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The Girl Who Lived

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Vervaina, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Ok so here is another one to ponder-

    Immunotherapy works better on those who are smokers and on those who get high UV exposure.

    The reason for this is because both scenarios supposedly cause a status of microsatellite instablity (MSI) in the tumor. (instability in the DNA due to mutations from carcinogens (smokers) and due to radiation (sun lovers)

    MSI hapens when certain genes (like MSH2/MLH1/MSH6) have been mutated. These genes that normally regulate DNA now don’t work correctly. Mismatch Repair Genes (MMR) start trying to correct these errors in DNA. This attracts the attention of the immune system. So drugs like anti PDL1 work well here.

    Microstalite stable tumors or (MSS) are just the opposite. There is very low to no expression of the above mutated genes. In general, non-MSI tumors do not respond to immunotherapies.

    One of my oncologists challenged that lowering D levels could in fact cause a status of MSS in the tumor environment which would cause the tumor to be less responsive to immunotherapy.

    I have been pondering this... it seems like it could only be true in the sense that it could keep a MSS tumor from mutating into a MSI. But I don't think it could make an MSI turn to MSS because it seems D depletion leads to inhibiting effects. ????
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  2. Swen

    Swen New Member

    Boros and Collins go out of their way to talk about camels and how their fatty hump allows them to make all the metabolic water they need when not needing to drink in the desert. Boros seems to link his habits to emulating this with the sufficiently fatty intake of meats and some water. I am pretty sure that Boros was saying that his deuterium levels were around 90 ppm now; whereas 130 is the first goal to attain when youre trying to deplete from typical high levels.

    Even though I havent heard him mention deuterium, Loren Lockman talks about his hydration levels being the highest they have recorded and he only drinks a liter of water per month. He attributes this to being toxin free and not needing the water to act as an exit pathway for toxins, as well as getting all the water from fresh fruits and vegetables (presumably in Costa Rica). His fasting clients need to drink at least a gallon or more of water to be properly hydrated to shed the toxins. I am pretty sure that the water in plants is structured EZ water since I remember Pollack mentioning that in a podcast interview.

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