. Very nice!

    Back home, I googled articles on ovary removal and got even more convinced I don't want it. Women who have their ovaries removed are at much higher risk of heart disease, and my mother and grandmother both died of that. CW says remove ovaries, but more recent research begs to differ. So my instincts are right. Keep the ovaries!
  16. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Sally, you dear, thanks for saying that about the ovaries, that you'd keep them too, and that the docs are thinking warm-adapted. So true! I've decided to keep my ovaries. The uterus is where the cancer is, though, so that has to go. I feel all right about that. No more cancer after this though.

    So glad to hear your neck tightened up. That's what I'm shooting for. Tightness all over! :)

  17. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    I'm down another 1.5 pounds. Also lost inches. Since April 11, I'm down 1.5" on my bust, .75" on my waist, and .5" on my hips. Not bad!

    I've backed off ice baths a bit, for two reasons. One, I've been going swimming in the ocean, which is way more fun and feels incredibly invigorating. I have a feeling it has tremendous healing effects. But the ice baths pale in comparison.

    However, I'd still do them if I didn't get a little worried about the effects of estrogen dump on my cancer. I added DIM and progesterone to my daily supplementation protocol, after which something changed, and fast. The bloating in my belly is gone. Cramps are gone. The whole area seems to have settled down.

    Does this mean I was having an estrogen party down there due to ice baths? I don't know. Can I return to them with the supplementation? In the short run, I don't want it to excite the cancer before I have my surgery. In the long run, CT will help prevent cancer recurrence. Also, icing will really help my body deal with surgery.

    So I'm using my intuition here, feeling my way along. I feel vibrantly healthy at the moment. And no way I'm giving up ocean swims. They're incredible!

    One thing I'm not having much success with is the circadian stuff. It's hard to get to bed early enough. And I keep putting off buying blue-blocking sunglasses. I have some resistance here, maybe because I already have some eye issues when reading at night. Can't imagine the glasses will make reading easier. But what's my real goal here, to get through my mystery novel or become super-human? Da-tada! Mighty Rose! Okay, I'll get the glasses.
  18. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    One of things I'm having a hard time with is gathering data and making decisions. Anxiety clouds my vision. I miss things that in retrospect seem obvious. Of course, life is often like that anyway, but since cancer makes decisions feel more important, I'm noticing this more acutely. I wish I knew exactly what decision to make at every step!

    Like right now, should I wait for the Stanford financial assistance people to contact me, or should I go ahead and cancel tomorrow's appointment there? This has been going on all week, and a half hour ago the financial asst person on the phone told me she thought my appt wasn't until next week. Where did that come from? Nothing's happening next week. So she said they'd expedite it. But I thought they already had expedited it. I was waiting for a decision yesterday, then waiting this morning. And just now they've expedited it. Hmm. I don't think they're being obtuse. Maybe I'm not communicating well? I keep saying one thing, and they keep hearing something else. Maybe I should just throw in the towel and go with the county hospital who already are scheduled to do the surgery on May 29. It just seems like such a long wait. Stanford can do it much quicker. But it's not working out. Darn. Well, this is a slow-growing cancer. Hope it's slow enough!

    The thing is, it's the exact same surgeon at either place, because Stanford works closely with the county hospital. I just want it done faster, and the first financial assistance person led me to believe this was quite possible for me. But I may have been on a wild goose chase all week.

    Okay, I'm going to wait another hour and then cancel if I haven't heard anything. Then I'm going to line up mentally with May 29 being absolutely perfect. Maybe it's the stars. :)
  19. Rosekelly

    Rosekelly New Member

    Problem solved. Financial assistance denied because I'm already being covered at county hospital. I knew that. So did they. This was a mishmash of miscommunication, methinks. No problem. I just wanted the question resolved, and it is. Onward!
  20. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Wow...you are great at keeping your cool, and attitude adjustment, which is extremely important to your healing. Keep journalling...

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